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  1. Angry Candy, a local band covering "The Ocean" 4 years ago. Would love to hear them do it again as the lead singer and the band have progressed nicely. Ps: amateur video but you will get the point.
  2. Hey Juliet, For me, anything music related I'm going to like. It's cool that you mentioned liking Feist's performance...it was the one part of the show I rewound to watch again! The ECMA's are here in Moncton next week so I hope to get my fill with live performances. AND...we have some local talent on "Canada's Got Talent" too! Something else to watch.
  3. Thanks guys! Skin, thyroid, colon and liver!! Not much left is there?!?!
  4. Chips and soda ready to go!
  5. Thanks you guys!! Well he is out of recovery! (surgery-recovery-ward) They didn't have to do a colostomy, good, but his liver is full of cancer, terrible. He is a scared man right now. Mum and my sister just got home from the hospital, he obviously has to rest, they said he was able to crack a joke before they left him. To everyone else going through this or something similar, my thoughts are with you too.
  6. So my dad goes under the knife tomorrow for his fourth round with cancer. Twice with skin cancer, once for his thyroid and now his colon!!! The fact he had a massive stroke 8 years ago and is now 73 and still alive is a miracle in it's self I suppose. Tomorrow will be a long day. I know we are not alone dealing with this. Time to spin some Zep, "Thank You" I think would be a place to start.
  7. So we had a couple of days in the mid to high 20's this past week (75-78). Tomorrow we might get some snow! Back to reality for our neck of the woods.
  8. Just got home from the "Brit Floyd" concert. 6 concerts in the past 12 months...this one topped them all!

  9. I'm always sad when my daughter cuts her hair too! :(

  10. Brit Floyd tonight! And it's David Gilmours' birthday!! My second all time fav band.
  11. NOOOOOOOOO! I know, it's not me that has to take care of it, but...
  12. Awesome. Love to see that stuff. Going to see Brit Floyd next week, not the same but hey...I'll take what I can get.
  13. Katharine McPhee?? Actually, whether it is or isn't does not matter. Very pretty.
  14. So this made me laugh out loud, glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time 'cause it caught me off guard. I was just on a *cough* dating site *cough* , was reading a profile where she was saying what she does not want, when I read this..."user must not do drugs" Maybe it was my frame of mind at the time, I don't know, but I'm still chuckling at it.
  15. So, anyone gonna be in Moncton on March 6? Brit Floyd will be at the casino, and I have tickets. Best Pink Floyd cover band there is. Let me know, the seats are paid for, 4 of them, 3 actually, my butt will be in one of them! My other invite can't make it. Lemme know.

  16. Juliet, did you get to Deep Purple? I had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago, thoroughly enjoyed it. Sat right in front of Steve Morse. Got tickets to Brit Floyd. Opinions I have heard so far are that they are better than The Australian Pink Floyd Show!! I am given to understand that they have some former members of TAPFS. Luckily I will get to form my own opinion. If anyone is in this part of the country March 6 I have 4 tickets and currently only one other person is coming with me!!! Be my guest. 2 seats in the front row and 2 in the 3rd row center.
  17. I was impressed by their sound too, not to mention their energy for such an "experienced" group!! Not autographs but I managed to catch a pick thrown by Steve Morse. As soon as I got home I played Smoke on the Water with it.
  18. So I went to see Deep Purple last night! That alone is enough for this post. However, sitting next to me, in the front row I might add, on one side was a long time friend. On the other were two men, I didn't know them, they were also childhood friends. One was quadriplegic . They went to see the show the night before in another city. My point...we talked about the concerts we had all gone to and were still on our wish list. Of course I mentioned Zeppelin, which I have not seen in any form, when the gentleman in the wheel chair lit up and said "I saw them!!" His speech was not the best unfortunately, but he lived in Germany with his parents as a kid (this is where the two of them became friends) if I understood correctly he went to Mannheim to see them in 1979. He might have said Munich though, the "1979" was clear. To see him brighten up when talking about it was so great. For me it was great to speak, for the first time, to someone who was "there" . Oh, they just nailed "Smoke on the Water"
  19. My favorite banana sandwich is...spread peanut butter on the bread first, then the sliced banana, then sprinkle some brown sugar (some might call it yellow sugar) on top of the banana! I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!!
  20. @ Magic...a healthy young man I hope! How long till you think you can make the trip? @ Minxter...you are okay! Of course, as I'm sure you have been told many times by now...the car can be fixed.
  21. We're glad you didn't change your mind why-att! Once again, as said before, it's great to see who we are talking too.
  22. Thanks Jahfin. I have been to their site previously but was still unsure which version of the band I was going to see. I'm guessing the current members are closest to the Mark ll members. Not so much the "Hush" line up as the "Smoke on the Water" line up.
  23. Hmmmm....I have a BMW and a Ford! So...what's my point? ? I'm not really sure. Spent the afternoon with my daughter!! That's always a good thing.
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