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  1. Just saw it on our local news. Sad day again. The next thing on the news was about a 12 year old that shot and killed his 16yo brother in Quebec. Terrible.
  2. Thanks for the post Sam! As a car/motorsports/Led Zeppelin enthusiast, this fantastic. I believe these pictures were taken (some one correct me if I'm wrong) at the famous "Cork Screw" at Laguna Seca Raceway in California.
  3. Today was cold. Tomorrow is gonna be FRIKEN COLD!!
  4. Of all the music I love, this one brings some of the best memories...the lyrics even tell some of the story.
  5. Great photos CP! You seem to have a photographers eye. -19 is Wednesdays forecast high, -30 wind chill. I guess I should have been thankful for today's -25! Yesterday was +7, I washed my truck! From +7 to -25, what the hell?
  6. In case anyone missed it, this car was sold yesterday at auction (Barett-Jackson) for 4.2 million. Some Phoenix area business man bought it from Chuck Barris. Some real beauties being posted here.
  7. Well how cool is that! Ditto on the Strider comment.
  8. Just finished a Spanish Omelette, now time to start a batch of spaghetti sauce. It is a dreary day outside, so staying in with the smells of that sauce will make a great afternoon. Celebration Day viewing at 1pm.
  9. Good luck to you on that! Let us know the results would you?
  10. Got a blanket here overnight too. And this blanket actually brought some warmth too! Temp rising today.
  11. I guess I should feel fortunate about my 12 minute commute! If traffic is heavy it takes me about 14 minutes.
  12. As we all know this poll will tell you who voted the most. That is all. It cannot nor will not determine the best band. No poll could ever do that. Zep broke the stadium records. Zep has the biggest following. Zep,.. ah you know the rest. We know who is the best.
  13. Almost the same here. It warmed up to -19 with wind chills in the -25 to -30 range. Plus 5 is the forecast for Sunday!!!
  14. Any car accident you walk away from is a good car accident! Well, sort of. You know what I mean. Glad you are okay. I like how you listed the suspension components that might be damaged. I think most people could not identify them. Sad indeed about HMV, I have been a supporter. Happy birthday Fool In The Rain!
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