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  1. Last episode of London Calling: The Untold Story of British Pop was on tv last night. It can be seen again on the link below: http://www.sbs.com.a...ster-Of-Puppets Featured archival footage of Peter Grant, Led Zeppelin, interviews with Andrew Loog Oldham, Simon Napier-Bell et al. Some interesting points from the episode: The first wave of British managers in the 1950s were either gay, drug addicts, Jewish or all three. The first US rock managers had Mafia connections. Brian Epstein was a shockingly bad business manager costing the Beatles millions of dollars in terrible deal
  2. Too many people trying to get on at the same time..
  3. The website is awesome. I'm going to be spending a few hours going through his unreleased recordings and personal anecdotes!
  4. The performance and comradeship puts to bed the dubious claim that the Black Crowes and Jimmy Page had a falling out.
  5. I'm sorry but your mate has been spinning you a story. Perth did not have an FM radio station in 1972. The first commercial FM radio station in Perth was 96fm Stereo which first broadcast in August 1980. Incidentally they were the first radio station in Perth to break the news of John Bonham's death and interrupted their programming schedule to play Led Zeppelin for an hour. The first FM station in Perth was narrowcaster 6UVS-FM, which broadcast only classical and jazz music, in 1977. There was no FM radio network in Australia in the 1970s either. Australia's first commercial FM station was 3E
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