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  1. I dont know if u guys know this band, but they are awesome here in israel. and if u think its janis joplin its ok, everybody say that (:
  2. lol i cant believe im not the only one who have a turle.
  3. Nice song, thanks. she got an amazing voice, wow...
  4. Any good funk-rock songs\bands? and i dont mean RHCP (i dont like them that much).
  5. After listening to this album after quiet some time, i can honestly say that is one of the best post-zeppelin albums JP did, i absolutley like it. coverdale is awesome too. cant believe it didnt get too much attention, an awesome CD.
  6. wow, drawings here are awesome. i saw few more zep artworks and i totaly digged this one: Creation of Robert someone know similiar stuff to this but with jimmy page, JPJ or bonzo?
  7. Nice Idea for a thread. Boston - my dream city London - Chelsea fc, beer, lots of stuff. NY - its NY, you gotta visit. Miami - beaches and bitches (: Buenos Aires - just for fun Ibiza - Party's all night !
  8. OMG thats freakin disgusting !!!!
  9. Champions League Final. Lets hope Barcelona wont get any gifts from the referee this time and busquets\alves\other divers will play a clean game.
  10. 22,867. 22,867 soliders that was killed in all of Israel wars. today is the memorial day for those who gave their lives for people in israel to live in confidence and sleep in peace.
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