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    Blues, Rock, Indie, Mountain biking in the Pennines, Collecting and selling vinyl records
  1. Oh i forgot to say! save the vinyl

  2. Hi Missy, Thanks for adding me & happy tooting . . .

  3. Nice to see someone else appreciates the value of vinyl. Those were the days. Welcome to the site..................:) missy

  4. My Mrs hates Jungle... I say "Jungle is massive!!!" She say`s "Boom Boom banger banger music"....I haven`t the foggiest idea what she`s on about
  5. Fantastic news, We all have to work together now and watch our neighbers even closer than before, Well done U.S.A special forces....NICE ONE!
  6. Yeah, Thats it! you probably hit the nail on the head there matey...Thats what i should have said lol
  7. How Many More Times" was listed as 3:30 on the record sleeve deliberately by Jimmy Page in order to trick radio stations into playing the song
  8. Here is a link you may find it on here http://en.allexperts.com/q/Led-Zeppelin-501/indexExp_17282.htm
  9. Hi Debs, Your copy of Physical graffiti is probably worth £200 + if its in decent condition, I mean EX - NR MINT, Also have a look at the text on the spine if its got a red text then its a U.K 1st pressing these fetch about £200.00 without the mispressing, So with it being a mispressing....Who knows???? So just out of interest let me know
  10. I can`t listen to a CD nowadays its got be a record, because for me, "you just can`t beat the sound vinyl brings", The question i have been pondering over is how many people actually still listen to records and who still buys them, It can`t just be me that still appreciates vinyl surely? Its just something ive been wondering that all, I know its a futile question but people say im mad spending my money on records...I dont think so!!!!
  11. Your wrong matey, Vinyl is worth more now than ever, Especially if thier U.K first pressings, Only three weeks ago i sold a VG + copy of Physical Grafitti for £87.00 on Ebay...For a NR MINT copy i would have expected to get £185.00 and above, Vinyl is making a come back for the simple reason its a far more superior sound than digital sound, Even insurance companies are offering insurance for these rare treasures on 1st U.K pressings and of course certain 1st U.S pressings
  12. If its a U.K pressing I`ll give you £200.00 for it!
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