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  1. enjoyable night last night. as many others said nothing earthshaking, but nothing really expected. the confirmation from Michael Hann that Jimmy is strict when it comes to his interviews is no great surprise. Contrary to others i found the fan questions good, only shame was Jimmy not really answering them and talking more around them. I didn't buy the book as i got the expensive one, but it looks good even as a paperback:) Jimmy was relaxed and the few anecdotal comments around the well known facts for us hardcore fans, made it money and an evening well spent.
  2. Hi, if anyone needs 1 (or 2) tickets for the 20:45 screening at Cineworld Haymarket in London tonight please let me know. I saw the premiere on Friday, will see it again on Sunday so am trying to get rid of the tickets tonight. PM me or text me on 07738009484. thanks
  3. there are quite a few for various reasons, but the 2 who top the list are Chad Krueger from Nickelback for pretending to be a rockstar when he actually seems like a youknowwhat, and Gene Simmons for being Gene Simmons to start with and plenty of things thereafter.... but hate is too strong a word really....i am lover not a hater.
  4. it's great that we got Jorgen Angel's photo's as a reminder of this important point of zep's career. i would kill for a recording of this date, the youthful raw enthusiasm you can here on the first bootlegs available in an even rawer form....must have been awesome.
  5. reading the article in one of the last TBL mags from that young kid about how his love for zeppelin unfolded i started to write my own Zep story....from the humble days of my first encounter age 14 back in 1988 to the various zep-related gigs (14 and counting). here my fabulous journey through 2007 culminating obviously with the gig at the O2 (as you can see that bit is not quite done yet) but plenty of other highlights in a year that i spent mostly on Cloud 9 on Planet Zeppelin.....the rest will follow soon The Holy Grail And so we head into 2007....and what a year it was. Unusual for me it was a very slow start to my concert calendar with nothing worth mentioning in the first half of that year. I kept adding books, magazines to my collection, downloaded the odd new or improved concert recording, but most of my time and effort was spent to get my vinyl collection up and running. I had a small selection from my pre-CD youth, a few “borrowed” ones, the one great one from my dad (he’s musical focus was slightly out of sync with mine, so no first pressings with the turquoise lettering etc), but with the advent of the CD came the demise of vinyl so it was only later on that I rediscovered the beauty of vinyl. So all in all a very quiet start to the year with a nice week at Glastonbury Festival being the first live music event of the year in late June....but boy did things change soon after that. Rumours of a Zeppelin reunion have been flying around for years, the amounts mentioned to entice them to such a step being astronomical. The fact that apart from a few rather forgettable occasions such a reunion never materialised, showed clearly that were the chance ever to arise it would only be motivated by one thing..heart. No amount of money in the world could change their opinion if it wasn’t for the right reason. Getting these 3 personalities in one room was never an easy thing in the best of times, and certainly not since the omission of John Paul Jones from the Page & Plant project, where Plant famously answered the question of a journalist where John Paul was with the remark “ he is parking the car”, which obviously didn’t go down too well. So when the first rumours in early summer of 2007 appeared about a tribute concert for the late Ahmet Ertegun it was easy to take it with a large pinch of salt, although it being for one of their great mentors and a close friend helped to not dismiss it outright. This was of course front page news in all the big papers and blew away any recent reunions by top bands from the past. Zeppelin reuniting was indeed the holy grail. The message boards from Zeppelin websites around the globe were in meltdown with discussions about who, what, where, when, how much, tickets, denial, excitement....the lot. So when it was officially confirmed later that summer all gloves were off from Zeppelin fans around the world and everybody and his dog committed to do everything humanly possible to be there. I was obviously in the same boat, but for me failure was not an option. I was convinced I would be there and no one could stop me. When the ticketing process was explained no one in my vicinity was safe. I registered around 40 times through friends, family and even my 94 year old grandmother suddenly had an e-mail account. I worked out a Plan B in the shape of a £ 2000 war chest should the ticket lottery proof unsuccessful....and then the nail biting began. Hours started feeling like days, and the time in between the closure of the registration and the announcement of the 9000 lucky winners to receive the golden ticket (a passcode to buy 2 tickets each at £ 125 + fees) felt like a lifetime. But no one seemed to mind, as no one was expecting this reunion ever to happen. September 1st 2007 was the day every Zeppelin fan waited for and when the first passcode e-mails showed up in mailboxes around the globe, anxiety started spreading in equal measures. Have I missed out, is it coming later, did it go to spam etc. Unfortunately for me e-mail malfunction wasn’t to blame and Plan B went into action. Ebay was soon awash with offers for tickets but I knew that prices would be sky high so I started looking on gumtree, craigslist and other less obvious sources. And as the gods of rock were looking down on me in 2007 I got lucky. A cryptic add on gumtree lead me to a fine Russian gentleman who on behalf of his Bulgarian friend had 1 ticket for sale at for princely sum of £ 750. I sat in the office and consulted my colleagues if I was mad to hand over that much moeny to an unknown Russian with a generic yahoo email account and no further legit details. They all said yes, but it was too late, I had of course long pressed sent on that paypal request. I was ecstatic. A phone call 30 minutes later brought me straight back down to earth again though. It was my Russian friend claiming that his friends credit card wasn’t working and on top of the £ 750 that just left my account he wanted me to pay for the 2 tickets as well - another £ 275 on top. Yes I was ecstatic, but not fully mental just quite yet, so I asked him to refund half first so I at least wouldn’t loose all my money if it went tits up. With the 72 hours allocated to buy tickets from the time you received the passcode nearly up I had no choice and went ahead to pay for the tickets. Ticketmaster seemed satisfied with the credentials and my account showed two standing tickets for the gig of a lifetime. All conspiracy theories by my colleagues about dodgy Eastern Europeans seemed null and void...and along came Harvey Goldsmith. Self-proclaimed biggest, baddest promoter of the world it took him and his team of staff nearly a week to realise that a loophole in his terms allowed people to sell their passcodes and second tickets as they pleased. When he tried to stop that from happening by claiming only original passcode holders who bought tickets why credit cards in their names would be allowed in all hell broke loose. Back in the 70ies, when Zeppelins fans consisted of mostly teenagers he might have had a chance to get away with this. In 2007 he was faced by the wrath of grown men from all corners of the world and all walks of life. Within hours of his announcement legal suits were being prepared by fans around the world, protest websites were being set up and his own website was bombarded with messages. Rather than admit his mistake and honor the tickets straight away, he kept insulting the intelligence of all of us. Most knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on, but if push would have come to shove, who knows how it would have ended. I personally sent several messages to his office looking for clarification, to no avail. Although it was probably only days for the dust to settle, it felt like a lifetime till he finally relented and I knew my ticket was safe. And so the wait to find out if I had a ticket turned into the wait for the moment I have been waiting for all my life. But before that day was due, 2007 had a few more treats up its sleeve and November 5th turned out to be rather special. Earlier that week it was announced that the launch of their new Best Of release Mothership was marked by large screen projections around various locations in London. I left the office early to make my way to the first spot and a few like minded souls seemed to have got the message as well. And as we were standing in the middle of London’s Chinatown waiting for something to happen, random people walking by seemed to be a bit puzzled by the evergrowing collection of Zeppelin t-shirts. As it got dark a long and loud countdown was beamed onto a bare wall and heads started turning. When the clock turned to zero a video montage about the release of Mothership and live concert footage played at 11 enlightened the waiting fans and confused the hell out of the people just wandering past. After around 15 minutes the whole thing was over and Chinatown returned to normality. I checked out the next location in the hope for more but as they showed the same thing I moved on to the next destination of my Zeppelin treasure hunt that day. The Classic Rock Awards took place at the Sheraton Park Lane and although I didn’t have a ticket, the off chance of seeing Jimmy there was too good to be missed. Outside the hotel a group of autograph hunters / collectors had gathered and I soon found out that Jimmy had already arrived with an army of bouncers and the fact that he no longer smokes meant he wouldn’t appear outside until his departure, again guarded by his bouncers. That didn’t sound like much fun, so I decided to head home, but as luck would have it I got talking to one of the seasoned autograph hunters there and he mentioned that John Paul Jones is playing a guest slot at the Uncle Earl gig at the Borderline in Soho, totally unbeknown to me as for once my network of newsletters, Google alerts etc seem to have failed me. While I was talking to the guy about his autograph collecting adventures I had a few chance encounters with what’s left of the heavy smokers amongst the Rock n Roll fraternity and a few late arrivals. Slightly less prepared then the professionals I still managed to get a great selection of autographs from Nick Mason (Floyd obviously), Robb Reiner (Anvil), Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke), Fish, Ronnie Wood (Stones), Gary Moore, David Coverdale, Harvey Goldsmith, Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Todd Rundgren, Martin Turner, Mani, Phil May (Pretty Things) and the one that I am especially proud of - Lemmy. Even though on his way out, he not just signed my piece of paper, but was kind enough to have a bit of chat, of which I sadly remember very little. Nevertheless, true rock royalty and a proper legend. Slash on the other hand was just rude, and apart from pissing in between two parked cars round the back of the hotel, did very little to make this encounter memorable. Oh well, it was a nice enough (and cold) evening and talking to this guy and getting those autographs made it time well spent, despite not meeting Jimmy..... and so I headed to the Borderline for the latest stop on this remarkable day. I got there half way through their gig, and after convincing the girl at the box office that I don’t care how much of their gig is left, and that I happily pay the full price, I was in, and in front of probably my favorite musician of all time. Uncle Earl was an unknown quantity to me and to be honest I probably won’t be buying too many of their albums. But as always with John Paul Jones, he added something magical to the evening and it was definitely worth seeing them. After the gig I knew there was a good chance to catch him for a photo and/or autograph, but the tricky question was which exit he would use. The Borderline has two and you can’t really cover both on your own. As luck would have it, as soon as I stepped outside, I saw the guy I talked to at the Rock Awards earlier. After exchanging a few pleasantries and confirmation that nothing worth noticing happened there after I left, we worked out a strategy to ensure we wouldn’t miss out on meeting him. And not long afterwards, he appeared out of the back entrance, carrying a sizeable amount of equipment. Initially I was a bit hesitant to approach him, maybe I felt star struck, maybe I thought that’s the last thing he probably needs. Eventually common sense prevailed and in order to not miss out on this probably once in a lifetime opportunity I asked him for an autograph and picture. Unlike Slash, he was the perfect gentleman, happy to pose and sign. Once the photo and autographs were done, we had a nice little chat about the upcoming gig, Jimmy’s finger and various other things I can’t remember. And although it was probably only a few minutes in a shady Soho backstreet, it felt like a lifetime and a proper private audience with my favorite member of my favorite band....truly unforgettable, and the climax of a fantastic day. Earlier that week, ticket holding Zeppelin fans around the world were in shock when they found out that Jimmy Page buggered up his finger in a gardening accident. Would all that excitment that had built up since the summer announcement of their reunion be squashed, just because Jimmy followed in the footsteps of so many of his countrymen and women, by getting injured in their garden? Luckily, the injury wasn’t too serious and the threat of cancellation turned into a postponement to December 10th. A pain in the arse for many who had to reschedule their travel arrangements, but definitely not a deterrent. And so it looked like a fairly quiet few weeks before the storm hit the O2, but the way that memorable autumn was going so far, an unexpected change of fortune was yet again imminent. Barely recovered from the excitement of meeting John Paul Jones, I found an e-mail from the wise old owl of all things Zeppelin, Mr. Dave Lewis, announcing a prize draw for money can’t buy tickets to the launch of the reissued The Song Remains the Same DVD at Madame Jojo’s in Soho. I responded instantly and soon found out that I was one of the lucky winners. I remember having faint hopes that members of the inner circle would turn up for the bash, but was realistic enough to know that it will probably be not the case. Either way, it was going to be a great night of Zeppelin inspired shenanigans and just another part of the Autum 2007 Zeppelin puzzle. The evening itself was great fun, with previews of the DVD, which finally got the attention it deserved. A stunning remastering of both audio and video, the addition of a few extra songs and in the case of the Special Edition a few goodies. Letz Zep, a well known, and IMHO fantastic tribute band, played a set to the delight of the by then slightly intoxicated audience (courtesy of the free drinks provided). Good banter with Dave Lewis, various random people, and post gig with the members of Letz Zep rounded off a fantastic evening, despite the no-show from the band members itself. As informed by Dave Lewis, they had a private screening at a local cinema earlier in the day, where only a handful of selected people and a few members of the press were allowed in.... Things finally slowed down in mid November, and a time of reflection, anticipation and sheer excitement followed. With all those things happening, many of them out of the blue, it was easy to loose focus on the real special event of that time. The quiet time after the DVD launch party allowed me to refocus, make sure i don’t follow Jimmy’s foosteps in the health stakes and organise last minute arrangements for the big day, and the sizeable group of friends from our Friends of Zep Fan Forum, who by hook or crook also scored a ticket for the big day. Despite never meeting them in person beforehand, the common love for the best band in the world and numerous discussions on our online forum, made the eventual meeting in London a few days before the gig, like a reunion of long lost family members. Joachim, Adil and his friend stayed with me, before they were joined by the rest of the German contingent in attendance. On the Saturday we met up in central London, discussing “war stories” and making final preparations for the big day. My main focus was on staying injury free. On Sunday I ventured down to the O2 to exchange my ticket confirmation for the golden ticket and wristband, which both were needed to gain access the next day. This of course meant meeting the illustrious Bulgarian friend of my Russian friend who was in possession of my £ 750, while I had a sheet of paper. To say that I was nervous of failing at the final hurdle was an understatement, but my nerves were calmed by a host of remedies at my disposal. A text message fired off earlier that week about a meeting point was eventually answered around lunchtime in the very broken English predicted by my Russian friend. Regardless we figured it all out and I started queuing so when she eventually did turn up I was already at the front of the queue. The good thing about the Sunday collection was that all the merchandise I bought, was safely at home in my North London Zeppelin Museum without it being squashed during the gig itself. The meeting with the person enabling me to fulfill my lifelong dream of seeing Zeppelin live, was brief and uneventful until the final few seconds, when she asked me if I wanted the 2nd ticket? After a few moments of utter shock, I explained to her that it’s now way too late for that, but in my head thoughts were racing about the various opportunities that fleeting comment denied me. I could have refinanced my substantial outlay, I could have made one of the millions of Zeppelin fans who missed out extremely happy, I could have, would have, should have....oh well, i was that final hurdle closer to seeing my heroes, and that was all that really mattered. Having been given the ticket and wristband, brought out a bout of paranoia. After all I was in London, one of the few trully great cities on earth, where (at least in my head at the time) criminals lurked on every corner, just waiting for the chance to rip those priceless possesions out of my hand. Of course nothing happened and I arrived safely back at home. The level of excitement has reached fever pitch and only one more sleep to the biggest day of my life. The Big Day Unfortunately the rescheduled day for the gig was a Monday, which meant 9 excruciating hours at work (I usually love my job, but that day I was mildly distracted and very little got done, sorry Evan). I spent a lot of time on online forums trying to get first impressions from the O2 but whatever I did to make time go by, seemed to have the opposite effect. The last few hours in the office that day, felt like weeks. When the clock finally hit 17:00 I gave up pretending to be productive, packed my bags and off I went. The tubes were full of fellow Zepheads and you could sense the anticipation all around London......
  6. i don't collect anything specific, but got a sizeable collection of books, magazines and bootleg vinyl. topped up with a rare jorgen angel print, a nice big canvas from the 80 tour poster, a 2nd edition of the famous Randy tutten poster with the green avocado, and various other bits and pieces....i go mostly for stuff that i find visually stunning, so that when the day comes and i have a nice big house with a spare room i can create my own little shrine...
  7. i know $ 560 was probably a lot of money back in the day. but $ 8 per vinyl is just unbelievably good value.....sadly i was 9 years old at the time, stuck in the austrian mountains....and now they are simply unaffordable if ever available
  8. just for taxi driver and deer hunter alone it has to be De Niro....both great actors, but in terms of who wins its no contest
  9. a friend of mine has a bonzo museum as part of his drum shop. don't know if he's got an O2 kit, but he definitely go some Bonzo stuff.... check it out www.schlagzeugmuseum.de
  10. my 22 old month daughter walked past my zeppelin gallery, pointed at Jimmy as usual on her way down the stairs, BUT actually said Jimmy Page loud and clear for the first time....well proud, made my day.
  11. I saw both and they definitely worth watching, especially the Hawkwind documentary.
  12. these things are easily archived. if you are really anal you could take a screen shot for the visual, cut out the indivual items as jpgsand just grab the audio with audio recording software. shove it into a folder with the screenshot as its cover and over time you'll have a lovely library. i will do this for the really good bits that hopefully turn up one day, but yesterday's piece and today's interview are nice to listen to once, but definitely not worth keeping.
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