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  1. Hi there, I'm from Woubrugge in the Netherlands. I'm Marco ,46 years of age now, married with my lovely wife Karen, and we have 2 cats Juffie and Troela We collect 7" 45 rpm singles , and we own a 200 selection jukebox filled Led Zeppelin singles along with CCR, Pink Floyd and many more. My other hobby is American Cars, so i drive a Chevy Blazer from 1977 . I operate a wheel loader at my work. The company i work for produces compost from gardenwaiste from cities nearby. Greetings to all of you Marco
  2. my wife's birthday today

  3. Dazed and Confused i choose Stairway to Heaven as My last Stand
  4. Maybe it's from Brasil, because i bougt 2 picturediscs of Led Zep 3 and 4 in a recordshop in Bergen Norway last year. They said that all the picturediscs came from Brasil. Maybe the white vinyl version is also from Brasil or South America
  5. Right now i wear the Headley Grange Album 4 sessions 1970 tour shirt with the 4 symbols on the rightsleeve and Tour Crew on the back. It's one of my favourite shirts.
  6. I'm a Zephead because my e-mail = LZ@XXXXXX.nl I have every 45 of Led Zeppelin and i where Led Zeppelin T-shirts all day
  7. I have Stairway to Heaven on 45 rpm in my Jukebox

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