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  1. Asswipes, always about making a buck! These recordings have been floating about for years, the economy sucks let the fucking people enjoy something and not put a frigging price tag on everything!!!
  2. Plain and simple, his voice would not hold up on a full scale zeppelin set list.You can`t blame the man, he abused and strained his vocal chords in 73 from relentless touring.I thank Robert for giving us some of the greatest rock vocals ever!!
  3. They don`t need plant, would be nice but they will do fine without him.Seen Jimmy 8 times live without plant and PAGE is a one man show! Seen plant`s solo shows from 83 - 2005 and Iv`e seen enough, though fate of nations was a decent album.Jonesy and Jimmy and young Bonham will give you your moneys worth if they tour.Plants voice wouldnt hold up on a major tour, he ruined it back in 73.
  4. Love to get Jimmy`s symbol, but until i am sure of what it stands for stick with JPJ symbol.
  5. I agree with you, I have an 18 year old that would love to see some kind of THREE J`S tour! I missed out on the 77 tour dates at MSG, damn I want this to happen also!
  6. Half a zeppelin is better than no zeppelin at all, give em a chance!
  7. Have the 02 gig on my headphones now, I dont think they sounded this good since knebworth, wish they would do a handfull of shows together.For Your Life sounds fantastic live, Bonham jr does John Henry JUSTICE...GREAT JOB JASON!!
  8. Give em a try, he sounds very able.If nothing else do a small tour and see how it all works out.
  9. Who is this robert plant you speak of lmao.
  10. Another repackaging, how about something new! As much as I love zeppelin, this is getting comical!! release the 02 show 1 audio cd and 1 dvd, hell who can afford 200 bucks in this economy.
  11. Can`t wait, this kid can sing and will do a great job!!
  12. Glad I went to all the P/P 95 and 98 shows i could, since robert has bowed out.
  13. Close the door put out the light, without plant the show must go on tonight!
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