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  1. I guess that when Robert and Tori did it, the world exploded, no?

  2. I've just had the most wonderful time listening to Zeppelin's acoustic stuff, on top of a big wall with a beautiful sight to all the village! <3

  3. Happy B-Day my wonderful oneeeeeee!!! <3

  4. So I'm packing my bags for the Misty Mountains!... amanh√£: Lapinha! <3

  5. I'm sorry but I can't help But I would really like to see other photos of Zep in Bombay! I have some music files of Zep performing in Bombay, and they're fantastic!!! Good luck!!
  6. I've tried to learn how to play the guitar... but my fingers are no good to play it!!! So, I've started to learn how to play the harmonica I don't know much, by now, cause I don't have much time to practice... I already knew how to play Love me Do (The Beatles), but I forgot I really hope to play as good as Robert one day
  7. Hahaha I see what you mean!! And Robert sure has some point in there... haha But my parents actually didn't even knew who Robert Plant was (what a shame!). They would by records in packs (that's how some people sell them at fairs), just because in the middle of 5 or 6 records, there would be 3 or 4 that they wanted and then they would only listen to those that they knew well. That's why they probably have never listened to Shaken N' Stirred and it was apart, ready to be sell someday... they didn't want it. Fortunately I found it, and if I remember well, it was from the moment when I found the record that I decided to start a vinyl collection!
  8. Hey Steven, that's AWESOME! That's quite a collection!! You have there some big rarities, no? I wish I had a Led Zeppelin vinyl, but their hard to find here and very expensive! But I do have some of Robert's albums in vinyl! (they're my most precious records, haha) I have Manic Nirvana that a good friend of mine gave to me, Shaken N' Stirred that my parents already had (funny story: the vinyl was in a bag ready to be sell... thank god that I found it first!), and The Honeydrippers that I bought And I really wish to complete my Robert's vinyl collection, and someday, buy some Led Zeppelin vinyls too! My collection is very small yet, I have around 33 vinyls. My favorites are, besides the Robert ones: The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, Elvis, Hotel California (The Eagles), Van Morrison, Roger Daltrey, Queen and Dire Straits
  9. Hello everyone! I've noticed that there are some topics about vinyls around here... I hope that I'm not repeating any of them! But since that there's a lot of people here that listen to vinyl records I thought that it would be interesting to discuss, to share, the vinyls we own. I've been making a collection of vinyls for a very long time... Is there anyone else collecting vinyls? Tell us what you got!
  10. planning to spend the afternoon studying to the sound of my vinyls :3

  11. "When you do what you do I can never let you go; When you feel the way you feel, You can never let it show"

  12. Truth is: "The Rover" WAS underrated by me for a very long time... By then I was still getting to know Zeppelin better, and this song would sound very weird to me! It didn't captured my attention. But somehow, one fine day, it changed... I listened to song and said to my self "omfg, how could I have never noticed that this song rules so much!?". It's amazing! In every way! And specially... for the lyrics! I'm not sure if I've caught their meaning right, but there's something special about them. I love the line "You got me rockin' when I ought to be a-rollin"... I think that this song is just amazing - unusual, mysterious, but amazing. It's one of the best!
  13. at "Over the hills and far away"! :D

  14. Thank you, Anjin-san! Hahaha, who knows, maybe I am! I just immediately remembered the song lyrics when I started writting "Hey fellas", and the lyrics made sence, so... I thought about using it, haha ZoSoJo, it's an honor to be able to listen to Zeppelin's music! I wish that all the kids of my age would listen to them! But that's actually kind of rare... But oh well, I can assure you that I'll keep on teaching the younger generations about Led Zeppelin! Thanks for the greetings and for the pics! Peace! Hey Missy, you Jimmy girl, haha, thank you! Yeah, Robert's voice is unique and special! Oh sure, Portugal is a beautifull country, it has many wonders! Kisses
  15. Hello everyone!! I would just like to tell you all that I'm back to the forums! But with a new account! It was getting hard to me to manage the old one and I was always loosing my password! This was my old one: http://forums.ledzep.../7679-tetelisa/ Now all of you who were my friends can add me to this new account! To those who dont know me, well, you can check out my "About me", but basically: My name is Telma, although I like to use the "h" in my name (Thelma), I'm 18 years old, and I'm from Portugal! I've been listening to Led Zeppelin for about 4 years now, but it feels like I've known them for all my life! I dare to say that Led Zeppelin are my world, my religion, cause they're really important in my life, and I've never been touched so deeply by something like I've been by their music! Specially, by Robert's music. I love Led Zeppelin as a whole, and I value equally every single member of the band, but in their pre/pos- zeppelin I just LOVE Robert! His voice is heaven to me! Like some people say to me sometimes, I'm "a Robbie girl!" haha Well, I think I've wrote enough by now, haha I hope that you'll enjoy my company here! Cheers!
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