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  1. Do you wanna prove this i can name other very good rock songs better than Rock and Roll
  2. Id really love if they were but I cant honestly say I think they would be. But what if they decide not to tell us and it's some form of setup or trick for something like them starting negative threads and see if any of us react positively kindof like me joining the panic at the disco forum btw panic at the disco sucks i joined that forum to express my opinion on that and the opinion I expressed was not taken very well. No. Maybe their trying to see whos loyal and giving those people something at the end of it all Hey sometimes its fun to be an optimist
  3. Please dont try to tell me that a lot of the youth listen to LZ if they do then I AM a lot of the youth (and trust me im not) and if I go ahead and put on a Zeppelin Album blasting in the middle of my High School then I honestly doubt more than 1/4 of the people would know what it is let alone start jumping for joy screaming "Led Zepplein Led Zeppelin" However to the people that do start doing so I salute you you've decided to stand out from the crowd and not accept the bullshit that is really People talking fast to a beat or people moaning and complaining about their feelings or just rocking
  4. Alright I have a few things to say about this 1- I like guitar hero havnt played rock band 2- Now Rock Band is kinda liek Guitar Hero...but on steroids 3-If LZ doesnt let them use the licenses for songs is GH why should they do it for rock band lemme tell you something when they decide to put their music on a game you will know trust me you will know
  5. Granted but nobody had time to buy you anything (i already have a wish this one just went unanswered)
  6. Granted but you do have to have to go to a breakfast tomorrow I wish my Mothership DvD wasnt missing 2 songs that it said it has (haha clever rant)
  7. first of all you cant have a "best" guitarist sure page is great however there are things you have to consider first of all pure skill and you can only judge this by what the guitarist plays i dont care if you like a band or not anyone can agree that a guitarist is so good but none can be the best.
  8. Well to answer your question straight to the point... No
  9. Ok I'm not sure if this happened to anybody else who bought Mothership recently but I bought it today and the DvD tracklist said 12 Misty Mountain Hop 13 The Ocean 14 Going to California it was more like 12 Misty Mountain Hop 13 Going to California and at Whole lotta love (or when it was supposed to happen) the DvD ended
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