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  1. Jimmy Page has the nastiest tone around. On recordings he has broken boundaries and set standards beyond anybody else. In my opinion the most incredible tone and the most groundbreaking sound I've heard is the distortion on Black Dog. The rhythm tone is so fuzzy and whiny. Not only is that kickin but the solo tone is unique. Jimmy is the man when it comes to guitar tone and there are many other songs that deserve recognition as well. What's your favorite? ATHEL
  2. On one hand you have the nice flavorful variety plate of How the West Was Won with all of the extras and the old school radio interviews and the whole Knebworth section as well as the Royal Albert hall and some un-released song remains the same footage like Misty Mountain Hop and then on the other hand you have the classic film The Song Remains the Same in its entirety which is just an awesome movie to watch and it really showcases the mighty Zep very well and gives a great representation of the raw purity and the artistic virtuosity the band presented live. They are both incredible but for th
  3. This is my red epiphone double neck. Very similar to the model Page uses on the song remains the same. I'm playing on-stage with my band Athel from Chicago. We are very rock and roll so check us out on youtube!
  4. welcome!!bienvenido!! =)

  5. Does anybody know if Knebworth will ever be a full concert for sale. I've seen so many freakin clips and bootlegs but I really just want something in my hand that I can put in my dvd player and watch from start to finish. How the west was won is the closest to that I've seen and it was cool but I want a full start to finish show! Let me know if you've heard any rumors or know anything, ATHEL
  6. Knebworth is so sick. I know its going to be released one day!

  7. I don't disagree. As I said, Paul Rogers is a horrible choice for a Zep front man and I personally think it would suck. Queen and Paul was a bit of a nightmare. Paul has his place in rock and rock and it's not with Queen, or any other soprano singing gods like Plant or the like. And I do agree it's not Zeppelin without Plant but lets get real, would you rather never see Jimmy and John Paul on stage again or would you rather see them together with Jason and a new front man? I tend to side with the latter on this one. I really think Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge would do great as well. Who wou
  8. Hmm, he did do a great job with the Doors re-union so I'm inclined to think it would be a great fit as well. The Cult had a mystique about them that definitely was reminiscent of Zep
  9. I'm thinking this is probably the best fit vocally but as a lead singer only I'm curious to see how Stockdale would do haha.
  10. Touche! That is one I didn't think of and it seems like a really freakin good fit!
  11. I do enjoy the site very much so davie! And Hello there Marcelo!

  12. Hiya hope you are well and enjoy the site

  13. So the other day I was talking to a buddy who was asking me about who the best front man would be for a reunion tour besides Plant. He said Paul Rogers. I think that would suck personally, no disrespect to Paul Rogers but I just don't feel like he could fill those shoes. I'm thinking Justin King from Athel would probably be a much better fit. Who would be your pick? I was also thinking Andrew Stockdale from Wolfmother would be a sick fit as well. Respond and let me know A
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