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  1. "Oh give it a rest" Sorry to have to point out the obvious but I was answering Knebbys question not yours if thats alright with you?
  2. Maybe because America and many Americans have become so very insular, they are fixated with 9/11 and the 3000 deaths that day and seem to forget the millions of deaths that the Terror organisation called the CIA has caused worldwide.
  3. Strider, is that clearer for you? neither Electrophile or myself are saying he isn't dead, but a little proof would be nice, its not as if every other person that the US government murdered was'nt laid out in a coffin for all to witness as being actualy dead, and lets face facts, Washington keeps changing the story by the hour, lies, dam lies followed by even more lies, same old same old, this is why no one outside the US can believe a word your governments say and why you have no credibility in the wider world. Edit to add, Great Britain suffers from the same Government spin as well so you are not alone.
  4. Hi 'kiwi' All your hard work payed off, now time to let off a bit of steam & have FUN. Well done you have earned a break. Cate
  5. Has the back lash started already...5 men Held under Terrorism Act, after being Arrested close to Sellar field Nucular site in Cumbria.?
  6. Very Witty my dear, very witty indeed, but until I see the bullet ridden corpse I'll remain a sceptic if thats alright with you?
  7. So where is the " photographic evidence of his dead body"? With something as serious and far reaching as this I think most sane people, after all the hysteria is over, would require some tangable hard evidence to back up the usual lies that all politicians are prone to tell. Not saying it didnt happen but I want to see some proof, talk is cheap. (I only use tin foil to wrap up the turkey, otherwise my head gets to dam hot. LOL)
  8. Is there actually any hard evidence that he is dead as yet? So far all we have had is news reports stating he is dead, no hard facts or evidence. The fact that they have already disposed of his body seems a bit iffy to me. How could anyone have gotten His DNA, prior to his death? and had it tested so quickly to get a match. It is all moving a bit too quick for my liking.
  9. Great News, but don't become to complacent... There will always be another Radical to take his place. Sadly we still need to be very careful..
  10. Yes it is I, I'm just leaving to go to Clarence House where no doubt one will find more time to post.
  11. cate

    ANZAC Day

    What a lovely heart felt Tribute,'Reggie'.
  12. Lots of Chocolate Eggs......Yummy
  13. Looks like you will be living on T.V dinners/ Take aways for the weekend...... Hope Mrs Ally has a great time... I know I will.......Bye for now.
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