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  1. Here's a treat then... Grace & Janis in the same shot.
  2. Yeah, I'm not really disputing the medical accuracy of the statement, it's more a. the bland phrasing and b. claiming that Rock'n'Roll died on that day? It's just a completely meaningless quote!
  3. I'm sure he meant that in all sincerity but, Jesus, what an inane quote!
  4. I had a flick through this at the airport this evening. What a weird mag. It seems to be like a men's fashion magazine - all sharp suits and "cool" cars - but with a focus on guitars. Just glossy photos of guitars, from what I could make out, rather than information about how to play them or about what has been played on them. The Jimmy Page piece has... I'm really choking here... information about what clothes he's fucking wearing. I mean, with details of the designer and the price and everything, just like you get in glossy rags like FHM with male models twatting around in suits and it says, "Jacket by Armani - $5000" or whatever. I did only have a flick through the mag, so maybe there is more to it than that, but I was frankly shocked. Fashion shoots? My all time music hero? :'(
  5. This is interesting, what with the endless sniping at Led Zep for not crediting original songwriters. Is Jimmy saying that Memphis Minnie gets a credit because the arrangement includes her original singing style, as opposed to the song being a cover as we would see it today? That would explain some of the lack of credits on songs like, say, Whole Lotta Love where it's the lyrics which are copied and not the music or singing style.
  6. I like that there's a fair bit of variety here outside of the usual suspects (LZ, PF, Beatles, Stones). I mean, if you ask someone, "What kind of music are you into?" and they say, "Led Zeppelin" then you're no closer to knowing the answer. Some Zep fans are into country music, some into folk music, some into indie, britpop, punk, prog, world music etc etc. Led Zeppelin are routinely pigeonholed as hard rock, but they were original and varied enough to fit in with pretty much any taste in music. A rare thing.
  7. Led Zeppelin (several times in different formats over the years, but don't have a lot of their solo stuff) Pink Floyd (ditto) J J Cale Trans-Global Underground Radiohead The Music (new album due out soon) OMD I've never bought early Beatles albums, only Rubber Soul onwards (and the Anthology series).
  8. This is a great point (to go with all your other great points). In the case of John Lennon, he was sued for using a line from a Chuck Berry song in The Beatles' Come Together. But, as with Led Zep, he was sued by the owner of the rights, Morris Levy, and not by Chuck Berry. From Wiki: "Lennon ultimately settled with Levy by agreeing to record three songs from Levy's publishing catalogue during the sessions for his LP Rock & Roll." Hopefully those royalties did end up with the original songwriters somewhere down the line, but I doubt it.
  9. I've heard it described as "rhyming crap", if that helps.
  10. RP's quote at the O2 was just an instinctive ad lib. He started to say, "out here..." as in "out here in the crowd..." and that obviously triggered the Jim Morrison quote in his head so he went with it. Probably had a few people scratching their heads, but I guess most of the old timers in the crowd would have got it. I thought it was great, as were most of his Plantations that evening. I do think he was cut off from saying something else at the beginning of Rock And Roll. You sort of hear him start a word and then the drums kick off. Now we'll never know. :-(
  11. This is genuine. When I first left home I only had a Walkman for listening to music (state-of-the-art in those days - hard to believe now) and bought everything on cassette for a many years. Naturally, I got the Zep albums and was horrified to find that the official cassette release of Led Zep I had the chopped off How Many More Times as described above. The jam section at the end is one of the major highlights of that album. Shocking. But true.
  12. Must be a lot of confused literature fans at the Reading Festival each year though.
  13. Yeah, I never get why it's constantly the Americans that are singled out there! It would be a problem for anyone that speaks English, wouldn't it? (And even worse for those that don't.) There's also a story about the film "The Madness Of King George" which claims that the original title of the play ("The Madness Of George III") was changed because Americans would think it was a sequel to "The Madness Of George" and "The Madness Of George II". But that's not true either. It was changed so that people (everywhere) would know it was about a king. Also, why doesn't the town of Reading in Berkshire change its name to Redding in Barksher to stop American tourists getting confused?
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