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  1. croquet'n'cocaine

    Jimmy & Roy - 1984

    I know this is a very old thread, but it may be of interest that Mark Ellen (the BBC interviewer here) dedicates an entire chapter of his memoirs to this one event. Roy Harper and Jimmy Page were both heroes to him, but he didn't enjoy this encounter at all and counts it as a low point in his career. Interesting story anyway, and no one comes out of it particularly well. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Rock-Stars-Stole-Life-Affair-ebook/dp/B00GIUGT3S/ref=la_B00I4ZMA7E_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1401010506&sr=1-1
  2. croquet'n'cocaine

    Jimmy never met Jimi or saw him perform

    There's a quote often attributed to Hendrix, supposedly talking to Bonzo: "Boy, you've got a right foot like a rabbit." If that is true (sounds very dodgy to me) then there was at least some interaction between Hendrix and Zeppelin, if not Page.
  3. croquet'n'cocaine

    New "FIVE" graphic on Official fb page

    Totally agree. U2:3D is awesome, but to make one concert film, they filmed NINE shows, using different camera set-ups - otherwise the stage would have been clogged up with cameras. The results are stunning (even if you're not particularly a U2 fan), but only as the result of a major production project. Some lame retro-fit would just be embarrassing.
  4. croquet'n'cocaine

    New "FIVE" graphic on Official fb page

    They're going to project it onto Niagara Falls??? That sounds awesome!!!
  5. croquet'n'cocaine

    New "FIVE" graphic on Official fb page

    Bigger pic: Time on the clock, 12 minutes past 10 ???
  6. croquet'n'cocaine

    New "FIVE" graphic on Official fb page

    Or 15:12 = 15/12? :-(
  7. croquet'n'cocaine

    New "FIVE" graphic on Official fb page

    dash-dot... N in Morse code. Wait... that can only mean one thing, surely... North American Tour! Or something else. Or nothing.
  8. croquet'n'cocaine


    It's a great picture. I have spotted at least two women there (years of experience finally pay off) - far left person is a lady; and there is a lady emerging from the cigarette shop, probably having been sent to buy some pipe tobacco for her husband. I think there are a couple of ladies on the traffic island, crossing the road too, but hard to make out clearly.
  9. croquet'n'cocaine

    If Led Zeppelin Played Beatles Covers

    I reckon Zep could have done a total killer version of Hey Bulldog.
  10. I'm not much of an RHCP fan, but they do have that proper funky groove which is so rare amongst Rock bands - Led Zep and Aerosmith being the other prime examples. And I saw RHCP on Jools Holland recently and they were very good, and really appreciative of the other musicians who were on the same show. I'd really love to see this happen, even if it's only a drummer's fantasy at the moment.
  11. Same here when I saw them. They were remarkably loud. i.e. loud enough that I remarked on it to several people afterwards - I've no idea what their replies were. :-) I can believe that someone who was susceptible to tinnitus could easily have it triggered by that volume.
  12. croquet'n'cocaine

    Find The Cat

    LOL. Clumsiest spoiler ever!
  13. croquet'n'cocaine

    Jim Morrison & Zeppelin

    LOL, yeah, I meant I can't remember whether Robert Plant said the whole line.
  14. croquet'n'cocaine

    Jim Morrison & Zeppelin

    There is another Doors reference, from the O2 reunion show, in the spoken intro to Kashmir - "Out here on the perimeter, there are no stars. Out here we is stoned, immaculate." I can't remember if he said the second bit. Think it was just the first line.
  15. croquet'n'cocaine

    Beautiful Women

    Here's a treat then... Grace & Janis in the same shot.