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  1. I don't care much about the technical thing, I just know I'm still as enthralled by Jimmys playing on Led Zep 2 as I was when I first heard it as a 12 year old in 1969. The scope and feel of his playing is breathtaking, the off the wall in the zone solos that drip with passion and attitude are forever etched in my mind. He more than holds his own with the genius of Hendrix, Beck, Townshend, Clapton.. I also love players as varied as Neil Young and Jan Akkerman of Focus, I just love guitar full stop! I have to say I've seen Jeff Beck 4 times in the last 5 years, he is still pushing him
  2. Ah yes, see what you mean.As I understand it neither ever did get played live did they? (except for the intro to "The Rover")
  3. Age changes anyones voice.In these mature years Robert has adapted his superbly and as a vocalist he is still one of the greatest with stunning phrasing and timing, full of drama and emotion.He still takes risks and still shows any aspiring rock warbler how its done. I no more want Robert to copy his past Zep stuff note for note than I do Jimmy.So much of music since has been pure formula, Zeppelin responded to each other and dared to go wherever the music took them and when it's done in that spirit a bum note is always a brave note!
  4. Underrated in the sense that radio etc will always go for 'Stairway..' or 'Whole Lotta Love' or 'Black Dog' etc..? 'Tea for one' - the phantom companion piece to 'Since I've been Loving You' .. after the rampant flourish of the intro there is nothing but a bleakness matched only by Joy Division - and Page's solo is his "To be or not to be..", something way past mere notes/scales.. And to make it tea for two lol: 'The Rover' - lumbering, sloppy, stumbling - so loose it almost falls apart - but so many bands could bang away forevermore and never get that feel. I just wish it went on for
  5. Hi, I am a newbie to this forum but not to Zeppelin, I've spent the odd decade or three with the odd Les Paul copy or Les Paul really really trying to work out all the riffs lol. Nice to be here with you all.. but like so many others I am in profound super de-luxe ultra-anguish over not having a ticket for 10.12.07.. K x
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