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  1. When was the last time you were in Europe? Most cities there put the best of American cities to shame! You know why? Standard of living for one. You go to any major city in Norther Europe especially (Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway) plus Paris and our cities (American) are poor cousins at best with the exception of New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. Now I am talking standard of living, nothing else. As for architecture, shit, Florence, Vienna, Prague, and Barcelona will put ANY city to shame! Paris, Bruges, and Amsterdam also make honorable mention. Not slamming my co
  2. I betcha old Robert gave Marie every inch of his love on an occasion or two.
  3. Sickert was in Paris during most of the Ripper murders, though he was a super-freak. I always liked the theory linking the infamous HH Holmes to the murders. Holmes was in London at the time and the killings stopped as soon as he left. If anyone is curious read up on Mr. Holmes, America's first publicized serial killer. His Death Hotel in Chicago was something straight out of Hellraiser and was burned to the ground shortly after his arrest. He is also very likely the most prolific serial killer the world has ever known. A very twisted, sick man.
  4. Kimchee will turn one into a Nazi every time...an ass Nazi that is. The super hot variety is quite unpleasant, um, post-digestion.
  5. That's it, you have solved the mystery!!! He had a spoiled groupie! You consume one of those past the expiration date and you will WISH you had a bad piece of pork! That is what I call a BAD clam!!!
  6. Hitler had both testicles according to both of his doctors. That whole one testicle thing came about as dis-information during WWII, both sides were using psy-ops back then but without a doubt, the OSS was master at psy-ops. On the other hand, Hitler did have sexual proclivities. He liked to be shat on for one thing, had a serious foot fetish, and was a sado-masochist as a bonus. His niece and lover, Geli Raubal, wrote extensive diaries which explain Hitler's sexual preferences in detail. It turns out Hitler was such a sex-machine and amazing lover, Geli killed herself. You have to be one sick
  7. From the pictures of that night shown in Neal Preston's book Sound & Fury I would conclude he was "dusted," that is to say, Angel Dust. Some asshole probably mixed it with the coke. The real irony is though until the sickness kicked in during Ten Years Gone, apart from the Sick Again segue he played amazingly brilliant, almost possessed according to a friend of mine that attended this show.
  8. He converted to Druidism back around 1992 and sacrificed his first virgin sometime in 1997. Since then, while not on tour or in the studio, he can often be seen wandering the marshes in a gray robe uttering magical spells from the movie Excalibur with a picture of Helen Mirren taped to his forehead.
  9. Strider, your stories and recollections are as always, vivid as a Robert Frost poem. Your words create the world around you which draw us all in, like ghosts in a dreamscape. I tell you man, you have a calling and that calling is writing. I don't know how many times I have to say it but...YOU NEED TO DO THIS FOR A LIVING!!! Thank you once again Strider for bringing your experiences to life, for us dregs to live vicariously if even for a brief moment in time. Now MORE Zeppelin stories!!!
  10. There is a very plausible and highly researched theory that both Hitler and Eva Braun survived the bunker and were spirited out of Berlin on April 19th. According to the claim the two flew out of Berlin on quite literally the last flight out leaving a doppelganger Hitler and Braun behind while the real couple escaped to Spain and into the arms of Franco. Unfortunately for the gruesome twosome, Franco was scared shitless with the Allied forces on his doorstep, that they should discover the truth and invade Spain in response. So, Franco had them both executed and the bodies cremated. Who kno
  11. So, you're not a 14 year old fangirl?
  12. Hey, sign me up for that channel, I bet it's one hell of a trip.
  13. Not to me, the solo is timeless. Regarding the Bouree section, why Page inserted that in the solo is beyond me, I love Bouree but not in Heartbreaker as it makes no sense in the overall context.
  14. Pew is bought and paid for by whoever has commissioned the study and will fix the results as they desire. I do not hold any type of polling as accurate since none are requited to follow the scientific method for statistical reporting (nor can they to be honest). None of these "polls" are falsifiable therefore are complete bullshit. Regarding Hannity and friends, of course I know that is strictly entertainment. However even the "news" portion is completely full of shit and never report on any negative news which is generated by the right, they simply ignore it. Yeah, that is really unbiased
  15. Hey, check out my fancy chart which clearly shows that TypeO's fancy chart is pure, unadulterated bullshit: Oh fuck, I can't figure out how to import pic's!!! Too bad because that chart was bitchin! Anyway, what I am trying to say is those charts are always skewed toward whoever made them and anyone with eyes and ears knows that chart showing Fox News as 45% factual reporting is complete bullshit. Of course MSNBC is biased, but if you truly believe Fox reporting is anywhere near 45% factual you live in another dimension. Shit, Fox News makes MSNBC look credible by comparis
  16. You completely miss the obvious conclusion: Aliens like a good steak just like everyone else and are willing to travel light years for some bad ass Kobe beef. And...They are REALLY into anal!
  17. ^ Well Lambeau, regardless of what you find appropriate, Robert is not going to do a Zep 2.0 so that is that.
  18. ^ Yeah, but has Page ever performed in ass-less pants?
  19. Thank god and I hope Plant sticks to his integrity until his last breath. O2 was the swansong of Zeppelin, going out on top with a great show, not saying they could not do that on a full on tour, they could and most likely get better as they went. My issue is kinda the same as Plant's, integrity. To me it is just sad to see these old farts like Jagger & Richards trying to relive the 70's, it a fucking joke and a bad one at that. Further, without new music it is rehashing a bygone era and that is the job of cover bands like Lez Zeppelin and the like. If you don't move forward in life it ain
  20. Love Sammy. Kid Rock & Toby Keith...not so much, well actually, not at all.
  21. Nothing to do with physics since the speed of light does not need to be broken. In Warp Drive (Alcubierre drive engine) is not only theoretically feasable but is in the developmental stages right now. Folding space and wormholes are also viable alternatives. No need to break the laws of physics when one can circumnavigate them with ease, especially with a good 500 year or greater technological edge on us.
  22. Not sure but Katie4Pagey sounds like an overwrought 14 year old "fangirl" who's knickers are in a twist over a non-issue.
  23. Yep, Al Sharpton should be in jail, not TV. That dude is such a worm!
  24. Exactly, both are biased but they are also very different. MSNBC may be biased but they are not mean spirited, Fox on the other hand is both biased and mean spirited. You turn on MSNBC in a room of liberals and it will foster discussion, left leaning discussion but still discussion. You turn on Fox News in a room full of conservatives and you think someone just put on the Battle Hymn of the Republic as George S Patton is leading the troops to Bastogne! Those folk get worked up! TypeO: Not sure if you are aware but O'Reilly is not the man he claims to be, that show he does is a persona, sht
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