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  1. The 2 BIGLY takes from the 'Olympic Gold' CD are both awesome. There must be more alt. takes of other songs. Maybe some of the recordings from the 'rehearsal' tapes from '73 and '75.. might show up. ex: Schooldays-Shakin' All Over-Hungry for Love- Dynamaite-Move It-Love Me Like A Hurricane-GoGoGO-Reeling and Rocking etc.. ( 'Johnny Kidd and Pirates' set.)
  2. Finally! Excited to have the Paris show, though I'm disappointed at not having any additional or outtake trax for LZ1. We know they exist and are important in the development of the repertoire. Specifically, appearing on the CD- "Olympic Gold- In the Studio" are: The alternative takes ( # 1 and #2) of Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You are very different and awesome from the take on LZ1. An alternative take of You Shook Me. also--Tribute to Bert Berns #1.
  3. This shot is from Dazed and Confused. It's from one of the two Chicago '73 shows. Appears in that section in the book. Also in the 'Cornerstones' section in the iPad/iPhone App. Note the Watermarked Copyright... That's one cool part of the App, is that you can email and therefore, download any of the photos. Except you also get the watermark. No biggie.
  4. There were actually just a couple of Jimmy from Atlanta '73 in LIVE DREAMS. Ratner was directed to use the path from the International Hotel, right into the backstage area, leading up to the giant staircase at the back of the stage. Everybody else, it seemed, took a different route to the roped-off grassy area in front of the stage. Ratner found himself on the side of the stage pretty much alone with Ahmet Ertegun and some young female (perhaps Ahmet's niece?). He refrained from taking too many photos, so as not to seem too conspicuous. He talks about it in the book and App. It never seems to get discussed, but in Atlanta '73, there was giant video screens at the back of the stage. (Black & White). Perhaps nothing was recorded, as no video from that show has ever surfaced or been released.
  5. This is Jan. 21st, '75 in Chicago. He didn't wear that shirt on the 20th or 22nd. Robert, on the other hand, wore the same shirt every night.. (did it get cleaned?)
  6. This is from Jan. 21st 1975, the second Chicago show. It is not a Ratner shot.. But that Jacket is the one a fan threw up on stage at the encore. There are some Ratner shots of it, and it also appears in the video footage from that show. .
  7. According to Laurance Ratner, there were definitely super-giant video screens at the Atlanta show. He didn't know if any of the video was being recorded. He remembered the silver sparkly shirt that Robert had. Regarding Showco.. it was Joe Crowley from Showco who hooked Laurance up for the Atlanta and Tampa (back to back) shows. He didn't take too many shots at the Atlanta show.. Seems he didn't go down to the roped off area in front of the stage, he ended up on the actual stage, at stage left. The only people on the stage at that show, were the band, the roadies, Laurance, and Ahmet Ertegun, accompanied by a young lady ( his niece?). Laurance was hesitant to overdo the photo thing with Ahmet right next to him. Halfway through the show, at the end of Dazed and Confused, Jimmy's roadie placed his violin bow ( severely shredded) right next to Laurance. He ended up spending half the show, wondering how he was going to make off with it, perhaps in his pants leg. But decided against it, again...with Ahmet right next to him.
  8. Hey... there's so many books out there...and people are commenting how this should be a book. Neal's already put out several books. They're great. It takes a lot to put together something like this, and then it sells for almost nothing! $9.99? There's only one other thing like it out there.. that's the LIVE DREAMS iPhone/iPad APP from Laurance Ratner, based on the very expensive 1993 coffee-table book. It's pretty cool, with a lot of interactive stuff, and it's like $4.. The iBook technology has recently been enhanced to allow some interactive features, like those normally found on Apps. So that probably convinced them to do an iBook instead of an APP.. (iBooks generally sell for more--I don't know why.) Neal is one of the good guys, and he's the one who had the best access.. fortunately, his skills were up to the task that his access level deserved. this comes out tomorrow.. so just get it. and for the low cost.. you should have the LIVE DREAMS APP too...
  9. Awesome.... Get an iPad, if you don't have one already.
  10. Study the outfit..... Guess where it was taken...
  11. ZepLove


    A rather introspective look, almost from inside the kit. His intensity and concentration were only part of his magic.
  12. ZepLove


    From Chicago '77. Bonzo with his faux-tuxedo..
  13. The Second shot with Robert in red, is actually shot in Hi-Speed Ektachrome Infrared film. The colors get distorted based on the light frequencies, and other factors, including body heat, and the stage lighting. Only Ratner and Neil Preston ever shot Infrared on Zeppelin. There's only a handful of shots in existence from either. Ratner also shot Emerson,Lake and Palmer in Infrared. The Fourth shot, of Jimmy with the Double-Neck, was a B&W Tri-X 400 shot, and was chosen for a hand-tint treatment with Marshall inks. Ratner used a Chicago artist to do the treatment. It offers a different take on the image.
  14. On the iTunes page it says that it's not optimized for iPad. But, but I know that an iPad version is in the works, and will obviously be even better, with such large screen. But for the little iPhone screen, especially the iPhone 4.. It's pretty amazing. How many Zep Apps are out there? Duh....
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