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  1. Juvenile...yeah I get that, too. Some people still think Elvis is alive :)

  2. http://iwdrm.tumblr.com/ Posted this on another thread and someone suggested linking it here. Thx redrum!
  3. yes...it is a nice user name...wish I'd thought of it ;)

  4. Hey, ZepRex! good to hear from you! Hope you are having a great wkend!

  5. Hey ya!

    Thought I'd leave a little message from one slave to Plant to another..Have a good weekend x

  6. This is a great thread, SuperDave! Found this interview Chaka Khan gave to an Atlanta web mag... Creative Loafing:The first record you bought was a Led Zeppelin album. What turned you on to the group? (CK) I grew up in Hyde Park in Chicago, which was a very multiracial neighborhood. So a lot of kids that I hung out with were into all different sorts of music. One of my best girlfriends had a Led Zeppelin album, and we listened to it. And I had to go buy me a copy. I loved the drummer, John Bonham. He started me playing drums.
  7. The Rain Song all the way...just too beautiful!
  8. Thanks for posting this Deborah J. Is there more to this interview? I remember listening to an audio recording of an interview Robert did with Lisa which seemed to be right around this time (83ish or so). I can't find it any more, but I recall it was a much longer interview than this one. Just curious if you knew anything about that. Thanks
  9. Nick Ashford, one of Motown's greatest songwriters died today of throat cancer. With his wife, Valerie, he wrote songs for so many people like Marvin Gaye and Tami Terrell, Diana Ross, Chaka Khan (who said Bonzo was her favorite drummer) Some of the songs he wrote were Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Reach Out and Touch Somebody's Hand and I'm Every Woman. He was a great talent.
  10. Beautiful pictures! Your daughter is lovely...and she has great taste! Congratulations!
  11. Heaven Knows Big Log In the Mood Ship of Fools Anniversary ...Sea of Love ...Little by Little
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