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  1. I don't know how it works in Ukraine, but in other countries you don't actually need permission from the band. You just need to pay a licensing fee, which is done through a performing rights organization (such as ASCAP or BMI).
  2. It's from the soundtrack of the 2013 film "Winter In The Blood."
  3. The same Wanton Song rehearsals from Tribute To Johnny Kidd?
  4. My suggestion: just create a generic username and use it to create the wiki page. Wikipedia will have no idea who you are. As long as the article is properly sourced & cited, you should have no problems. HOWEVER, if the article is filled with lengthy subjective stuff, then it will get deleted. Doesn't matter if you or me or anyone does it; the Wikipedia Gods are going to crack down if you get too opinionated.
  5. The song is credited as a medley on HTWWW: half Zep original (written by Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham), half Willie Dixon cover. I wonder if that royalty arrangement is still in place?
  6. Why would you not include Coda, or any of the other studio recordings released after 1979? By my count there were 93 studio songs, not including alternate mixes.
  7. On the original, the vocals start at 0:38. On the remastered version, the vocals start at 0:50. Other than that, they are the same.
  8. That's Geoff Stephens. Prolific songwriter.
  9. It's a demo from Page's days at Immediate Records, 1965. Jimmy played guitar and produced it but he didn't sing on it. The same song was later recorded by a guy named Russ Loader.
  10. Bootleg companies intentionally misspelled things so that the major record labels would think they were homemade records and not professional fakes.
  11. It's a remake of a song that Rod recorded with a group called Python Lee Jackson in 1972:
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