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  1. I got mine yesterday. Well, to say the least: I am flabbergasted..No, I really am. I only got the normal edition, but even that swept me off my feet. The images are just great, one can really grasp the atmosphere of these nights. Many smiles exchanged within the band and even iconic images included. I'm more than happy about the quality of the whole book and the images in particular. Many I have seen before, but not in such good quality and certainly not in one place. 120 quid well invested.... Oh yeah, I got #188 of 1000..
  2. god guys, I've been so busy..been neglecting this thread, Zeppelin and even Robert..that went on for too damn long!! my man ain't happy with me I'm afraid..I hope he's gonna punish me a little..in a very sensitive way^^ not exactly new ones (I think), but always beautiful, just like him..
  3. do share your fantasies redhairedqueen^^
  4. well, your questions are a little private to be answered on a public forum, but I wouldn't answer them in detail in private too, so this is all you're gonna get: my mother would be old enough to have seen them, but she never did. No, this was the first time we've ever been there and we don't live in Jimmy's neighbourhood, we never saw him before the day that we met him. The last question will not be answered as that would breach my brother's privacy, let's just say that we were born long after the Zeppelin hey day. For all those who want to see the picture: soz guys, this picture is very private to me and I don't want it floating around on the net and being copied by everyone I hope that satisfies you
  5. The cafe was in the Kensington area, the shopping mall was in West London. We tried our best to have good manners. It was definetely good that we had time to calm down before we approached him and I think that's why he was so nice. I mean, if we hadn't been good people he wouldn't have introduced his son to us. He is very protective of his privacy and giving away your sons' identity really is a sign of confidence if you ask me. He felt that we genuinely appreciated and respected him. Over the years he grew to distinguish between genuine fans and autograph hunters. Jimmy didn't say his son's name, but judging by the age it must have been Ashen. He must have been something like 13 years old. I don't normally share the story of my meetings with Jimmy cause you get accused of lying quite quickly and I don't want my memories tarnished by feelings of envy from people, but you guys are awesome so I just had to shrae it with you. Maybe through my story others pluck up the courage too to just respect him and approach him when they have the chance. Whatever you do: Don't jump on him. Don't scream at him. Just try to be calm and he will be as sweet as a nut.
  6. I know I'm lucky kenog. My pic with Jimmy is framed on my wall now^^ The first time we met him was in a cafe where he was alone on Friday 13th July and the second time in a shopping mall with his son a day later, both times in London. He was absolutely charming as my mum approached him after he had finished his lunch (neither my bro nor me had the guts to go up to him). You know, we kinda thought that he would say hi and go but he paid and sat down at our table and we had a good chat..well, mostly my brother with him..the convo ended with Jimmy asking if my brother wanted a picture. he said yes of course and after they had finished I plucked up the courage to ask for a photograph too (in a public cafe, that must have looked great^^)..but I had forgotten all about the people surrounding me^^ we said our goodbyes and he walked out and that was it..thinking about it now is very very surreal. as I said, the second time was a day later in a shopping mall where he saw us first and he came up and said hi, introduced his son, shook our hands and vanished again cause he was in some kind of hurry. that was it really..nothing too interesting but still memorable days in our lives..
  7. well I wasn't alone^^ I had my mother and brother with me so we were a good mixture^^ plus both meetings didn't actually happen "on the streets" as such..we were in quiet, but public environments both times
  8. I'm really quite confused about these people popping up that say he was rude or grumpy towards them. Both times I've met him he was a real darling. I think he could tell we were honest, non-intrusive people. I have nothing but fond memories of our meetings last year. Both meetings weren't planned. He even had his son with him and still came up to us to say hi (not the other way around). On the other hand: if the man can't even go shopping without being photographed like an animal in a zoo, who can blame him for being grumpy at times? I certainly can't..Makes me wonder what they did to put him off like this^^
  9. God I've been so busy lately and much to my dismay I had to put looking at pictures of our gorgeous Robert on hold. Seems that everyone's busy though, not many posts on here lately...Just gotta change that^^
  10. love all your contributions over the past few days girls..where's that last one from with the guy?? don't his eyes look so green?? must be the light
  11. lol he's still drinking Heineken^^ some habits just never change.. I'm having a really interesting week up ahead through which solely the pictorial presence of Mr.Robert Plant will lead me sanely, so here are some for you and me and everyone interested:
  12. There was no issue before you came up. Just go away, you're getting really pathetic..
  13. haha yes, that would be a great exchange^^
  14. lol can you imagine him fan-boying over this Wolves player going " Jodyyyyyyyyyy, I think you're so cool, you're my hero, please can I have an autograph??" lol quite a funny sight^^ and Robert's looking sooo well these days. His hair is fluffier again in the most recent vids and pics from his concerts in Texas..
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