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  1. Happiest of Days to You Darling James! I think you made the very best decision in scrapping the plan to go forward with anything less than perfection for the project. Though I will perhaps never get the chance to see you play again in the states, I hope that is not to be. I sitll think Robert will come around iin the next year and opt to do a few more shows with you and Jason and JPJ. I really feel that it WILL happen again. I just put my hope to be there when this sonic alchemy travels in its cyclic spiral to be revealed once more. My starlight and sunshine be the magick of your days. T
  2. Chris Cornell is the vocalist I think should be asked by Jimmy and JPJ to do this tour and write/record new songs. Even though he is working on a solo project, he seems to indicate that he will indeed do it if asked. I think he would put solo gig on the back burner for the inspiration he would derive from the endeavor. Chris has the vocal power, range and the charisma to pull this off quite well. I cannot think about actually truly enjoying the performances as much as I could with Myles Kennedy or even Steven Tyler. ST would make the project merely a cariacature of Led Zeppelin. Yet, neither o
  3. Hyde Park, June 28th there is a listing for "Robert Plant & Friends".. hmmm.. Makes me wonder.
  4. I would like to see bands other than WhiteSnake as supporting acts. I would book the folling bands for the New LZ Tour: Opening the evening: The White Stripes Next Up: NIN Thereafter: STP Then, the moment we've all been so impatiently waiting for ...... LED 'EFFING ZEPPELIN!
  5. Your music fukking roxx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to lay vocals down on some of your tracks. In fact I was writing lyrics and singing along as I listened to Prelude. Tyre
  6. And you said bouying as well, *smiling*. Which left me wondering exactly what bouying is. Then it occurred to me that perhaps you type in an english accent. I myslef nevere make typographucal errorers/ so try to ne more careful in the fewcher. Seriously though, thank you for the contactmusic link,which led to this fantastic picture of Robert taken Wednesday in Manchester.
  7. "1 - Rich Woman 5:30 2 - Leave My Woman Alone 5:02 3 - Black Dog 6:08 4 - Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us 4:01 5 - Through The Morning, Through The Night 4:07 6 - Fortune Teller 4:46 7 - Black Country Woman 5:12 8 - 29 Palms 6:01 9 - Waiting For A Long Time 3:25 10 - Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler 6:02 11 - Trampled Rose 6:21 12 - Green Pastures 3:39 13 - Down In The River To Pray 4:16 14 - Nothing 6:05 15 - Killing The Blues (4:31) 16 - When The Levee Breaks (6:04) 17 - The Battle of Evermore (6:21) 18 - Please Read The Letter (6:03) 19 - Gone Gone Gone (3:26)" I drove
  8. Hello Steve and welcome back from your trip. could you let me know through email the details as they develop?
  9. Alric: I never said that about this band and further, I have never seen them perform. LED ZEP AGAIN, that is... Alric is not imparting any truth here but using me as a scapegoat to express his own feelings (probably feelings that are jealousy based). Alric, you requested to be my freind on this site and I added you like a fool, now you will be deleted! Mistress Tyre
  10. Hello and Welcome Back to the Internet! It is an easy thing to quit until you hear about Zeppelin possibly touring the world. What great was to come back! You knoiw? NE way, I think that if they do the tour, even in a limited form, it would definitely encompass Russia since Robert seems to have a great affinity toward touring in Eastern Europe and the Russian territories juding from the recent past. I think they will do more shows. I just have this feeling "Waaaaaaay Down Insiiiiiiiiiiiiiide", that they will let us down. Tyre
  11. Alison Kraus and Robert will be most likely be playing Tampa in April, perhaps the 26th or 27th. Tyreah
  12. You're hot and Intelligent too!

    I have a degree in Hermetic

    Science and Kabbalah (Cabala)...if you ever want to discuss - pm me!

    Nirvana *)

  13. It is Official Led Zeppelin Ring Tones.. that is what the ad is about.... But if there is a tour verizon will undoubtedly be one of perhaps many sponsors... And I just know it in my soul that they will play again.... soon... That is why the music stops when he answers.. Kashmir is the dewd's ringtone,,,
  14. No it was on Powerline Road ( MARS) at Commercial Blvd. Just North of Commercial actually. I live right near Davie Blvd and that store (MAE) is still open, but the street is so clogged with construction that you can barely access the store.
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