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  1. 20/20. Bloody hell, I'm still an anorak. Hahahaha.
  2. It's been a while since I've posted on here... feels ace to be back! In the last 3 years or so, I've had 2 more Zep tattoos done. Portraits of Robert & Jimmy on my arm. I've also got one planned for tomorrow morning; I'm getting the rest of the 4 symbols on my knuckles. Already got 'ZoSo' on my wrist.
  3. Thirty one years... It's funny how something that happened 13 years before my birth can affect me. We miss you John - you're the best drummer I've ever listened to.
  4. What a lucky find! Glad all is now well. Calvin the cat could well have had some explaining to do otherwise. Haha. The eczema will disappear soon enough, thanks to the help of some steroid creams.
  5. I love this, it's very atmospheric. My photography is very limited - I've just started doing astrophotography, using equipment belonging to my friend. It helps an awful lot with my studies. This is my first ever piece of astrophotography - Saturn. And this is my second, our Moon. I'll just show you an example of what my friend can do - he's brilliant at this type of photography! This is a photograph he took of the Whirlpool Galaxy (M51). The lines show a supernova. He uses an SLR camera of some description or another.
  6. Hamsters are the world champions of hide-and-seek. I hope you find him! Today's gripe for me is that the eczema I get when I'm stressed has erupted on my face. Oh joy of joys.
  7. Lovely set of photos. There's quite a few I haven't seen before!
  8. Haha, thank you Sean! Loving the little emoticon crowd that I've got there. I'll be breaking attendance records in Tampa before I know it...
  9. A big virtual hug right back at you, Reswati! I'm glad you enjoyed it, the song's quite personal to me, even though I didn't write it. Thanks to you too, Virginia.
  10. I was eleven years old, back in 2004, and my aunt bought me a Led Zeppelin t-shirt for my birthday. I was already listening to Bowie, Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith (since very early childhood). So naturally, I asked my mum to buy me a CD, so I could listen to the music that related to said shirt. She bought me 'Early Days and Latter Days', which I thought was an appropriate starter, and I got hooked on 'Good Times, Bad Times'. I bought all their albums on vinyl and CD with my 'pocket money' that I saved up for months at a time. The best birthday present I ever received was standing tickets f
  11. Hey guys, Just thought I'd share my latest vocal cover with you. It's 'Hiding My Heart' by Brandi Carlile/Adele. One day I might get round to covering some Zep. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. A late entry from me... 1. The Rover 2. Baby Come on Home 3. Your Time is Gonna Come 4. Achilles Last Stand 5. The Wanton Song Damn, that was hard to narrow down!
  13. Here's my Border Terrier, Ozzy, at 12 weeks old. That's my brother, who's got hold of him. Ozzy is 15 months old now, and a through-and-through little swine!
  14. I can play... *deep breath* Guitar - 6 years. Bass - 4 years. Vocals - Classically trained for 10 years. Saxophone - 8 years. Clarinet - 2 years. Recorder - For 2 years when I was a child. Flute - 3 years. Harmonica - A dabble here and there. Mandolin - 6 years. Ukulele - 6 years. Theremin - A dabble. Steelpan - 2 years. I love music, can you tell?
  15. Not everyone in North-West England sounds like John Lennon. The city that I come from sounds relatively 'posh' compared to the Liverpool accent!
  16. I love the Dragon Telecaster; it's completely unique.
  17. For me, it has to be In Through the Out Door. It just doesn't flow for me like the other albums do. It's still a good album, don't get me wrong, it's just not one I listen to often.
  18. For me, it would be: Spring - III, IV Summer - Physical Graffiti, Houses of the Holy Autumn - II, Presence Winter - I, In Through the Out Door
  19. Hey. It's a koi carp. One of 6 pieces of art I have adorned my body with. Aw, thank you.
  20. ^ Yes, he does look rather handsome! Here's a few men who I think are rather beautiful. Joe Perry Jack White Izzy Stradlin Brian May Roger Taylor Obviously, Jimmy and Robert would be on here, but there's hundreds of photos on this forum already.
  21. He's a lovely man, isn't he? Haha. :)

    Thank you for the welcome, it's always nice to make new friends!

  22. I voted for Robert Plant. As much as I admire Jimmy (self confessed 'Pagette'), I'm a singer by trade. I'd love to be able to sing like that, and feel 200,000 people listen to every note.
  23. 1)What was the original title for ''The Song remains The Same''? [ the song, not the movie.] The Overture/The Campaign 2) When was ''Night Flight'' recorded? 1971 3)Why was ''Wearing And Tearing'' recorded? It was recorded as a statement to the punks of the 1970s. It was released as a souvenir single for Knebworth. 4)Who is ''Living Loving Maid'' addressed to? A particularly annoying groupie whose name I can't recall. 5)During a concert, why Peter Grant ''crashed'' the head of a canadian officer? He thought he was a bootlegger.
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