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  1. I would think that this sort of thing would be dependent upon the uphosltering company -- some companies will use a stricter interpretation of copyright law than other companies. Find another company and see what they say. And don't tell them that the logos came from Led Zeppelin!!
  2. Putting "Beast" in the title is a bit too sensationalistic for my tastes.
  3. Pretty sure the SNL appearance was just Plant + Setzer + the SNL band + the Harlem Youth Choir. Maybe they went to a bar the night before to rehearse?
  4. Pretty sure the first line is "Had no lovin' since my baby get born" -- he's referring to the birth of his child. As for the other line, I think it's "I ain't had, Lord, my right mind, since my rider's been gone" (or possibly "I ain't been in my right mind").
  5. Kansas Joe wasn't credited because he'd been dead for 20 years and had no heirs. Memphis Minnie was still alive but living in a nursing home, so Zep's credit helped to pay for her care.
  6. Led Zeppelin did not publish official lyrics for most of their songs (including NFBM). Your best bet is to start with Blind Willie Johnson's version, then listen to live Zep versions. That should provide some clues about what Robert is actually singing.
  7. I guess it's fair to call it "extensive" but it's nowhere close to "everything".
  8. I don't know how it works in Ukraine, but in other countries you don't actually need permission from the band. You just need to pay a licensing fee, which is done through a performing rights organization (such as ASCAP or BMI).
  9. It's from the soundtrack of the 2013 film "Winter In The Blood."
  10. The same Wanton Song rehearsals from Tribute To Johnny Kidd?
  11. My suggestion: just create a generic username and use it to create the wiki page. Wikipedia will have no idea who you are. As long as the article is properly sourced & cited, you should have no problems. HOWEVER, if the article is filled with lengthy subjective stuff, then it will get deleted. Doesn't matter if you or me or anyone does it; the Wikipedia Gods are going to crack down if you get too opinionated.
  12. The song is credited as a medley on HTWWW: half Zep original (written by Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham), half Willie Dixon cover. I wonder if that royalty arrangement is still in place?
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