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  1. Dmaj is OTHAFA. Also, to say it is difficult to solo in F# is fucking stupid, a solo in F# (minor pentatonic scale) is easy as fuck, even a ballon head like John Stamos could pull off a simple F# solo. Jesus Christ, it's not like he was talking sweep picking or a solo in a Mixolydian jazz scale with 1/4 - full bend - pull off / slide and hammer and then ending by switching to a Dorian progression like some crazy Steve Vai shit or something. Saying Jimmy thought an F# solo was difficult would be akin to a Nobel Prize winning chemist claiming making a box of Pillsbury Muffins was too complex
  2. Hey, if you are correct, and it was an accident, that guy will go down in history as the most incompetent person of all time. Just imagine, it's one thing to lose an account at your job but it's quite another to accidentally kill your boss while you are in the act of protecting him. If he did not retire afterward I bet Johnson had him removed from future Presidential details and instead had him protecting Khrushchev instead!
  3. Woops! My bad, almost forgot the greatest conspiracy theory of all time: Did Led Zeppelin sell their souls to Mephistopheles for fame & fortune? Was Ahmet in on it? Was Ahmet Mephistopheles? Or wait, maybe the enigmatic John Paul Jones who is expert in all instruments (just like Satan) is the Devil incarnate? Think of it, before JPJ REM were just a college band. Before JPJ Diamanda Galas was just some Greek superfreak. Before JPJ Seasick Steve was just some old boozehound playing his makeshift guitar to satiate his Night Train addiction. Coincidence???? Hmmm, maybe not! JPJ IS the
  4. I always believed the CIA killed Kennedy for obvious reasons, after all he was going to virtually eliminate the agency due to it's penchant for making policy instead of following orders. However if the clown killed Kennedy I highly doubt it was an "accident." Robert Kennedy I also think was assassinated through a conspiracy, there were way too many bullet holes in that kitchen vs. what was fired from Sirhan's gun. I always thought Killer Queen was about Madame Nhu...that bitch really was a killer queen! Though to be honest she was smokin hot!
  5. Thanks Strider, this is great news indeed as I have been a huge Mazzy Star fan since the 90's. I always like the tune Blue Light as well but they never put out a stinker. Too bad I live in Phoenix, I guess the group has too much class and intelligence to play this shithole (Phoenix). Oh well, maybe next time.
  6. ACDC is always in 4/4 time, never changes, all songs. Riffing is basic, goes for the jugular though there are exceptions such as Night Prowler, Big Balls, and The Jack. For what it's worth I think Brian Johnson was the worse thing to happen to ACDC. Bonn Scott added more dimension and variety, once Johnson came in it was the same thing over and over again. I also believe Night Prowler was their best tune hands down! Zeppelin worked in various time signatures, frequently within the same song. Page utilized riffing, arpeggios, alternate picking & tunings & chords, and structures.
  7. The only way Clapton would steal the show is through a contractual clause! I too saw him a couple of times, once in Chicago and once in LA and he was just flat, nothing! Maybe he was more passionate back in the day but when I first saw him in 1990 (I think it was 90') in Chicago I almost fell asleep. When I saw the televised Cream reunion from 2006 or whatever I got the same impression, the whole band was flat IMO. I think he is a good guitarist but unlike Jeff Beck he just does not have the passion, and unlike Page he NEVER takes a chance. If there is one quality I believe Page has above most
  8. Awww, c'mon Slave, I was just joking with ya. If you like I can send you a Bloomin Onion, whaddya say? G'day mate
  9. Hey now, don't get all judgemental on us Americans, it's not like we appropriated and bastardized some ancient pagan rite of harvest simply for profit
  10. Hoy shit man, does Obamacare cover that
  11. Well, god forbid those Texans get their panties in a whirl, they may threaten to secede or something. I figure anyone who gets upset by song lyrics (unless they are blatantly racist or misogynistic) is an idiot and a douche. People need to get over themselves. I like Hot Dog, I think it is an awesome song. Before I became a vegan I loved hot dogs too!
  12. The fact is this is Jimmy's site, he can do whatever the hell he wants. If he wants to put up shaved spider monkeys with a Devo soundtrack that is his prerogative. Please pardon me but I really don't get it, I guess I believe way too much in artistic license and personal freedom but Jimmy owes us NOTHING!!!! I don't know about anyone else but if I were a world famous musician I can guarantee I would shut my website down after one fucking day. Once I realized no matter what I did would be good enough that would be it, game over. So sorry to disappoint the fans but hey, it's my life and if
  13. Oh c'mon people, lighten up. It's Jimmy's site and he can do with it as he pleases. Heaven forbid he shows a sense of humor, otherwise the masses may get upset this "genius musician" is not taking his career seriously. Give me a break! D'oh!!!!!
  14. Oh I understand, I am a musician myself, I just can't see the minor mistake in D&C being considered a "train wreck." A bit much on the hyperbole IMO.
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