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  1. I got mine yesterday. Well, to say the least: I am flabbergasted..No, I really am. I only got the normal edition, but even that swept me off my feet. The images are just great, one can really grasp the atmosphere of these nights. Many smiles exchanged within the band and even iconic images included. I'm more than happy about the quality of the whole book and the images in particular. Many I have seen before, but not in such good quality and certainly not in one place. 120 quid well invested.... Oh yeah, I got #188 of 1000..
  2. haha no offense taken :-) well I've never met all that many rude Londoners at all. London is the most beautiful city on this planet and I haven't been there for 3 years and it's time^^ I don't find them cold at all. I've always been welcomed with wide-open arms... well I meant if you guys were participating in any special events. yes, every day on which I can buy vinyls is record store day, but I think it's nice to be united in this obsession on this one day don't you think?
  3. My darling Andrew, I have 2 photos with the man himself and lovely memories of a great conversation on a wonderful summer's day..You can't put a price tag on that.. Although I do understand your frustration there's no need to take that tone with me. I didn't seriously consider that I could win and if I should opt out there's still a chance for you to buy yours when they go on general sale..so stay smooth :-) Don't get me wrong guys, I do feel privileged and it makes me very proud that I could be one of only 109 people to be owning this set worldwide, it's just so much money and the thi
  4. I'll be participating in London this year (I'll be on holiday there, whoop, bring it on!!) Are you guys participating too?? If you are where will you be and will there be any specific events? So far I'm not aware of any "events" like concerts and the like in London, but please, enlighten me if I'm wrong^^
  5. I'm just trying to think sensibly: what do you get for 400 bucks? a leather box (it looks great, granted), 4 vinyls, a booklet and a print of an eagle..But all this, except for the leather box and the signature, you can get for 90 quid (which is quite a lot too compared to other releases)..I just cannot acquaint myself with the idea that I should pay 300 extra bucks for a signature and a leather box..I have to pay nearly 600 euros for this and I think it's just too much for me..I think I'll go for the 90 Pounds-option..
  6. I was successful too Cookie!! But 400 quid?? I don't know...
  7. I only just bought I and III, now another one to buy?? waaaaaaaaaah, I need to get another job ;-) I CANNOT WAIT for the release of the PG boxset, defo a must-have as it's my fav album from my fav Zeppelin era...
  8. I totally go along with this comment! I am, like you, a huge vinyl afficionado and was pissed off when I couldn't get my hands on a vinyl copy the first day it came out. Then on the second day I got lucky and in the end I had my copy for just 17€ which equals about 20 Dollars (US). :-) I couldn't understand all the aggro this album caused when it was first streamed, cause sitting down in the evening with headphones on your head and a good wine (or whatever folks prefer) creates a whole other atmosphere than streaming it through the cold loudspeakers of a computer. So I waited and when I fi
  9. Update: got my vinyl yesterday for 5 quid less than expected. I'm a happy lass! I haven't listened to the album yet, but will today..Lazy Sunday afternoon ya know^^
  10. well that was frustrating to say the least! His new album is released today in my neck of the woods.So happily I went out to buy it and DANG! Vinyl not there, just CD! So now I gotta wait till Tuesday to listen to it (I'm a vinyl afficionado). I purposely chose NOT to listen to the stream and NOT to buy it online in order to have this experience of going into the shops to buy it and to listen to it for the first time with proper loudspeakers...Now I have to wait..I was soooo looking forward to this day.. Soz guys, Ihad to share my frustration! I'm gutted..
  11. Great, 2 days after I had bought my tix for PinkPop Festival ..I'm trying to sell my tix for PinkPop festival so I can go to the cologne show, anyone interested?
  12. Hey guys! I plan on going to the Pinkpop Festival In the Netherlands on the 8th of June to see our beloved Robert. I just wondered: for how long wil he be performing? I mean, I would say that he doesn't go under 1 1/2-2 hours, what are your experiences, seeing as he has performed at many festivals in his life? Help would be appreciated as, if it's not worth it, I won't pay the 90€ for a day ticket x
  13. Hi guys! I found these old match magazines (3 in total, but can be sold individually too) in our attic. They are all in absolutely beautiful and mint condition. No creases, no splits, all pages intact. Only one magazine has something written on the back where the original players were being crossed-out and the new ones written on it with a felt-tip pen. I have uploaded a few pics of the mags. You can request more pictures via a pm too if necessary. It's just really important to me that these mags go to a good home where they are cherished more than they would be in my home. So if any
  14. yeah great, thanks very much Robert!! That's 5 hours away from me..How bout touring Western Germany?? Düsseldorf (Mitsubishi Electric Halle)?? Essen?? Cologne??? Frankfurt??Dortmund?? C'mon Robert, that's not fair..I'd love to see watch you performing again
  15. ah right, didn't know that..I'm a total twitter dumbhead^^
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