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  1. Thank you for archiving, ledzepfilm! This gives me chills.
  2. The comments are charmingly quirky and seem authentic. I'd like to think they are coming from Jimmy.
  3. Since we're on the subject, I always think of John Lennon on Guy Fawkes Day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8gIzkCHvK4
  4. OK, it makes sense now. The person who wrote the date (engineer?) used the American style, but Jimmy was obviously reading it in the European style when he chose it for This Day. An honest mistake!
  5. Not a screwup in the UK or other European countries: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_and_time_notation_in_United_Kingdom
  6. From the Oxford English Dictionary: 2. trans. a. Of an actor: to play (a part) in a routine or conventional manner. Obs. rare.1897 G. B. Shaw in Sat. Rev. 18 Dec. 712/1 No actor can possibly play leading parts of the first order six nights a week all the year round unless he underplays them, or routines them mechanically in the old stock manner. b. To link or unite (aspects of a performance) into a routine (routine n. 3); to write or construct a routine for (a performance). 1928 Galveston (Texas) Daily News 10 Nov. 6/2 The Martini headliner rates among the beat dancers of vaudeville and is particularly adept at routining eccentric steps.1941 W. C. Handy Father of Blues iv. 39, I was consulted by Whalen and Martelle relative to routining their shows.1948 'La Meri' Spanish Dancing iv. 43 There are a variety of typical steps which can be routined at the will of the dancer.1959 F. Astaire Steps in Time (1960) xx. 227, I didn't have time to routine a new set of ticky-tacky taps each week.1982 C. Casady & J. Davidson Singing Entertainer viii. 172 After you've routined the song(s) you're going to record, you‥should prepare lead sheets.2009 Daily Rec. (Glasgow) (Nexis) 20 Oct. 10 She's routined her song that many times for the video I don't think her own performance would have been an issue.
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