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  1. Saw him in 89' and 90' in Chicago. 89' was at a small venue if you can believe that, not sure which one but I think it was Rosemonte Horizon. Amazing, awesome show. When I saw him at Soldier Field the following year...meh, nothing to brag about. Except for Fool on the Hill and a few of his new songs at the time the rest of the concert was forgettable, almost rote. Not sure why, maybe he was simply tired, they guy had been touring for a year and this was the last show I believe. I really felt lucky to see him in 89', I think this was the first time he toured since 76' and like I said, he wa
  2. I really like Terry Reid though I kind of view him in the same vein as Roy Harper. I think he preferred it small and intimate, don't think he courted fame nor really wanted it. Though had he taken Page up on the offer I believe without Bonham and the Plant dynamic the band would have been good but probably remained somewhat underground. Maybe two or three albums and that's it, a minor blip on Rock music's radar. That is not an insult to Mr. Reid mind you, it's just that a perfect storm is just that, all element must be perfect and in the right place, move something around just a bit and...POOF
  3. So true, they could have used WLL for the new Trojan condom & lube commercials!
  4. ^ Sorry man, did not mean to get the vapors over this, mea culpa over my over-reaction. You are right, they did have a big impact on the rock scene of the 60's and if you get an Angel by themselves or maybe two in a congenial setting they are average, normal guys who are usually pretty nice and chill. I really look upon most Angels like I would wolves, alone they are fine, no problem, but get them in a pack and look out! The whole Altamont deal, do you or anyone know the backstory to this? Why did they use the Angels for security? Who's idea was it? Did the insurance company sign off on th
  5. I agree, this is the most likely explanation. However the mob angle makes a pretty compelling argument as well. I remember watching Goodfellas for the first time, when the whole story line about the Lufthansa heist was explained I thought, this could very easily have been the same scenario for the Drake robbery. It was the same time period, those same mobsters were working that exact same area where the Drake was, and just like Lufthansa an inside guy could have been used. Either situation is a strong possibility, however for the later to have happened the inside guy would have only had a
  6. No kidding, as crazy as my experiences were I was still a man and could defend myself. Women bartenders always take much more shit and have to worry about the creepers both during, and end of shift. I have always been respectful of bartenders and never hassled them, if they come to me for conversation that is one thing, but I know they have a job to do so I never engage outside of please and thank you. I must admit, I love a good, old fashioned, classy upscale hotel bar the best. The Palmer House in downtown Chicago is my all time favorite, however Durant's in downtown Phoenix, Huber's in
  7. This should have been their permanent last encore for every show, just perfect. Imagine, 75' with Communication Breakdown segue into The Ocean; 77' with Hots on for Nowhere segue into The Ocean; finally, 79' & 80' with Hot Dog or Wearing & Tearing Segue into The Ocean. No matter how you slice it, the crowd goes home amped up with a smile on their faces!!!
  8. What d I think of that? Well, I hope you had better luck than I, that is what I think! In Chicago all the choice bartending jobs back i the late 80's went to the sexy ladies, or in the case of high end restaurants, older and very experienced ladies and gentlemen. So, I wound up at the Galaxy Bowling alley on Theodore St in Joliet, two miles down the road from Statesville Prison. The bar was a slaughterhouse. I actually came in to apply for a bouncers job however they took one look at my 5'11" 185 lbs frame and said no way (the smallest bouncer was 6'2" and 250 lbs). They did however offer me a
  9. That's right, because before the Jeff Beck Group came around no one ever thought of the idea of a four-piece band. Even IF JBG somehow did not manage to implode due to the overtly temperamental nature of Jeff, they were in fact a one-trick pony so to speak and would have faded away. Jeff would never have allowed another band member to take the spotlight like Jimmy did with the other members (on occasion that is), and though Jeff is a brilliant guitarist, both in their prime were equal IMO. Rod is just pissed because Plant remained relevant while he moved to singing tunes from the 30's
  10. ^ Nice, pregnant woman with a gun. Looks like they are training people to become mindless killing automatons akin to the Khmer Rouge. Fucking mental!!!
  11. I like Bourbon and Absinthe myself, Basil Hayden and Booker's are my favorite Bourbons. Used to be a bartender in my college days and I still love me a Mint Julep more than any other drink, though a well made Sazerac is might fine. Must use Rye for the Sezerac though, and the Absinthe is only to coat the glass. Anyway, for those southerners out there (hello TypeO) and other Bourbon lovers, here is my secret recipe for the perfect Mint Julep: One tumbler glass (short fat glass), two tablespoons of soda water and two teaspoons of natural, raw sugar. Take fresh mint leaves (about twelve)
  12. What the hell does that have to do with anything? I would not have told Al Capone he was a piece of shit because he was a fucking sociopath, that's called common sense. I guess I am the big pussy because I do not rape and pass around women and then kill the and dump them in the desert. I guess I am not a tough guy because I don't deal meth to 12 year olds. I guess I am a coward because I don't have a few hundred sociopathic shitheads backing me up during a drug deal. Living in Phx off and on since 83' I have come into contact with several members of the Cave Creek chapter including Barger
  13. I think the bigger conspiracy is the conspiracy of utter stupidity regarding gun control. Why is it a guy with a well documented history of gun violence and mental illness is allowed to buy a gun??? God forbid any type of rational control is placed on the second amendment, after all we need these guns to seize control of the government should it overstep it's powers, who cares if thousands die each year as a result. WE WANT OUR GUNS!!! WE NEED OUR GUNS!!! I just think the one bit of irony is that the rest of the world looks at America as a fucking joke because of our obsession with guns to the
  14. Jimmy is referring to the proliferation of using the first three to five rows of a venue for VIP's and the uber wealthy only. Back in the day ALL seats went on sale, first come first served whether that was camping overnight in line at the Ticketron to score those precious first row seats, or waiting in line at the venue to score first row seats at a general admission show. It was much more democratic up until the early 90's, then the scene changed to what we have today. Virtually impossible to score those tickets unless you know someone, have mega cash, a celebrity, or the leader of a sma
  15. Yes, spot on observation there. I wish George would be more challenging, however the flip-side being Art Bell who if he agrees with a guest gives them free reign and will slam callers who disagree, or if he disagrees with the guest comes off as a bored, uninterested asshole who would rather be banging his twenty something wife. Nothing wrong with the banging a twenty year old wife, hell I hope I am so lucky at 68!
  16. I think "rock" music was truly defined and invented so to speak by Hendrix & Cream. Guitar based, driven by a heavy rhythm section balancing out the music overall. That would be my definition. Time signatures have nothing to do with it IMO. Hendrix & Cream laid the ground work but Zeppelin perfected it and made it multi-dimensional. Most of the contemporary stuff is shit because it has no passion, it's way too produced and manufactured sounding. The late 60's and the whole of the 70's was music's golden age, the best rock, rock & roll, country, dance, funk, fusion, all arou
  17. ^ WTF??? The Hells Angels are nothing but low life pieces of shit, meth dealing scumbags. What in great Ceasar's ghost does that shit have to do with Rock music???
  18. I remember many of the shows with Martin and he claimed he was both stalked by demons and told by them that they were coming for his soul for what he had done. Don't think I believed that at all. Though I respected the man it seemed he was buying into his own hype in the last years of his life, plus his stroke in 98' probably led to a few questionable quotes. Martin did have one hell of a life though, believe him or not he was truly a very remarkable man, highly educated and worldly beyond what most can imagine.
  19. ^ I much prefer George Noory to Art Bell. Always thought Bell was a bit of an asshole really, comes across arrogant and antagonistic whereas Noory is just a nice guy.
  20. Fuck that, let them take up a collection. How about Jimmy, JPJ, and Robert each give up a few million to the Bonham Estate? Like any of them would miss it, and if the Bonham Estate needs mo money they can get it like everyone else out there...work for it! Regarding Brian May's comment, fuck him too, just another money hungry asshole as far as I am concerned. I love his music and I think he is one of the greatest guitar players, still, with his money is everything Gene Simmons policy I have little respect for him. He also really needs to get rid of that silly grey - white afro he has. The d
  21. Bob Geldof is a evil little imp with the backing of satan himself. How the hell else can anyone explain this dopes life? Starts in a shitty band making shitty music (kinda difficult being the late 70's early 80's music scene), somehow becomes incredibly wealthy and powerful and is deemed the spokesperson for music in the 80's, then does all that drama with Michael Hutchens and family all the wile being some sort of untouchable puppet master. WTF??? If that does not make one worthy of the title Spawn of Satan, what the hell does? This asshole could shoot Dakota Fanning in the face and de
  22. Jennifer O'Neill??? Was she not the actress in The Graduate, Stepford Wives, and other movies??? Man, money must be tight to have to lower oneself to the level of licking Lady Gaga's asshole just to have three hots and a cot. I really liked her in Love Story...oh wait, that was Ali McGraw.
  23. With Queen allowing Target or who the fuck ever to use recorder versions of their songs in back to school ads, and now Zeppelin with THIS!!! I really just don't care anymore. Maybe it's the hippie idealist in me which refuses to believe selling out "to the man" is in any way good. It's one thing if the artist was a one hit wonder or a pop star, makes sense on many levels, but when uber-rich rock icons pull this shit it makes me shake my head and think, why? Don't like this at all, did not like the RnR use for Cadillac either. It's one thing to use the music in a movie, I agree with that as
  24. You have just described 90% of all teenagers in America, does not make him any less a victim. Don't know about you but I had plenty of friends in HS who fit that description to a tee and I was not far behind. At 13 I was busted for theft and then me and the same friend got busted just three months later for "other offenses." I had a much worse criminal history at 13 than Trayvon did at 17 and I dare say at 13, the group I was hanging around with would have taken apart a Trayvon Martin and friends with little to no effort, not bragging, ashamed actually. The point I am trying to make is if my l
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