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  1. http://www.uclahealth.org/site.cfm?id=535 Um...apparently Robert and The Band of Joy are performing tomorrow
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted... http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/the-who-rock-icons-launch-daltrey-218078.aspx?link_page_rss=218078 The Who rock icons launch Daltrey/Townshend Teen and Young Adult Cancer Program at UCLA Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant lends support for program, first of its kind in U.S. By Roxanne Moster October 27, 2011 Category: Campus News, Health Sciences WHAT: Rock legends Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of the Who say they owe much of their musical success to teenagers. In a heartfelt repayment, the two will announce the launch of
  3. First I would like to start off by saying this is SECOND HAND INFORMATION so I do not know the truth behind it... There was a woman on twitter a few days ago who was listening to an interview with Alfie Boe on his latest project and she claims that AB said Mel C (Spice Girl I think) and Robert were going to join him as special guests during his concert at the Royal Festival Hall. I checked the website and he is doing a concert there on December 7th. That is all the information I have on this, and, again, I did not hear it myself so it may not be true at all.
  4. Yeah, every reliable source I heard from said he wasn't there and I do think it had something to do with ALL THE FUSS that was going around in Austin because I think it would have been an event he would have really enjoyed...I mean, Billy Gibbons made a special trip to drive there after a concert so it was kinda the place to be. I have to say though, for all the people who have all but posted their address, there are also a lot of people who are posting that they saw Robert and Patty at such and such a place a day or so ago and thought it was really cool that no one was trying to take pictures
  5. I also heard about this issue and probably shouldn't have posted that link on here about what was overheard. There are still people claiming that Robert was at the Continental although people who would actually know, including Dony Wynn, have said that he wasn't there. From what I've heard from people who were at the club (or tried to get in) it was an absolute craze. Of course, I'm sure Johnny Depp had something to do with it, but I know that there was A LOT of talk about Robert being there for the midnight show the day before and the day of. Also, more on the line of Robert and Patty, some o
  6. Posted by Mike Hall, senior editor of Texas Monthly http://twitter.com/mikehalltexas/statuses/127938978782527490
  7. Here's a video of some of Robert's performance last night at the Cannery Ballroom with Patty and Buddy, including some talk about finding his feminine side and cleaning work surfaces Also gives a shout out to Crown Vic at the end
  8. Getty Images has some pretty amazing pictures of the festival as well...several of Robert, including when he came on during Patty's set to sing "Lonely Avenue" and then some of him just out watching the music or waiting for his next guest appearance.
  9. I'm sure this comes as a HUGE surprise lol... Robert Plant at HSB "Though it’s not on the published schedule, former Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant will join Patti Griffin on Saturday and Buddy Miller on Sunday."
  10. He was also pulling in songs like "Another Tribe," "Shine It All Around" and "Let the Four Winds Blow" and I believe those all to be from his solo career...
  11. According to the drummer Dony Wynn who posted on his facebook page last night and looks a bit like ZZ Top mixed with a Hell's Angel... Dony Wynn Okay, the first one got nailed, and there's more to come... I am... Robert Plant's drummist. We are Crown Vic. The. sh*t. -d ... fuckin' wow
  12. I asked a magazine guy that was there doing an article and posting some pictures on twitter what the sound was like and he said: Incredible! Mostly killer blues rock w/ some Louisiana accordion & beats. A few slow tunes too. their harmonies are perfect.
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