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    cars- I love the t.v. show Top Gear. I have a weird crush on James May. I would like to own a VW GTI but I am stuck driving a minvan. My dream car is the Bugatti Veyron. The first time I saw that car I thought "I would have sex in that!...If only it had a backseat."
    Of course, I have an interest in Led Zeppelin.
    I also like to travel, esp. London, Chicago and Los Angeles.
  1. ^^^^ Gee, I wonder who gave you that idea Strider? ;-)) I know I haven't posted in an ice age but I just wanted to come online and wish all of my fellow countrymen a very Happy Thanksgiving. My your day be filled with blessings, peace of mind and reminders of all that you are thankful for.
  2. Being a multi-millionaire Lennon had to have a will because too much money was on the line. Just like it is smart to have a prenup; you never know when you will need to protect your assets and loved ones. Regarding Julian Lennon, he and his father grew close at the end of John's life. I truly believe he was trying to make up for lost time and realized the mistakes he made in life, including coming to terms with Beatlemania. Unfortunately it was too late for John and Julian's relationship. Who would ever thought he would be killed at such a young age.
  3. This is just my opinion but Yoko Ono, and abstract art in general, does nothing for me. Maybe I am on a lower intellectual plane than others but when I look at her artwork, I see very little, I feel very little and frankly, my kids pre-K artwork had more artistic merit than anything that I have seen from Yoko Ono. For me art is like porn, it is hard to define but you know it when you see it and with her, all I see is a blank canvas never to be filled with anything important or beautiful. And I also have a low tolerance for pretension and bullshit. And again that is my opinion as we are al
  4. The protest that took place here yesterday turned out to be peaceful and in fact the people of the neighborhood that the protesters choose to march through stood outside of their houses and took photos. Not much response from anyone since not many support Zimmermann and yet support the Stand Your Ground Law. We have a version here that allows a homeowner to shoot an intruder inside the home but as soon as the intruder steps foot outside of the house, the law does not apply.
  5. I have a lot of questions regarding this case. I don't understand why Zimmerman didn't stay on the line with 911 and let the police handle the situation. If he felt threatened why did he confront Martin? Racial profiling was defineltly a factor in Zimmerman's reaction to Martin. Did he not realize there were at least one black family living in the gated commumity? And why put himself in a situation that would result in his life being in danger? We will never know the full truth to this tragic event. IMHO both men, and I include Martin as such since he was 17 and big enough(at 6'2") t
  6. LOVE this movie. It came out when I was 6 and it has stayed with me ever since. The first time I saw it I thought Darth Vader was called Dark Vader and I loved that he scared the crap out of me. Bobs Fett was not overrated just underplayed. He was a true badass villian.
  7. Very nice photo Ken. I have never seen that one. Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys!! We are having a delightful time here and Ally, I wish you all could be here. We were at our very dear friend's 40th birthday party that turned into a bar crawl through Boys Town. Lots of gin and dancing involved which put me in bed at 3:30 this morning. So why am I up already?!
  9. I have been to that Whole Paycheck, I mean Whole Foods. Does anyone know if he was at the Stones concert last night?
  10. I had a great birthday yesterday, I treated myself to a new tattoo as a b-day present to myself and now my hubby and I are off to Chicago! Without kids!! Have a great weekend Zep friends!
  11. I have always wondered if the band had released singles, outside of the ones they released here in the U.S., would they have sold more or less albums or would that have an impact on album sales altogether?
  12. ^^^^^ Agreed. Unfortunately the hair metal bands skimmed the surface of Zeppelin's mystique, I.e. big hair, loud music, sex, drugs, groupies, etc..., and made entire careers around those superficial aspects. Of course the hair metal bands could never delve deep into the seemingly endsless talent that Zep had and recreate that. That is why Zep is timeless while the wanna be bands are passé.
  13. That looks like it was taken in NY in front of the Physical Graffiti building at the time of the Charlie Rose interview.
  14. What book Stairway? The photo of Robert and Jimmy at the Atlantic 40th reveals so much of how they felt about it each other right after Stairway was played.
  15. What a lucky bastard, a lucky rich bastard. Great for the ABC Trust charity. The recent uprisings in Brazil highlight why this charity is so important.
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