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  1. This is not just your opinion. It is fact. Jimmy in 1998 is in no way even comparable to Jimmy at the o2. The o2 was very much calculated and planned. His soloing was just good enough to get by (well, for the most part). 1998 Jimmy was getting back to what he was all about in Zeppelin - those bursts of supreme virtuoso greatness, spontaneously mixed in while he completely holds down the fort. Totally loose and focused. The o2 was Jimmy doing what needed to be done to get the point across. But technically on more solo breaks than not, he simply wasn't hitting on what he was trying to do when he wasn't playing it safe. And here alone lies the reason I cringe when people today say "they should have one more go at it" or a one-off reunion performance "for the 50th." The o2 was 11 years ago and Page just barely got by. How do you think it would go today?? We would likely be displeased.
  2. I am going to the ceremony. Fell into some free special guest tickets. I hope Page picks up a guitar for a little. I am going out of town Sunday morning so I wont be able to report back until a week later, but its gonna be great! I was just downtown last night and the hotels are packed with people for the Rock Hall. Its gonna be a good weekend. If anyone is in Cleveland looking for something to do on Friday night (tonight) my band is playing at the Beachland Ballroom (#1 Best Cleveland music venue) and its very close to downtown. We have a very Zeppelin-ish sound.
  3. I dont know if I could have summed up my thoughts better. One of the best posts I've seen on this board. It says it all.
  4. I am almost postive that JPJ mentioned in an interview that he was a fan of Floyd until Barrett left. 3 pages and no one has mentioned how at least Page and Plant are obvious fans of blues legends such as Blind Willie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Willie Dixon and Howlin Wolf?
  5. the red LP that Page uses is not a 50s -- definately a 60s or 70s body. There is an interesting thread that was going on over in the Les Paul forum, that some guy there is positive that he sold Jimmy a red LP in 74 in London. Page came to the guys house and bargained with him and the sale was made -- the guy has a receipt of the transaction and everything, and it was dated in 1974. But obviously, as mentioned, Page DID play a red LP with a 60s or 70s body in New York in 1973 during WLL. And its obvious from TSRTS footage that this wasnt the studio footage -- it is live at MSG. Furthermore, i am quite sure that the red LP mentioned that Page played at MSG (and here and there thereafter) is the one that he installed a B string bender into. Which would make this the one he played on Kashmir at the O2. The question now becomes -- have we seen the red LP guitar Page purchased in 1974?
  6. this is funny. Just cause you can name 14 doesnt mean that's all he has / uses! The two telecasters you mentioned are one in the same. He had it painted brown and installed a b-string bender. The 70s red LP was not a gift, he bought it from another guitar player.
  7. - one billion people (like a sixth of the human population on planet earth) tried to sign up for the Ahmet tribute show. - jimmy page said he is ready for a world tour now and we should assume JPJ and Jason are too - led zeppelin are going to tour the globe and make some stops at the biggest music festivals in the world such as glastonbury and bonnaroo. - the tour will promptly begin immediately in Sept. 2008, once Robert is done with his touring commitments with Allison Krauss. What does he care, he'll tour all year round. He's only 60. - the band will gross well over $2 billion dollars when its all said and done. what else do we got here???
  8. umm. I dont know about this comment. Michael Lee never did anything that WOW-ed me at all. Jason has. And I know quite a bit about drumming and technical skill. Not to say that Michael Lee isnt any good -- he is definately a very good drummer. NOT SO SURE, however, if he is as good as Jason Bonham. Jason also has a mountain of knowledge when it comes to his dad's drumming. He understands it and feels it better than anyone --- even if he cant execute it absolutely perfectly (NO ONE CAN). Were you there or have you listened to the O2 show at all? Even Jason's minor miscues here and there (there were a small few of em) were so much like John Bonham that it was scary! Jason is the only person for the job and its ridiculous that anyone thinks otherwise. Blasphemy, I think!
  9. I know this is a Zep forum and we should keep it to Zep conversations only, but here I need to interject: If you like Page, Clapton, and Hendrix -- you need to hear about Glenn Schwartz. He is probably responsible for a LOT of the styles/techniques that Clapton and Hendrix built off of. I know Glenn, and I go see him play here in Cleveland quite a bit. I can tell you with no bias, that i have only once been so blown away by intense guitar playing by another player and that was when I saw Page in 1998. Other than that, Glenn does things on the guitar for 20 minutes straight that most guitarists couldnt even FATHOM doing for 10 seconds!! At the age of 67, he plays like he's in his 20s. Its UNreal, his talent. Quite possibly the best blues player alive. He knew Jimmy Page personally, however, given his current mental condition, he doesnt like to go back and talk about his rock star days much. A MUST read if you are interested in rock and roll / blues guitarists: http://www.clevescene.com/2004-12-08/news/...of-the-strings/
  10. Page is the most important rock and roll musician/producer of all time. He is the ultimate when it comes to the evolution and exploration of rock and roll. There is no question. Put Jimmy Page's resume and accomplishments up against anyone else and its not even close. Now couple that with the fact he has produced some of the most revolutionary recorded sounds in the history of all music. I personally think he is one of the very best guitar players to ever live -- I am in the "there's no one best player" boat. I firmly believe there are a few bests and Jimmy Page is certianly one of em. Here's who I have in no order: Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Duane Allman Eric Clapton Glenn Schwartz Rory Gallagher Jimi Hendrix David Gilmour Joe Walsh
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