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  1. From one great man that once said: "Its not a lie, if YOU believe it" - GLC
  2. Great man and a great player. RIP.
  3. Im jewish but i dont really care for religion nor god. i dont see any reason to...
  4. he wish, johnny depp is LZ.
  5. i dont like PF at all, but you must acknowledge he is a good guitar player. i wish him to live until age of 120.
  6. And again, kobe is the only player taking this game seriously...blah.
  7. Im sorry if there's another thread like this i searched and i didnt find any. im craving for some music from JP, i cant wait, is there any news about that? i heard he is going to come out with some new stuff in 2012 but when?!
  8. I dont know if u guys know this band, but they are awesome here in israel. and if u think its janis joplin its ok, everybody say that (:
  9. Great game. eli manning is da man. damn hes so clutch. giants deserved it all the time and welker/brady blew it with their own mistakes...better luck next year....
  10. Thick as a brick 2 !!!!!!!!!! oh yes!!! http://www.jethrotull.com/ Thank you Ian!
  11. what ever...keep bitchin about nothing...
  12. oh and btw, if you still not sure that Evans didnt catch that pass... http://espn.go.com/blog/boston/new-england-patriots/post/_/id/4716045/sports-science-moores-slap-away science is awesome, huh?
  13. I never said we will win it nor i was being arrogant about it, i just dont see any reason to discuss with a bitter fan.
  14. bro, why takin this bonehead so serious? enjoy our trip to the SB!!!!!
  15. Let me explain: Look up for cundiff's stats in recent two years and before them, Kick-offs and field goals you need alot of power in your legs and body to kick them (we all know that), cundiff in the last two years and mostly last year before they chaned the kick off rules did things he didnt do his entire career, in 2010 he made like 40 touchbacks in kick-offs and before that, in 7 years of career he did it only 11 times! cundiff was a washed-up kicker before he was cut from 3 different teams, sat out a bit and than came back to the ravens. btw, i dont have anything against the ravens and although im a pats fan i was very sorry for reed and lewis cause i really like them.
  16. They had a timeout, harbaugh is like that on big games, very bad game manager. cundiff is a lame kicker, and i dont feel sorry for him from all the steroids he is taking.
  17. LedZeppfan77, you live in dreamland if you think it was a TD. i could see that from a mile away...
  18. You dont need to remind me that...
  19. lol i cant believe im not the only one who have a turle.
  20. Nice song, thanks. she got an amazing voice, wow...
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