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  1. There's a lot of truth in this article.Page's best and most creative years were with Zeppelin.After that,his output simply didn't have the same creativity in it.That's a fact.If you watch carefully the post-Zep careers of Jones and Plant,they moved on.Jimmy didn't. It's logical since he was on fire during the seventies as a producer,songwriter and player and after the death of Bonham,he couldn't move on.
  2. Oh,then I will check some of the posts you have uploaded
  3. Excellent post do you have to share any expierences from that tour,a show you attended etc.? If you do,please share them
  4. Sorry for bringing up the topic again,but I can't help it . Look what he says about David Gilmour's playing: ''There is one major defect about Floyd - whether it be Barrett-led Floyd or Waters-led Floyd (and I don't even mention the Gilmour-led Floyd). These guys are (and were) very average musicians and so-so songwriters. Let's face it, the group never had a true musical virtuoso. Waters' bass playing is just okay, Wright and Mason don't qualify above your average session musicians, and Barrett's talents, you must admit, weren't in the sphere of picking the guitar. As for Gilmour, well, I just don't like the guy's guitar - I consider it generic and soulless. All of his 'classic' solos are so mathematically precise, counted out and adjusted that it almost makes me sick. He's no Steve Howe, and he's not even Steve Hackett. He's Dave, like we all know him: slow, meticulous and calculated. He's got some truly great guitar passages in his backpack (my favourite work of his is mostly located on Dark Side and Animals), but he also has a lot of pointless noodling, and he often selects the kind of generic highly distorted, yet not really 'heavy' guitar tone that I can't call anything but 'musical dentistry'. Sorry, Dave.'' I mean,ok,I don't expect him to praise gilmour's playing since he doesn't like it,but really,''generic and soulless''??Also look what he says about Page's style: the Stones are the pinnacle of rock'n'roll, having demonstrated far more creativity within the genre than almost any of their contemporaries or followers - the vivid, wonderfully syncopated, 'breathing', 'dangerous' guitar stylistics of Keith Richards is far more impressive than the technically perfect, but cold and rigid style of Jimmy Page, and is a near-perfect embodiment of the 'rock'n'roll spirit really?
  5. When I read the ''little songwriting talent'' bit,I was like wtf is he saying?
  6. What Melcore said.Also,he accuses zeppelin of stealing not only on the songs they actually stole,but also on random songs for no particular reason.I don't get it.
  7. 01.The Godfather Part II 02.The Godfather 03.Serpico 04.Dog Day Afternoon 05.Scent Of A Woman (extra:Scarface )
  8. I will agree,it bothers me that he states his opinion as a fact and that he's calling every song that needs a bit more listening as bad.I mean,take a look at his reviews of other bands' albums.He states some good facts and then he just goes to tell us his opinion without even a bit of objectivity.
  9. http://starling.rinet.ru/music/ledzep.htm Have you ever come across this site?His reviews are for the most part quite...weird Do you agree with anything he says about zep and their albums?
  10. I'm more into 1969-1973 actually,because they just did better shows back then.1975 is the worst year for Plant and 1977 is for the most part not very good.The great shows are fucking great and they have a great atmosphere as well as great setlists.But there is something about the earlier shows and i believe it has a lot to do with the band being still very fresh and full of ideas.So,early live but only by a very small margin
  11. 01.Custard Pie 02.The Rover 03.In My Time Of Dying 04.Sick Again 05.Trampled Underfoot 06.Kashmir 07.In The Light 08.Bron-Yr-Aur 09.Ten Years Gone 10.The Wanton Song Funny thing is i was thinking about it the other day but never thought making a post about it
  12. thanks a lot sam for the video of kashmir it's fucking powerful!!!!!!
  13. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FINALLY WE WILL SEE THIS CONCERT :yay: :yay: :yay:
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