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  1. It was a rather bold of me,not quite bold enough to tell the wife until I had the cash in my wallet. Twenty $5 notes which was good,I was expecting coins. STZ on the cricket I'm thinking three wins two draws.
  2. Gave a Kiwi mate 20 points start,$100 thank you very much,off to pub now.
  3. Well done as usual Connyfogle.
  4. No just an mp3 file on my $25 phone ooppps wrong person.In reply to LedZepFan77.
  5. I must admit I was being a little picky,all fine creatures they are.
  6. Anjin-san has the best taste in women.
  7. Have a listen to Rise by PIL, there's a little bit of OTHAFA in there.
  8. Well Reggie29 if you have to get some welfare at least you won't have line up for your groceries with WTF ever are food stamps.
  9. I've been lurking about this place for along time,mainly because i don't get on well with this keyboard aswell as being on dial-up for most of that time.The likes of yourself,Evester and many others young and old have made my lurkin' enjoyable.Thank you and goodbye.
  10. I've just noticed that the poll has Obahma,Romney 30.12% each?
  11. A little speculation http://www.fasterlouder.com.au/news/local/34156/Bluesfest-Next-announcement-might-be-bigger-than-Robert-Plant
  12. Now that would be an experience to remember!!!
  13. Hmmm,at first glance I saw two people dancing.Thanks to joe for setting me straight,didn't know WTF I'd tell the wife after thirty years of marraige.
  14. Yeah me to and I'd prefer to be a little bent than straight
  15. Yes 40+ years under more normal circumstanse's is impressive enough. I do wish he'd drag Jimmy into a recording studio, add a bloody drum machine would do me.
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