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    Blues, Rock, Indie, Mountain biking in the Pennines, Collecting and selling vinyl records
  1. Oh i forgot to say! save the vinyl

  2. Hi Missy, Thanks for adding me & happy tooting . . .

  3. Nice to see someone else appreciates the value of vinyl. Those were the days. Welcome to the site..................:) missy

  4. Fantastic news, We all have to work together now and watch our neighbers even closer than before, Well done U.S.A special forces....NICE ONE!
  5. How Many More Times" was listed as 3:30 on the record sleeve deliberately by Jimmy Page in order to trick radio stations into playing the song
  6. I like that song aswell mate its a wicked song
  7. Savoy Brown - Looking in and Hendrix - Are you Experienced, Both first pressings and both on vinyl, I got em off Ebay
  8. The last movie i saw was Britney rears and Shaving Ryans privates, Its a double bill and i had to get the hankies out!
  9. If you cant pay your rent, your food bill or your petrol bill, Does this mean you have the Blues???

  10. Im addicted to the Blues at the moment

  11. Hi Deborah, Thanks for the welcome...many greetings from a not so sunny England :-)

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