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  1. My classes for this semester are awesome :3 And I have Tuesdays off.
  2. I didn't take my TV to my new place. Don't miss it at all.
  3. Finally, I have internet at my new place. Telephon isn't fixed yet, argh.
  4. At first I was a little sad because I was no longer living at the Dutch border - but in Berlin it is just as cheap and easily avalaible The boyfriend of a friend bought some for my birthday party. Those are pretty awesome friends ~
  5. What an adorable little girl Somehow, I can't uload pictures with tinypic :< what do you use to upload your pictures? One far away day, my upload quota will be all used up. So, below are some party images attached Notice the awesome jacket! It was a splendid night. Sorry for this hge images, I yet haven't figured out how to make them smaller. I know shit about that stuff.
  6. It depends a lot on the person. Every psyche is different, so of course people react different to pot. In this case, it helped him. However, one shouldn't smoke it 24/7, some people who developed a habit of pot consumption can develop anxiety as a consequence. Occasional consumption actually can ease anxiety.
  7. I said a few times I'd be her granddaughter, that her son is my father and tried to use other references as well and mentioned my brother. But she just did not know who I was. I visit her once each month, always together with my father and brother, and my father visits her every week. Also she was at my fathers place a few weeks age because his wife had birthday and I was there, too. my dad says she probably would have recognised me if he came there with me.
  8. Well, there *might* are some places worth a visit in ye olde Europe and glad to hear that well, isn't gourmet food relative? I find falafel to be supper-yummy, which is a fast food. But, since gourmet food is overrated anyway (and duck liver and kaviar aren't vegetarian-compatible) I'll say fast foo. Love yummy falafel, veggie burgers and fries. So, meat, or no meat?
  9. no, you wouldn't. People with foreign accents are welcome ( I like dutch and scandinavian accents the best, they sound cute while speaking German) And actually we do apreciate a lot when someone tries to speak German, since we know it's a hard language for master for many people, even for native speakers. They probably wouldn't mind to help you out, Berliner are known to be friendly, though Fruit juice. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
  10. eh, weak excuse German people can speak English, though Especially in Berlin, not that it wouldn't be the largest city with many tourists and young people from everywhere are living there.... Cough syrup running down my throat all day I'm having a cold Crisps or salted sticks?
  11. My grandmother didn't recognise me as I visited her today. I dyed my hair, but she didn't recognise me by my face, voice or height and built. She was mistaking me for someone working there who has the same name as her granddaughter. As I aproached her, she asked me who I'd be. As I said my name, she only said "My granddaughter has the same name". My dad has told her that we'd gone to Berlin a few days ago to look for an apartment for me, and even though I told her the same, how I went with my dad to Berlin, she thought I'd be a stranger who'd gone there with her son. She asked me how long I'd been working there (at the nursery home).... And as I left she said again how she has a granddaughter that has the same name. Dementia isn't nice Visiting her for the last time before I move and she even doesn't recognise me.
  12. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you dooooown .... So, London or Berlin?
  13. Terrence and Phillip. And Kyle's little brother Sorry, I just had to XD Don't be mad, Canadians, I don't mind being called nasty Kraut when that eases your anger over my silly comment
  14. well, you could type into google tranlsate whatever you'd like to know (for example, train--> Zug) and there is this little speaker icon that even makes a computer vice say that waord I can hardly type how to actually pronounce words Let's all praise google translate! Lasset uns den Google Übersetzer lobpreisen!
  15. Reswati, you German is really good, just thought I'd mention. Du kriegst eine 1+....haha, I just realised I could put a german joke at the end of all comments and only reswati would undertstand (among the people currently active on this thread) >: D
  16. Meine Oma hat das 3. reich nicht mir erlebt, sie ist kurz nach dem Krieg geboren. Und *noch* muss ich dableiben, der Umzug is erst in ein paar Tagen. Aber an dem Tag an dem ich da raus bin feiere ich ein riesiges Freudenfest. (leider kann ich kein Niederländisch :s )
  17. Actually, I highly disagree. Sometimes a divorce simply is the BETTER solution for all. Divorce does not mean that my grandparents all of a sudden are ex-grandparents. I have regular and frequent contact to my father and his half of the family. I don't know how many people you know which went through a divorce, but those I know are better off now. My father was in therapy over years and was diagnosticised a burn-out also because the marriage to my mother wasn't everything but nice. I don't want to go into detail, but a grown-up confident man developed severe psychological problems after 15 years of being with my mother. Also, there are marriages in which domestic violense is involved (both men and women can be the victims) or other kinds of abusive relationships. It is only a good development being divorced doesn't mean a stigma anymore. Just 40 years ago many women would have stayed in marriage which meant domestic violenece and abuse simply because their economical situation was worse, they were dependant on their husband and had to fear being labelled and looked upon for being a divorced women. Also, feelings can chance. It can be that a couple that was truely in love 30 years ago now no longer is feeling for each other. People who stay in unhappy marriages just for the sake of being married are only lying to themselves. And just don't come with counselling lessons and couple therapy - I know by mw own experience that sometimes divorce is the best solution. My own grandmother divorced form heir husband because he was violent against her and their two children. Marriage is just another kind of relationship, and a relationship that doesn't meany any good to both parties anymore should be ended, as simple as that. People who think there'd be no need for divorces are living in a sheer utopia. Just because my parents are no longer married, my bonds to him and his half of the family didn't vanish. I find your post highly offensive. My father is a much happier man with his new wife which is a wonderful women and her two sons are like older borthers for me and my brother. I am glad to got to know this people. Actually, after the divorce my relationship to my father just grew tighter. He always was my stable point in all that chaos, the one that would help me and give me the feeling to be loved. Marriage is no gurantee to stay together happily for a lifetime. No matter how mature one is, no matter how long people have been together already before the got married, no one never knows whether they will for always feel the same way for their partner as they do right now. I just can't predict whether I'll love someone a lifetime. But, I wish everyone a happy marriage and to be happy with their partner a lifetime.
  18. Dreadnut Inc, a german ska/reggae band, it was this summer. Yeah, it was really nice The gig was in a little youth club house, and it was full, rammed full. The only reason they played in the middle of nowhere was because two band members come from this area.
  19. I finally got an apartment in Berlin Uni live can begin, fuck yeah ! I still haven't gotten over the fact I actually got into that uni O_o So, from now on: STUDY HARD; PARTY HARDER!
  20. First of all thank you all for your nice words They can really push one up! And it's goof to know I can talk somewhere - I don#t want to bother my friends with all that, they aren't my emotionals trash cans and not all of them fully understand the condition I developed out of the situation. Well, actually I think it is good divorce and remmarriage have a growing acceptability. In some cases it is just the best for all to divorce. When two people just have gotten all out of love, only fight with each other and see no future for that marriage, both instead can be better off divorced with the chance of finding a new partner, at least the burden of a unhappy marriage is gone. My aunt's new partner for example is a father-like friend for my cousins and she is happy to have found him But you are right, not having a stable, caring family can be really harmful since how and where we grow up sets the roads we're walking on later to a certain extent. THAT IS MY PLAN! When I'd become like them, they have won. I can proof to myself that I can do better and I will. I don't know whether I'll be a better mother simply because I don't know yet whether I want to be a mother at all - however I want to be better than they are. Gladfully my brother manages to get through all that on his own way and still, over all that trouble, is the kind young lad he always has been. he is nursing elderly people, and I sometimes wish to have his patience and kindness. What I've learned from all that can be summed up by a famous Nietzsche qoute: "What does not kill me makes me stronger".
  21. I need to travel more where was this taken? And fotos with dogs are always cute.
  22. No Quarter. Do I really need to give reasons for my choice? No Quarter is simply über-awesome. (notice my german keyboard allows me to make an actual ü !) üüüüü Have I mentioned No Quarter is an amazing song?
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