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  1. It's been a while since I've posted on here... feels ace to be back! In the last 3 years or so, I've had 2 more Zep tattoos done. Portraits of Robert & Jimmy on my arm. I've also got one planned for tomorrow morning; I'm getting the rest of the 4 symbols on my knuckles. Already got 'ZoSo' on my wrist.
  2. What a lucky find! Glad all is now well. Calvin the cat could well have had some explaining to do otherwise. Haha. The eczema will disappear soon enough, thanks to the help of some steroid creams.
  3. I love this, it's very atmospheric. My photography is very limited - I've just started doing astrophotography, using equipment belonging to my friend. It helps an awful lot with my studies. This is my first ever piece of astrophotography - Saturn. And this is my second, our Moon. I'll just show you an example of what my friend can do - he's brilliant at this type of photography! This is a photograph he took of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51). The lines show a supernova. He uses an SLR camera of some description or another.
  4. Hamsters are the world champions of hide-and-seek. I hope you find him! Today's gripe for me is that the eczema I get when I'm stressed has erupted on my face. Oh joy of joys.
  5. I was eleven years old, back in 2004, and my aunt bought me a Led Zeppelin t-shirt for my birthday. I was already listening to Bowie, Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith (since very early childhood). So naturally, I asked my mum to buy me a CD, so I could listen to the music that related to said shirt. She bought me 'Early Days and Latter Days', which I thought was an appropriate starter, and I got hooked on 'Good Times, Bad Times'. I bought all their albums on vinyl and CD with my 'pocket money' that I saved up for months at a time. The best birthday present I ever received was standing tickets for me and my mum to watch Led Zeppelin at the O2 - I was just fourteen. Ever since I was bought that first compilation album, they've been my favourite band; some days it just feels wrong to listen to anything else. I fell in love with Robert's voice, Jimmy's wailing guitar, JPJ's tight bass playing and Bonzo's animalistic and unique drumming.
  6. Here's my Border Terrier, Ozzy, at 12 weeks old. That's my brother, who's got hold of him. Ozzy is 15 months old now, and a through-and-through little swine!
  7. Hey. It's a koi carp. One of 6 pieces of art I have adorned my body with. Aw, thank you.
  8. He's a lovely man, isn't he? Haha. :)

    Thank you for the welcome, it's always nice to make new friends!

  9. Hello! Avid Pagette, yet first time poster here. I can openly admit that I looked at all 357 pages of this thread without taking a break. Here's one of my favourites from Chicago '77 - it's probably been posted here before, but what's the harm in looking again, eh?
  10. Platoon soundtrack... Barber's 'Adagio For Strings'? A fair few songs make me cry, I'll narrow it down to 3. Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way Has me in floods every time I listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dGEadbbxyw Journey - Remember Me Dead Can Dance - Host of Seraphim
  11. The wonderful Janis Joplin. The equally lovely Grace Slick. And the beautiful Dita von Teese.
  12. Thanks to my 11 year old cousin, I've possibly got the most irritating song possible stuck in my head - Jessie J's 'Do it Like a Dude'. Have fun getting THAT out of your mind...
  13. Tonight, I'm going to sit at home, and scare myself silly by watching a few horror films. Tomorrow is when the partying begins!
  14. Haha, thank you. I don't dress up like that every day though.
  15. Mine's a photograph of M51 - the Whirlpool Galaxy, taken by a close friend of mine.
  16. Hello! Thank you for the welcome. :) I'm enjoying my time here so far. What kind of art is it that you like?

  17. Hello Strider. :)

    Thanks for the welcome, I'm enjoying my time on the board so far!

  18. Lyrically I love 'The Rover'. It speaks to me, in a way.
  19. Lonely newbie... Hello!

  20. Here's my ink! I plan on getting the other 3 symbols in other random places, at some point in the near future.
  21. Ten random facts about me! 1. I'm really short, at 5'1. 2. I'm starting my physics degree this year - one year earlier than I should! 3. I ride a motorbike: a Yamaha FS1E. 4. I have a grand total of 15 body piercings. 5. And 6 tattoos (one of them being 'ZoSo' on my wrist). 6. I am allergic to gold. 7. I have really small feet - UK size 3. 8. My hair has been literally every colour of the rainbow! 9. I have met Jimmy Page and Robert Plant more than once. 10. I was one of the youngest people at the O2 reunion (I had just celebrated my 14th birthday).
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