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    cars- I love the t.v. show Top Gear. I have a weird crush on James May. I would like to own a VW GTI but I am stuck driving a minvan. My dream car is the Bugatti Veyron. The first time I saw that car I thought "I would have sex in that!...If only it had a backseat."
    Of course, I have an interest in Led Zeppelin.
    I also like to travel, esp. London, Chicago and Los Angeles.
  1. LOVE this movie. It came out when I was 6 and it has stayed with me ever since. The first time I saw it I thought Darth Vader was called Dark Vader and I loved that he scared the crap out of me. Bobs Fett was not overrated just underplayed. He was a true badass villian.
  2. Very nice photo Ken. I have never seen that one. Thanks!
  3. Thanks guys!! We are having a delightful time here and Ally, I wish you all could be here. We were at our very dear friend's 40th birthday party that turned into a bar crawl through Boys Town. Lots of gin and dancing involved which put me in bed at 3:30 this morning. So why am I up already?!
  4. I have been to that Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods. Does anyone know if he was at the Stones concert last night?
  5. I had a great birthday yesterday, I treated myself to a new tattoo as a b-day present to myself and now my hubby and I are off to Chicago! Without kids!! Have a great weekend Zep friends!
  6. I have always wondered if the band had released singles, outside of the ones they released here in the U.S., would they have sold more or less albums or would that have an impact on album sales altogether?
  7. That looks like it was taken in NY in front of the Physical Graffiti building at the time of the Charlie Rose interview.
  8. What book Stairway? The photo of Robert and Jimmy at the Atlantic 40th reveals so much of how they felt about it each other right after Stairway was played.
  9. Thanks Planted. I find it rich that I am lectured to by an Englishman on the 4th of July. Henrybonzo, if you don't like me expressing national pride on a Fourth of July thread then don't come to this thread.
  10. No need for anyone on either side of the Atlantic to lecture each other. Happy 4th of July!! It is a day well spent with family and friends and to be thankful for democracy, no matter how ones feels about the current political situation.
  11. ^^^ I thought it was a miniseries as well. I will be watching it tonight too. I am on the fence though. Intriging plot but the acting is a bit on the cheesy side.
  12. Thanks Kev and Strider. I think we are going to see Monsters University and save Superman for this week. I am a bit under the weather so a silly kids movie might perk me up. And if I fall asleep I won't care too much.
  13. Has anyone seen the new Superman movie? I would like to go see a movie today to beat the heat and I will be taking my 12 year old son. Any suggestions?
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