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  1. 1966 Corvette convertible in silver and whatever the hell Racer X drove in Speed Racer!
  2. First, the Black Dahlia, that is some creepy shit right there. Second, Hitler & Eva Braun. I don't think they died as they claim, the bodies were never really found, the charred remains were unidentifiable. There was a book written recently that put forth a very plausible explanation: Hitler & Braun escaped Berlin via the last flight out on April 21st. The flew to Spain seeking asylum however Franco, nervous that 500,000 allied troops were on his doorstep had both immediately killed, cremated, and disposed of at sea. If that is true that would be some serious irony right there
  3. I actually started watching it a few months ago on Netflix, me and the wife were "addicted" immediately! We went through the whole show, all five seasons in two months and caught up right when the last three episodes were airing. I have to admit, I watched it a couple of times when it first came out but my self-righteous indignation made me hate the concept of this show from the get go. I could not fathom watching a show with such a fucked up premise. However, several years passed, I pulled the stick out of my ass, and found I enjoyed the show for the journey. Watching WW & Jessie go t
  4. ^ God Damn Strider, you just made me piss myself with that last sentence and graphic!!!
  5. We are not mocking you, some of us just think you are going a bit over the top is all. Hey, if if the show has made a positive impact on your life and you think it is the greatest show of all time, good for you, who am I to argue. It's all good my friend, no offense. Now go home and get your fuckin' shine box!!! (That was a joke, and a reference to another iconic piece of media).
  6. Great place to see a show, I was there and thought his performance stellar. Had a very good time and the weather was perfect.
  7. ^ Well Strider, looks like he officially jumped the shark.
  8. Yep, that looks like shit! Either cut it or throw some product in it to de-fuzz that shit. He looks like a parody at this point.
  9. Hey Kingzoso, you are right, I was joking yet you even took my failed attempt at humor to heart. I was just making a funny, I know Miami Vice was a cheesy show that was the whole point! Jesus Christ, Breaking Bad is an awesome show, cures cancer, will bring about world peace, and if men watch it, it makes their junk grow too! Happy now???
  10. Personally as a huge fan of Parliament / Funkadelic, I would love for Obama to grow some dreads and officially change the name of DC to Chocolate City! Hear me now CC!!! Bur seriously, it all depends on the guy, young or old it does not matter, what matters is if they can pull it off. However no one, and I mean NO ONE can pull off the horse shoe and ponytail look, that shit just screams white slaver or dude who sets up hidden camera in step-daugters bathroom. Damn nasty. This must be taken on a case by case basis, no rules per se, just perceptions. Personally I will probably never
  11. What!!! More powerful than the Miami Vice episode with Ted Nugent???? C'mon now.
  12. Jesse was my favorite character, I really thought they were going to kill him off and what Jack's ass-posse did to him over the course of those last three episodes was inhuman. Killing his girlfriend right in front of him, you could see he was in a hell beyond explanation. If he ever stars in a motion picture with a good script, homeboy gonna walk away with an Oscar.
  13. Yes, I agree. I think Kingzoso is going a bit overboard on the love for Breaking Bad. It is a good show, one of the best indeed but not the best, in the top 10. Comparing WW to JP is silly because it is apples to blue meth! WW character was great but he was also a piece of shit who contributed nothing, he himself was a cancer and ultimately consumed all around him. Fuck WW! Rest in pieces...BITCH!!!! Great show though.
  14. Maybe a sense of humor is the highest form of intelligence thus most races have evolved to a permanent state of Monty Python. That would sure explain a lot.
  15. Hell yeah, just listen to the bow section from HTWWW Dazed and Confused. When he brings his voice down into a baritone range to counter Page's low E bowing it sends chills down the old spine. I really wish Robert would have utilized his lower range more as it sounds so intense!
  16. An astronomy class means nothing, we would be considered stone age compared to a civilization which say evolved only a 1,000 years before us. We can only work with what we know, sure traveling at the speed of light or beyond is "technically" impossible but it is already shown through theory that viable work arounds such as the Alcubierre Drive (better known as Warp Drive) which is currently being tested in theoretical models. I this propulsion system, the vehicle does not need to move faster than light, it actually does not move at all, instead it distorts time-space and thus remains stationar
  17. I believe Page said the full Osaka show was filmed. Where is that???
  18. It's generational like it always is. When I played my Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath, etc in the 70's my parents hated it. When my parents played Bill Haley, Elvis, and Chuck Berry my grand parents hated it. Sure, I am no big fan of most rap however some is pretty relevant (Public Enemy & NWA), some is god damned funny (2 Live Crew, Too Short, Afro-Man), and some is straight out good (Notorious BIG, Digital Underground). I try not to judge since taste is subjective after all. The only stuff I have no use for is the mean, hateful shit and the stuff which is nothing but samples and bad rhy
  19. ^ I am going to see this movie on Friday night, really looking forward to it. On an aside I thought if they ever were to have done a proper bio of Zeppelin, Gandolfini would have made a great Peter Grant! Now that he is sadly gone, maybe Robbie Coltrane???
  20. Damn straight! It is all about tone and feeling to me! Forget those 1,000 note a minute solos, to me that is shit (JMO, no offense), give me raw emotion and killer tone any day. Neil Young's solo in Cinnamon Girl is a good example. I have a guitarist buddy who worships Young and believes he is one of the best guitarists out there because he is so raw. He told me, "give me that one string, three note solo any time over anything Satriani or Vai has done." He is right, I feel that solo simple as it is, the techo dudes I feel nothing.
  21. I know, I just don't understand how people can do this. Me and the wife are both professionals, I am a psychologist and she a clinical & marketing liaison in the health care industry. We are in the top 5% economically yet we both have a very high sense of morality and responsibility. Credit cards are only for emergency's and racking up frequent flyer miles (we pay off every month). Yet even with our income we cannot just go out and buy whatever we want. Today for example I stopped in my local Guitar Center during lunch and I found a Les Paul Studio in wine red I just had to have. I could h
  22. Yes things are more expensive and yes the economy is in a slump, however the masses don't seems to be much affected. Went to the mall the other day and it was packed, long line, people spending like crazy. Same thing at restaurants, busy as hell. Either the economy is not that bad or people are living on credit and filing bankruptcy when the time comes. I think it is the latter because most Americans these days feel entitled in general and responsibility is a notion from the past not very prevalent these days. I think the root of this problem are the horrible trade agreements we have made,
  23. ^ "More Mary, less blood" - Nucky Thompson
  24. A few things changed the scene and it was a gradual change at first. The Zeppelin riot at Tampa in 77', the Who stampede in Cincinnati which killed 11 people, and a few other disasters in the early 80's put an end to general admission at most large venue concerts. Then the REAL, very sudden change came in 94' with the fucking Eagles! The FUCKING EAGLES MAN!!! They proved people were stupid enough to pay $100+ for concert tickets (me included) en masse. Before this show you could have seen a reformed Beatles with Julian Lennon (assuming they would have done this of course) for $25. But seriousl
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