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  1. Ah, bubbles....saw that, and thought of this: Mormon Bubble Porn
  2. It doesn't get much better than this: ...even better than the real thing?
  3. I feel for you. If only you were a bloke, you could marry a Thai girl and have Thai food every day, in your own home. Authentic Thai food, too - not the watered-down crap they serve in restaurants to cater to the unsophisticated Western palate. Alternatively, you could learn to cook it yourself. That's what I did - most of it is very easy - and when I met her, my Thai wife told me my Thai curries were the best she'd ever had. But she said my Pad Thai sucked.
  4. Hey, I don't think much of your private schools over there. At MY private school, we studied French, Latin, Ancient Greek, German and Italian. In later life, I also picked up some essential cusses in Spanish and Thai from my two wives. So now I can seriously upset people in seven languages
  5. I believe Waters admitted some time ago that it was 'probably' his idea. If this is true, which of the other two (or, by then, three) was likely to challenge him, do you think?
  6. Opinion is divided as to the true number of the beast: 616
  7. I expect lzzoso was referring, at least in part, to the manner in which LZ dealt with each other and their fans. Waters was/is indeed an egomaniacal asshole. What's more, as is often the case with egomaniacal assholes, he is also stupid. With the first manifestation of his megalomania, he kicked out the band's songwriter, and then spent the next three years banging around in the toolshed trying to figure out how to write songs. Then, after Animals, when they'd finally hit on a winning formula after a string of 4 (arguably 5) excellent albums, he thought it would be a cool idea to marginalise the band's two genuine musicians, and effectively go it alone with his atonal, demented ramblings. When his solo career officially started, he was finally free of any vestiges of influence (read 'quality control') from his former band members, and proceeded to churn out a succession of increasingly pretentious, solipsistic and musically worthless albums, as well as doing his damnedest to stop the others going out as PF. Well done, Roger!
  8. ...Baudelaire, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Serge Gainsbourg, Roger Vadim...
  9. ^ How thoroughly exquisite. And I bet they don't have a single tattoo between them. Domo arigato!
  10. Hey boillon, could yo please return to the message I sent you?

  11. The Rover. Or maybe Ten Years Gone.
  12. Farm? In Greenwich?? What the hell kind of farm would that be? A skunk farm?
  13. At least you have border controls, silvermedalist. Seems over here that any Tom, Dick or Haribskiczexch can just walk right in.
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