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  1. Here's the link again to the interview: Mick Wall on When Giants Walked the Earth. I don't mind hearing some of the more sordid stuff about Zep, like the deal with Karac's funeral. They were bad-asses and just like everyone else, they've done stuff they're probably not too proud of years later. Most of that stuff has already been covered in one way or another. The stuff about Peter Grant is pretty insightful, in my opinion. A lot of artists and fans want to slam Wall for either being reckless or being too lurid, but in every one of his books, he includes a "Sources" section at the end where he backs up everything in his books. At least he shows where he got the info. I also disagree with Presence though. Killer album, top to bottom.
  2. New interview with Mick Wall on his Zeppelin biography. He discusses researching the book, the band's future, when it all went off the rails, and gives good insight on Peter Grant's handling of the band. Pretty detailed stuff- he talks a lot about fact vs. myth. I've only read Hammer of the Gods, but after reading some reviews of the book on Amazon, I decided to order it. Been awhile since I've read a good music biography. Figured fellow Zep fans might enjoy the read. At least the first half of the interview. It's pretty long, and halfway through they start talking about his new Metallica book, so the whole thing isn't on Zep. Cheers! http://www.thenervousbreakdown.com/jdaly/2011/03/a-voice-in-the-rock-and-roll-wilderness-an-interview-with-rock-journalist-mick-wall/
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