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  1. Kinda piss poor to say there are definitely elements of metal in Zep, yet not provide examples. Your standards. I understood perfectly well your statement re. some metal in Zep, I just don't agree with you. And, I got your point all along, but its got little to do with what I originally posted. I find the range of classic rock radio quite limited. You write about Beefheart and Zappa, (don't forget the band Can) therby backing me up. These guys are not on classic rock radio, Zep is. Doesn't seem right to me, when hearing the music. Sorry if you didn't like the lack of examples, but if I can make a point without a lot of text, I will try. Didn't feel it was necessary til the last post. I liked the last paragraph you wrote, it was interesting. The rest is leaning toward semantics. I can keep answering questions in that vein if you'd like though.
  2. Fantastic band. I saw them once, great show.
  3. "piss poor", geez. I didn't think this subject merited such a reaction! Yeah they do sound like heavy metal? How do you back that up? It's subjective, its musical taste. Its how it sounds to your ears. Ok, examples. I don't see Springsteen or Joni Mitchell or Aerosmith, The Eagles etc. coming up with the Sonic craziness found in Zep. Eg. the WWL freak out, the weird middle section to Carouselambra, the odd sounds in Bonzo's Montreaux, the hysterical early singing of Plant. The bands associated with classic rock, or classic rock bands as I call them, largely leave out the freaky elements. It was harder to get on the radio that way. Zep constantly got their freak on, like bands would do after punk much more. Zep sound way more appropriate after Killing Joke, The Cure, Dinosaur Jr., or Human League. Its subjective. If someone finds they go better with Joe Walsh, thats fine. Its not for me though. I would play something by Sisters of Mercy after In The Light. That Zep tune sounds almost goth to me, so playing Foghat after would seem underwhelming to me.
  4. Its like heavy metal. Zep is often attributed with helping create it, but they sure don't sound like it. They helped create the clsasic rock playlist, bit I'm saying they fit better in other playlists, to my ears.
  5. Those artists you mentioned, are people who got their rep before the 80's. So, to answer you, the sound of the music you mentioned. There's my point. Classic rock is old rock. It sounds (generally) like old rock. I find that Zep has more in common, musically, with later bands. Classic Rock stations play the same artists and songs. Its not just a format, its a playlist, a limited one.
  6. I get that. What I'm saying is that considering the sound of the music, I find it to be an innapropriate grouping.
  7. If you like the Stones, then good on you. If you get something from that music, then great. I don't get the apples thing.
  8. I think of "Classic Rock" as 70's guitar rawk. That's how its been packaged to me. Anyway, my point being, I find them at odds with those bands that are from that classic rock group. "Lumped in", or "grouped with", maybe even "On the same team."
  9. Most classic rock is on my bad bands list. I find it misrepresents Zep that they are so often lumped in with that type of music. I love 80s and 90s alternative, and find they fit in nicely there. I don't like the Stones, in that type of music, or Aerosmith. I don't like Coverdale Page. I also don't like The Goo Goo Dolls or Nickelback. I don't like Underworld because of that song they did on the Trainspotting soundtrack. I don't like Phil Collins. I don't like Green Day.
  10. The Firm, best thing he's done post Zep, easily. Being backed up by a fretless bass brought out some freaky playing from him. Too bad he went eventually to C/P, with embarrasingly badly written songs, mostly under the guise of cartoonish hair metal, and at a time when even hair metalers had moved on. Page was COMPLETELY out of touch there. Why did he sanitize his guitar sound so much? That riff in Shake My Tree could be anybody. Silly anyway, small wander Plant rejected it for the last Zep album. Page is great in all the Firm videos, loose, groovy, fun. In the C/P videos, he looks WAY too self important. Rock diva. I hope he does remaster the cds by the Firm. Wow he played great on those cds, proving he could still evolve his playing after Zep. Listen to what he does at the end of Satisfaction Guaranteed. What great sounds!
  11. I think Ace Frehey in his prime is just great. Ever here I'm in Need of Love, or back in the New York Groove from his 70's solo record? Excellent> One thing about Gene Simmons, he calls Revolver by The Beatles his dessert island music. And, his bass line in Goin' Blind is just wonderful. A fantastic song. Now, I don't know why he never wants to talk re. the music, just the groupies. Wee. Wow Gene, you got groupie sex, we're impressed, now shut up about it, please. As well, listen to Love Gun. They hadn't discovered bombastic 80's production yet ('Forever'), and it is gut level and a great record.
  12. I would not add you as a friend, I think your rude.

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