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  1. Hi Steve :-) Originally the show was scheduled for Veterans Memorial Colossium in Phoenix but as you said, was moved to ASU Activity Center in Tempe (same place he played with Zeppelin in 77') due to lack of ticket sales. It is a shame the band lost out on the revenue but it was the fans gain in seeing them in a smaller venue. Desert Sky Pavilion did not open until 89' I believe and is now called Cricket Pavilion (corporate lackeys).
  2. I woulld be greatful to see any pictures from the ASU Activity Center, the venue that I saw The Firm. That was a great show, Jimmy rocked the house!!! Though I was a wee bit dissapointed the double neck was not pulled out for Radioactive. I believe there were techincal difficulties. That was a wacky audience too. I believe just about everyone was seriously wasted and tripping the light fantastic. I was asked at least ten times if I wanted to get blazed, too bad I was still a good boy at the time. I was a late bloomer.
  3. Sixes and Sevens I believe was performed at the Phoenix show in 85' as I was there, but not 100% sure. That 85' show was great, how Robert negotiated that insane stage was worth the price of the ticket alone. When the set broke for 15 minutes and then the band came back doing the Honeydripper numbers I was blown away. Robert in ducktail do and leather, the backup singers in poodle skirts...crazy daddyo, caaaraazy...
  4. Page doing the Jeff Beck thing would be incredible, his music does not necessarily need a voice, that is what his guitar is for. I saw Page in The Firm, Outrider, and Page/Plant post-Zeppelin and I enjoyed his playing in all these avenues. Whatever he eventually decides to do I am positive it will be quite brilliant and I will be as thrilled as Courtney Love scoring some Horse from Paris Hilton.
  5. I was at the Easter Sunday show at the Chicago Stadium, down front for most of the show. This was my second concert and long before I began experimenting with recreational substances :-) I did not even drink at this time so I have a very clear, crystal clear in fact recollection of the show. My older cousin Tom was a huge fan and went to every show in Chicago since 1972, I was thunder struck when he asked little old me to go with. BTW I was only 9 years old and my first concert was Tanya Tucker. I had been a huge fan of the band myself since age seven when my older brother began to jam the Zep
  6. Hello Everyone, New to the board but have been viewing since the site began way back when. I think it all comes down to whether Mr. Plant feels creatively inspired. The rest seem on board but it appears Robert may feel constrained if the musical direction is too "Zeppelin" so to speak. Creatively he has moved on down the road and probably enjoys the freedom of solo work. Jones has also moved on however his projects have a very Zeppelin type feel in many respects. Page though is Zeppelin, it was his concept and he was the driving force behind the band until 1977 when, um, circumstances seeme
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