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  1. Cutting my phone/cable/internet bill in HALF! Wait, more than half. Even better!
  3. Great decision Roxie! Have a wonderful time! ---- From the Japanese Communication Breakdown.
  4. Well, it's great to have this thread back. Brings smiles all around!
  5. Roxie, we must share a brain! I came here to post those very pictures! Here's another
  6. JEANS! Plus more Bonnaroo pics here: Getty
  7. Aww, you look so proud MsHD! Great pictures you've posted today!
  8. Some great pictures from the June 10th MSG show. Plus some with Elvis Costello at a World Hunger years event. Getty
  9. Rain! It dropped the temperature from 98 to 72!
  10. ^ That's a really nice shirt Reggie! I can't wait to buy one...only one month (plus one hour) left!
  11. Rafael Nadal winning the French Open 6-1, 6-3, 6-0! Four in a row!
  12. Maria Sharapova losing! That smile isn't big enough. Go Dinara Safina!
  13. Listening to Moby Dick all morning.
  14. It did, but only for him!
  15. Thank you Knebby! Those are lovely. Great hair in that first one.
  16. Sorry for posting again, but the official timeline shows this as June 22, 1977. http://ledzeppelin.com/show/june-22-1977
  17. I was going by what this caption said on Corbis. But then, they do say early '70s. And since you were there, you'd know! Were you at all six nights they performed in LA? http://pro.corbis.com/popup/Enlargement.as...8e-241615bfa6b6} If it were '73, he wouldn't have the scar. He must have been feeling really hot that day to bring it out that top! edit: Search for Robert Plant pictures on http://pro.corbis.com/search/searchFrame.aspx . They have a few great Jazz Fest pics!
  18. It's from '77. In LA I think.
  19. Ah, right! That makes perfect sense!
  20. Ah, my new favorite! I wonder, if you might be so kind as to point out which one of those is Robert? My eyes are kind of blurry, I just took out my contacts.
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