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  1. Good question! I'm often amazed at his musicianship. The man has skills. The focus seem always to be on Jimmy's playing, so Jones had his moments too!
  2. Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band
  3. Hey zemun, are you painting that wall mural? If so, cool!
  4. Hey MissyTS! Haven't seen you here for a bit. I use Google Chrome now, was having problems with IE too. Chrome has worked flawlessly for a couple of years for me now. Have yourself a good weekend too.
  5. '69 Impalla. This is what my grandparents drove all through the '70's. Had a 327 and a trunk big enough to live in!
  6. Do it!!! BUT...when you are done we need to see it! I have a few ideas that would look cool cross stitched I think.
  7. Thanks DK! What I read from that is...I might be able to get close/similar sound but I'm still going to be a long way away. I'm working with a Les Paul studio (Joe Bonamassa sig.) through a Marshall SS head (MG100HDFX) and 1960 Lead cabinet. I do have a multi effects pedal, Boss ME20, but that is usually plugged into my Ampeg ReverbaRocket. I've not tried it on the Marshall. You clearly have a grasp on this stuff, one that someday I hope to posses a fraction of! Any chance you could steer me in a direction that would get me close? Oh ya, just to acknowledge what you alread
  8. Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter Paul and Mary
  9. The second car I ever owned and of all, regret selling the most...1968 Barracuda fast back.
  10. ^^^^^ Okay, that's some funny s#!t that is! A bit nasty too!
  11. Not good, not good at all! It's Friday...or Saturday morning now I suppose for STZ!! Not what you want at the start of a weekend! Here is hoping you both have someone to look after you!
  12. Anybody Seen My Baby? - Rolling Stones
  13. Great to have you here! I think Celebration Day might have had the same effect on many people!
  14. Stevie Nicks! Cheap trick! John Fogarty! Foo Fighters! No wonder you were up till 5. What an evening! Looking forward to your review. I will be in your town a couple of times this year. Once I know the exact dates I would like to bother you with suggesting for me an entertainment entry to my itinerary. My searches so far have all come up with a Bon Jovi concert. Ya, not so much. I know timing is everything though. Hope you have a good evening at work. Regards, Steve
  15. YUM! I'm devouring a strawberry rhubarb pie with a nice dollop of french vanilla ice cream and a cup of earl grey.
  16. So, the question now is...did it work? Did you entertain your self? I think it was mildly entertaining to read! Actually I kinda like some of them.
  17. Fly Like an Eagle - Steve Miller
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