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  1. Mark, I love, and am always amazed at the moments you were able to catch. A very classic moment! This one is extremely poignant, today. My very best to you and yours.
  2. Chuck Klosterman is not just any "journalist/interviewer". In order to get answers to tough questions a skilled interviewer's approach is usually rather humble and unassuming, a person who puts his interviewee at ease, I can hardly see CK doing this with Jimmy Page. Over the years having read essays, books and articles written by Mr. Klosterman, he comes across as painting himself an "expert" on EVERYTHING from today's racism to 1970's Saturday morning cartoons. Don't get me wrong, he IS clever, but he is also that guy who thinks he is the smartest man in the room, no matter the room, or who else is in it. I can't imagine him not wanting to impress Mr. Page with copious amounts of his own knowledge of LZ history. Who knows what tone the unprinted conversation took, but when it comes to CK, I can only imagine.
  3. Sorry double post tried to edit above for clarity and punctuation and I can't. Hmmmm The documentary is very good, Mr. Toussaint has had an amazing musical journey and influenced so many artists! I have been privledged to see him perform several times and it is always a pleasure. When I was younger I didn't realize how much music is built on generation after generation. In the article above one of the film producers commented how Robert has an encyclopedic knowledge of New Orleans and all music history. This isn't the first time I have heard this about him. He also isn't the only member of LZ that others have said this about. JP, JPJ and JHB all are known as having great knowledge and studying a copious amount of the music of those legends living before them. Thank goodness the members of LZ were ALL good students and fans of all of the different sounds and of the musical geniuses which preceded them. I know this allowed them to create a very unique sound all of their own. (Couldn't edit my post above but clarified some of the relevance here. )
  4. http://www.nola.com/tv/index.ssf/2014/12/a_tribute_to_toussaint_celebra.html (Not sure where to put this, so Sam feel free to move if needed.) Robert was interviewed for a documentary on legendary New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint and the doc premiered tonight on our local PBS channel WLAE. Robert had quite a few sequences where he speaks of Toussaint and New Orleans music being a huge influence on him. The article linked above also shows how the filmmakers were huge LZ fans and were happy to interview him.
  5. Very, very nice, Strider. What thoughtful gifts! You are an absolute peach of a guy!
  6. I am a firm believer in the healing power of music! Wishing you all the best!
  7. Really? I don't think it is diminished skills at all! His fear in the French interview is from being surprised with an unknown guitar! It is obviously a surprise to him! Is it even in tune? No telling what was running through his head, I would have been aggravated to be put on the spot like that! Very few people and even one who is a master musician likes to put on the spot, it isn't fair. People are expecting brilliance in an ambush! I thought he was very gracious about it, in even giving them a few chords.
  8. I am so very sorry for you and your family's loss. Peace.
  9. Very sad news indeed, about Mr. Coleby. Cookie, I saw that you mentioned earlier that he burned the memoir his friend was writing. Do you think his story will ever come out?
  10. Ms. Deb, thanks so much for posting this, I know you and our other members here who attended had a blast! As to the interview: I thought the interview went incredibly well. Mr. Page was very relaxed, yet he just lights up when he talks about music and his career, he is sooooo passionate about his love of music! I really think Jeff Koons did a great job, he is obviously a die-hard fan with loads of respect and as a fellow artist I think there was a real connection in understanding the creative process, I know that added tremendously to the relaxed atmosphere. I loved the audience reaction to Jimmy's talking about his future plans. And if he is reading this particular forum... Yes, please Mr. Page!
  11. Hi Mark, I am so glad you and your wife got to go, sounds like a very good time, indeed! Thanks for the info...I was wondering how Letterman would do. Now I am looking forward to seeing the show, I was going to DVR it...but I think I will live dangerously (for an old fogy) and stay up!
  12. I absolutely LOVE the whole vibe of this video! The graphics of the Zeppelin construction overlapped with footage of the boys is pretty clever IMHO. And I did kind of notice, the video graphics have a real "Conneyfogle" feel to them! http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/topic/17723-led-zeppelin-radio-retro-ads-and-titles/ Conneyfogle, have you secretly been working for Mr. Page?
  13. Mr Page clearly states the purpose of this book in the introduction. I think the book adeptly fulfills his purpose. It shows how his whole life was immersed in music, I don't know how you perceive it as dishonest. It is a pretty unflinching look at his life in music.
  14. I absolutely LOVE this book. It is an amazing life our Mr. Page has led! When you see the vast amount of experiences laid out in chronological order it is simply stunning what he has accomplished in his 70 years. I came away with a great sense of how much Mr Page's music and musical legacy means to him, his life was/is chock full of creative energy. Also it is very apparent how much in control and determined he was/is with his own legacy. Also I was able to glean several new answers to questions I had, and now I have some NEW questions. ? I really do love this book. ..Lol
  15. Hi Ms. Deb, I know! It is a very good time to be a Zep, JP, RP, JPJ, JB lover!
  16. +10000000 times YES! That would be beyond fantastic...take us to school, Mr. Page!!!
  17. For those of who have dreamed of a "Classic Albums" documentary of anything Zep this is such a tease! Love it, love his insights, I could listen to Jimmy Page talking about his music all day!
  18. Strider, I agree. It stunk! JF can be extremely clever with his many guests, but I think the Page appearance was an extremely controlled situation of product promotion only. And although many people loved it, I thought Billy Joel's visit to JF was borderline bizarro world, with JF so over the top he overshadowed his guest (trying to out-sing Billy Joel is what it felt like to me, maybe it was just hero-worship run amok! ). So let's hope Robert's visit goes a happy medium between the extremes of JF.
  19. Ocean, The JPJ and DRM piece captures the artists unique nuance and the feel of their energy beautifully! I do sincerely love your work! It is very emotionally stimulating! Your "when the levee broke" captures a feel and his movement in a moment! I love it! Thanks for sharing!
  20. I have spent part of today listening to the Maureeny Wishful album on YouTube. Mr. Page's sitar playing is mesmerizing. From comments in another thread on the album I garner Jimmy produced the album as well. Very intriguing stuff! C'Mon Train the final track is my favorite track, there is a haunting train effect on it, anyone know how that sound is made? I would venture to say violin bow, or possibly hurdy gurdy...but may be totally wrong. Is there any way to know for sure what tracks or parts of the various tracks Jimmy plays guitar on? I am assuming there is not, because he and Big Jim S. both played on the album ...but thought I would ask.
  21. Hi TDL, Jimmy played mandolin on The Battle of Evermore. He wrote the song having never played mandolin before, after picking up JPJ's mandolin and then writing the song on the spot. He gave a taste of just the mandolin part in IMGL when he is sitting outside Headley Grange.
  22. Thank you for posting..these are simply fantastic photos! You can really see the joy Mr. Page has when he is playing...great shots of Mick, too!
  23. No, I think he comes by it quite naturally!
  24. I guess I should have been more clear, my surprise was at his candor when speaking about it.
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