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  1. Oh no, I agree, Zeppelin were at fault for some of that shit no doubt, however they never tried to sue Willie Dixon or Jake holmes. Also, why is Zeppelin always the scape goat but the Beatles, Stones, Faces, and now Robin Thicke absolved from their thievery? Double standard???
  2. It is such a shame they dubbed Darth Vaders voice with James Earl Jones. Prowse's voice would have been awesome!!! Think about it: "Cherieoo Obi Wan, how bout we slog off to the pub and talk about it over a pint? Waddya say mate? No? Well bullocks! You wanna act the tosser you nancy geezer than sod off!" That would have been priceless!
  3. That makes no sense whatsoever. The President is not weighing in because this is a simple criminal matter which was handled properly. The Martin-Zimmerman case was anything but and, if the judge had not instructed the jury to consider the stand your ground defense (judicial misconduct since this was not used as the defense) Zimmerman would have been convicted of manslaughter according to the jury member themselves. That was a gross miscarriage of justice, this is business as usual.
  4. I went to a Bone Thugs N Harmony gig back in the day (don't ask, long story) and this paraplegic girl sitting next to me whipped out a "potato bong" with a prodigious hooter hanging out one end and a hole in the other. She lit that thing up and the smell was unlike anything I ever smelt, a combination of rotting human flesh and shit. She looked over to me, passed it my way and asked if I wanted a hit. I got outta there fast, that girl was nuts! Than, everyone on stage lit up serious cigar sized hooters and smoked that shit all while leading the audience in a chorus of, "fuck tha police, lets s
  5. Big, big difference between the dualistic good vs. evil theology of the middle eastern religions and the all encompassing, good and evil are simply constructs of the eastern religions. The force was neither good nor bad, it became whatever the person was who was tapping into it. The same is in Buddhism, you make exactly what you wish to make, you want to be good than be good, want to be evil than be evil, but there is no god and devil, there is simply the godhead and there is truth. Christianity and other similar philosophies believe in a continuous struggle between a good force (god), and an
  6. I understand we all go through hero worship, its part of the process, however I did not start to really grow as a guitarist until I decided to find my own voice, my own sound. I remember for years I just HAD to get me a Les Paul Standard, a Marshall amp & an Orange head. Well, that shit cost some serious cash I did not have at the time(s) and eventually I met my guitar mentor who told me exactly what I said above, best advice I ever got. I completely changed my style actually, stopped using a pick and adopted a finger style similar to Jeff Beck (did not find out until later that Jeff did t
  7. Why? That makes absolutely no sense especially since Lucas based "The Force" on Buddhist teachings, nothing christian about it at all, if anything it is anti-christian.
  8. If I were Robert I would want that film too!!! What was he thinking? Anyway, happy birthday Robert, hopefully at 65 you are making better sportswear decisions
  9. That's the one I have as well, got mine from Amazon and I love it, very professional...might as well be an official release.
  10. YES! That would explain Jimmy's storm trooper outfit in 77'. Mystery solved
  11. The Vril Society was most likely bullshit and never existed, however there was the Thule Society which did exist. The Thule had an inner circle which was controlled by a Maria Orsitsch who was a supposed powerful medium. This inner circle is where the Vril bullshit comes in. Hitler was never a member of Thule or any other esoteric cult and actually thought Himmler was a bit nuts, however he did use its philosophy to control the SS and Himmler. Interesting side note, Maria Orsitsch mysteriously disappeared after the war, never to be seen again...Hmmmm....
  12. ^ Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law, love is the law, love under will. Nice quote and I do believe it, however Crowley was no true visionary as much as he was a compiler of existing religious philosophies much like Madame Blavatsky. Either way, Cefalu is a shit hole and any "workings" Crawley did there failed and resulted in the death of an acolyte. I doubt there are spirits there, though probably a case of bad mojo. I am sure Jimmy has moved on from such petty attachments of youth (like he did with Boleskine) and understands truth cannot be found from a place or a grim
  13. That's nice, he is still a piece of shit. Not because he nicked a Marvin Gaye song, changed the lyrics and called it his own, hey everyone does that. My issue is the jerk off has the BALLS to sue the Gaye estate. That would be akin to me breaking into your home, stealing your jewelry, and then suing YOU because I stole your jewelry. Robin Thicke is a no talent piece of shit just like his father.
  14. Well, of course not, I was just curious what everyone thought about the balls on this motherfucker!
  15. In the news Robin Thicke has pulled a pre-emptive litigation against both the Marvin Gaye & Funkadelic Estates regarding his hit Blurred Lines. Thicke got the news both camps were considering suing Thicke for copyright infringement due the similarities between Blurred Lines and Marvin Gaye's Got to Give it Up. Funkadelic also is looking for a piece regarding their song Sexy Ways. I heard all three songs side by side and this is my opinion: Blurred Lines lifted the rhythm and arrangement of Got to Give it Up almost completely. The lyrical delivery is similar to Sexy Ways but that's abou
  16. Me and a 1975 Robert Plant! Oh wait, that was a dream...never mind...
  17. Hear, hear!!! Ain't that the truth!!! BTW, he singled out the largest contibutor. I don't think it would have had the same impact if he would have used the local Filiberto's as his example.
  18. I checked those out on YouTube and nowhere did Page screw it up in any performance that I could tell. As Matjaz1 said above, I only noticed where the band and the orchestra were "off" a couple of times and I don't really consider those screw ups but some have higher standards I guess. To me it's rock and roll, if someone wants perfection listen to classical where every note is perfect and always sounds boringly exactly the same. I told my daughter the other day when she asked me the difference between classical and rock: Rock is so popular because of it's simplicity and looseness, it has b
  19. I thought they also did this at a show in 98' as well...could be wrong though???
  20. Yes, genetics, that is why someone like me who exercises, runs, hikes, and eats right still has to drink 1 oz of apple cider vinegar and a glass of psyllium husk every day just to keep my cholesterol at 190 - 200. My mom has been overweight her whole life and currently weighs 215 at 5'10" and 71 years old, eats whatever she wants (does not overindulge) yet does not have high blood pressure and her cholesterol is always 150. Go figure???
  21. True, but I have to admit I get a little pissed when I see the majority of the people in these scooters are morbidly obese and under 70. I actually am surprised at the power these scooters must have to be able to cart these behemoths around, and to make things worst many of these scooter riders will run you down if you don't move out of their way ASAP.
  22. Actually, the accessibility to sugar for the wealthy has only been about five hundred years since sugar was indigenous to China and New Guinea. Up until the Europeans made it to the Canary Islands the sugar coming from China cost a huge fortune, and since honey was easily accessible and used since forever they stuck with that until the 16th century. Even after that honey was still the preferred sweetener for baking. For three hundred years sugar was still considered a luxury for 99% of the world and really did not become popular until the late 19th century. Even with that our modern refin
  23. If that was indeed the logic (about the 98' tour at least) it is a shame. Sure, the album was disappointing I must admit but even before it came out I kinda knew it would be, they just had too much of a shadow to overcome and the overall production sure did not help. The tour itself though was a separate animal, so what if the album was not awesome, the tour sold out and the shows were amazing. For once I wish they would have taken a page from the Gene Simmons Playbook...whatever it is, sell it, the money is there. Not that I believe in that approach but if it gives us access to this mater
  24. I wonder why nothing has been officially released? I much preferred the 98' tour to the 95' simply because I thought Jimmy was performing at what I would call his second peak. I could not believe the shit he did on that tour, completely blew me away. His Tea for One was fantastic!
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