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  1. From one great man that once said: "Its not a lie, if YOU believe it" - GLC
  2. Great man and a great player. RIP.
  3. Im jewish but i dont really care for religion nor god. i dont see any reason to...
  4. he wish, johnny depp is LZ.
  5. i dont like PF at all, but you must acknowledge he is a good guitar player. i wish him to live until age of 120.
  6. And again, kobe is the only player taking this game seriously...blah.
  7. Im sorry if there's another thread like this i searched and i didnt find any. im craving for some music from JP, i cant wait, is there any news about that? i heard he is going to come out with some new stuff in 2012 but when?!
  8. I dont know if u guys know this band, but they are awesome here in israel. and if u think its janis joplin its ok, everybody say that (:
  9. Great game. eli manning is da man. damn hes so clutch. giants deserved it all the time and welker/brady blew it with their own mistakes...better luck next year....
  10. Thick as a brick 2 !!!!!!!!!! oh yes!!! http://www.jethrotull.com/ Thank you Ian!
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