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  1. Yeah, I went back and listened to it and its definitely "Keep A Knockin'." The reason I thought it was "Rip It Up" is I remember reading an interview with Page a long long time ago and he was talking about "Rock And Roll" and said something to the effect of "Then Bonham started playing around with the 'Rip It Up' thing..." But I guess I remembered it wrong, he must have said "Keep A Knockin." For the life of me I've always remembered it as "Rip it Up." Magic Sam, that's probably the same intereview you're remembering, about Bonham improvising around a LR song.
  2. Ooohh, yoou can't go wrong with Jaws, go rent it today. One of the best movies of all time, an instant classic. Yes, it is scary, but its just great film-making and Richard is outstanding in it. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is also great, I particularly Love the "Tennis / Question Game" scene, Roth is also good in that. Of course, I'm a massive Hamlet fan so I'm geared toward liking it anyway.
  3. Not to side track you lovely lusty women here, but Liz Taylor circa Butterfield 8 era, there wasn't a woman that came close to her then. I'm too drunk to go searching the net and post pics, maybe tomorrow. And... for my own opinions here - Pitt-- great in Fight Club, and yes he's gorgeous. The guy in the new Bond, Casino Royale, can't remember his name...excellent as Bond. Jared Leto - should play Roger Daltrey in the Keith Moon flick. David Beckham - I'd rather fuck Posh Spice, but then you'd all expect that, I'm sure. Pacino - He's beautiful DeNiro - Maybe I'm biased becau
  4. Footsteps, Jaws is still the fave, maybe too predictable, but its just such a magic piece of work and he shines in it. A little Hollywood side story here, you may know this already... when it was made ('75 or so) Dreyfuss was worried about his career. I think he had just made The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz and he really thought his career was over. He took Jaws just because he thought he wasn't going to get any more offers. Spielberg was an unknown then, so he didn't have the rep he has now. Anyway, Dreyfuss thought Jaws was going to be a complete dud, he thought his career in th
  5. The Keith/Mick pic is definitely from the late 60s. The Newman pic is most certainly pre-73, The Sting-era. Just thought I'd be helpful in the kitchen here. I'm assuming by posting in this thread everyone will automatically assume I'm gay, but no...just a movie/movie star fan. Newman was great. Nobody's Fool is still one of my faves (and he was in his 70s by then).
  6. OK, to Footeps Of Dawn, as a completely heterosexual man I must say... You have impeccable taste in men! Dreyfuss, particularly...one of my fave actors, and we share the same b-day, Oct. 29.
  7. I'll give you the props on Oldman, he did look great in Dracula. The film itself, however, is an incredibly laughable joke. But he LOOKED great!
  8. I didn't read through the whole thread (because I've been drinking bourbon for two hours) so forgive me if I rehash here (I'll read through it when I'm done). They had commercial success early on, with "Whole Lotta Love" (at least in the states), and "Black Dog" and "Rock And Roll" charted over here too. After that they seemed to slip into this dark underworld of stone-heads culture. After Bonzo's death they were revived with songs from In Through The Out Door being played heavily on clasic rock radio stations (specifically "In The Evening" and "All My Love" ). I think they went "mainst
  9. I find it rather telling that so many of us list "Stairway to Heaven" as the song that got them interested. Such a tribute to the power of that song, even regardless of its current overplayed status as an icon of popular music. More interesting though, is "Black Dog." That song is like some weird bridge between satanic stoner heavy metal and classic rock. That riff...and Bob's vocals...its like its underground and mainstream at the same time. (Yes, I called him Bob, bet I'm the first on here to do it. Probably made half a dozen enemies, just with that). Its the bridge between middle-cl
  10. Just purchased Amazing Journey with the extra 79' show in Chicago. Hmmm...s'ok. 80% of the live footage can be seen in The Kids Are Alright, I was expecting so much more than that, but the interviews were nice. I was most impressed however with the footage of "The High Numbers" from '64. Abso-fucking-lutley AMAZING! Unbelievable that that's what they sounded like in '64. If I were in a band currently I would KILL to get that sound! Moon was not human, from another planet. Its just mind-blowing to me that that footage is from '64. And that whole short film is just great, with those
  11. I have to say, one of the things I find interesting about this board is how threads can veer off into antagony at the drop of a hat! Makes me laugh! The same thing happens on the XTC board, although there it's usually someone trying to make everyone laugh. Actually, this board reminds me of the XTC board a lot, everyone's pretty loose on here. Communication on the internet just always makes me laugh, things careen off into madness without a care. And that's one of the good things about it.
  12. These kinds of lists are never easy but they are fun. 1. The Song Remains The Same 2. The Rain Song 3. Carouselambra 4. Achille's Last Stand 5. Out On The Tiles 6. Celebration Day 7. Communication Breakdown 8. Friends 9. The Wanton Song 10. In The Light In no particular order, natch.
  13. Just to interject a relatively meaningless fact here... If I'm not mistaken, and its been quite a few years since I've listened to Little Richard with any regularity, but I think the opening drum to "Rock And Roll" is actually lifted from Richard's "Rip It Up" and not "Keep A-Knocking." That was a great dissection, Sam.
  14. HA! I've been saying this for years! That's classic, Magic Sam. You mind if I use that for my sig line? Provided I give you fair credit, of course.
  15. I used to joke "never let your left hand know what the right one is doing...otherwise you'll have to wash both of them." Which sounds funny but doesn't really make sense, I guess. It begs the philosophical question, What is the sound of one hand washing?
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