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    Hot pics of Jimmy

    and now it's selling on Amazon USED for $245.00. (I am not a Ross fan...he's a grumpasaurus)
  2. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I'm still *smitten* after ALL THESE YEARS!
  3. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    370 pages of DREAMY...but sometimes...the shots are just too sad...look how gaunt he is...and his hands are skeletal. So heartbreaking,
  4. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Ah! I love it when a new one appears! thank you so much!
  5. The Raconteurs: Consolers of the Lonely
  6. White Summer/Black Mountain Side is the reason I picked up a guitar.
  7. Really? a fear of moths? I had no idea one COULD be afraid of moths...
  8. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    Oh my gosh yes it is! Thank you so much! Where ever did you find it? Jo
  9. Just a real quick note: Last night I saw LBLZE in Concord, New Hampshire at the Capitol Arts Center. The show was an amazing, dignified tribute to John and the band. Jason told personal stories, shared old home movies and ROCKED OUT the hall. Some details from the show: He is picking 1 charity per city to raise funds by selling laminates for $20 in exchange for a chance to go back stage and a chance to win his drum set on June 1. Last night's charity was the Capitol Arts Center Tickets Fund (for low-income and other folks in crisis). I think this is a wonderful addition to the show more musicians should take the lead and do this. (my ticket was 3 numbers off~). The set was pretty much the above list. The age range in the audience was from 10-70 easy! It was so nice to see parents and maybe grandparents, bringing the next generation to the show. I saw a young girl around the age of 10 wearing a LZ t-shirt dancing in the aisle! Everyone was up and down the whole night, but everyone stood through the whole of Stairway to Heaven. (as it should be) I couldn't help but wonder how he does it every night. It's a very emotional tribute and he appeared to get choked up at least once. He truly misses his Dad and is sad that they didn't get to play together. I'm so glad I went and didn't listen to the nay-sayers who are criticizing this program. Jason and his band mates do a stunning job of paying respectful tribute to the music. It's clear he fully understands his fathers contribution to the world of music.
  10. So stoked! Less than 22 hours until the JBLZE in Concord, NH! How will I ever sleep tonight?
  11. Found this while out 'hunting' today. Any idea when and who? Thank you. jo
  13. Thanks David! amazing! I can't imagine actually being there...but you bring us closer! jo
  14. Or...Like "have a rip-roaring AWESOME day!" (and weekend!)


  15. thanks for adding me! have a Jimmy Day!

  16. ZoSoJo

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    I recently purchased a used copy of Neil Preston's Led Zeppelin Portraits. Tucked inside was this photo clipping from a Rolling Stone Magazine. Enjoy!
  17. Probably not complete...but it's a start: JPJ Gear Bass guitars 1962 Fender Jazz Bass (used in studio and live performances)1951 Fender Precision Bass with the finish removed (used to play "Black Dog" live from 1971–1973)Fretless Fender Precision BassGibson EB-1 (seen on the inner wheel of Led Zeppelin III)Fender Bass VAlembic Bruce Becvar 8 string Triple OmegaAlembic Series II 4 stringManson E-35 4 String BassManson E-30 4 String Bass (Single Pickup)Manson 8 String BassManson 10 String BassManson 12 String BassManson Bass MandolinAcoustic Control Corporation 360 Bass Amp Mandolins Gibson mandolin, used in live acoustic performances.Andy Manson custom Triple Neck Mandolin, 12 string & 6 string acoustic (used in live performances) Keyboard instruments Hammond organsHohner ClavinetHohner Electra-PianoFender RhodesMellotronSteinway pianoYamaha CP-80 pianoSymbolic Sound Kyma systemKorg Trinity synthesiserKorg M3 synthesiser (used with Them Crooked Vultures)Yamaha GX1 synthesiserEMS VCS3 SynthesizerMoog 15 Modular SynthesizerKorg KaossilatorFrom Wikipedia...
  18. two of my favorite t-shirt photos! with many thanks to the administer - I can post!
  19. I have some great t-shirt shots to post. I've been trying from home and work for two days. Does anyone out there know why I can't attach photos? have I set something wrong? I get a 'server error' message. Yet...it appears others are able to post. Sorry to be such a dunce. But I really want to throw these up here. sincerely grateful for any help Jojo
  20. Toss up between The Song Remains the Same (the one that was in my head this morning when I awoke!) and No Quarter (LOVE LOVE LOVE JPJ on this one - and it's so haunting) I think No Quarter is the Led Zeppelin Fans SONG. NON fans generally don't "get it", which is too bad for them, because it's a GRAND song. However, Song Remains the Same is infectious - so today, it gets my vote. See me tomorrow for different choice! (ha!)
  21. I'm with you. I recently re-fell-in-love with Tangerine....so TODAY...it has my favorite lyrics. That could change by tomorrow...
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