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  1. Yeah, I had been wondering whether it was from the early Zeppelin days or if it was a Yardbirds-era photo. Then my boyfriend said he got that guitar after LZ formed, and later, it got stolen (not sure what year). Also, in some versions of it, you can see that he has long hair. So I'm guessing it's from '69 - '71 or something like that. Anyway, it's my favorite picture of him. And it's a beautiful Les Paul.
  2. Never mind. I just found it.
  3. Aaagh! My hard drive died last week and I lost the pic of Jimmy that was my wallpaper. Now I can't find it anywhere. I got it from a slideshow that someone posted in this thread, but the slideshow has changed and doesn't include that pic anymore. It was this one but larger and without the text: I need to find it again because it was inspiring me to play guitar more and take my music more seriously. Does anyone have it or know where I might find it? --Kim
  4. Thank you for thinking of those of us who can't be there!
  5. I agree--who cares what his hair looks like? He's a great guitar player; it's not like he's just famous for his hair or something.
  6. I prefer for bands not to spend time talking when they could be rocking. But if they want to take a few breaks for some talking, I would listen attentively. That is if I was going to the show.
  7. You're right. I'm wrong. I think I got the White Stripes mixed up with another band like that. I should have just recommened ILCK as a similar band. Now I need to edit my previous post because I realize it's full of errors.
  8. Yeah, the Undertones are great, and I forgot to add them to my list. As for Radio Birdman, I recommend Radios Appear as the record to start with. If you end up liking Radio Birdman, you might want to listen to The Scientists as well. They're a similar Australian band from the same era. I actually like them better.
  9. I have to agree that Robert Johnson probably borrowed lyrics from Son House, Charlie Patton, Skip James, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and other contemporaries. I read a great book about this called Escaping the Delta (dense but informative). There's also a rumor that Willie Dixon stole a lot of his material. Most importantly, the majority of old blues songs are based on folk songs of various origins that predate blues or even the invention of the guitar! Perhaps Led Zeppelin was aware of all this and believed they were following a tradition of modifying older songs. The accusations could have something to do with the fact that they came from a different culture than that of their influences. If so, I believe this is unfair because blues music has roots in England as well as Africa and America.
  10. I always loved rock n roll, but my parents wouldn't let me listen to it. They tried to make me listen to jazz, classical, and show tunes instead. When I was 11, they finally gave in and gave me a radio for Christmas. I listened to all the hard rock and classic rock I could get away with. Led Zeppelin was an instant favorite. When I was 13, my parents finally allowed me to get a few CDs. I got Led Zeppelin I, and then III. I listened to those CDs all the time. I got other CDs too, but I sold them so I could secretly buy an electric guitar. Now I'm 28. I collect records and guitars. My whole life revolves around rock n roll and my parents still don't accept it.
  11. As a record collector, I will always love vinyl and prefer original pressings. Anyone can hear original pressings of Led Zeppelin records if they have a turntable and an eBay account. Because Led Zeppelin was a popular band at the time the records came out, many copies were pressed. That means that original pressings are easy to find and should not cost more than a new pressing (unless it is something rare or autographed). If you spend some time on eBay, you'll probably find some original pressings that are in excellent condition and are a lot cheaper than new records.
  12. It's a lot worse if it's not on his strumming hand. How could he not need all the fingers on his left hand to play?
  13. Sorry, Jonesy. I have to ask about you. Does anyone know if he's a member?
  14. I believe it was the Immortal Lee County Killers.
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