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  1. it's great that we got Jorgen Angel's photo's as a reminder of this important point of zep's career. i would kill for a recording of this date, the youthful raw enthusiasm you can here on the first bootlegs available in an even rawer form....must have been awesome.
  2. i don't collect anything specific, but got a sizeable collection of books, magazines and bootleg vinyl. topped up with a rare jorgen angel print, a nice big canvas from the 80 tour poster, a 2nd edition of the famous Randy tutten poster with the green avocado, and various other bits and pieces....i go mostly for stuff that i find visually stunning, so that when the day comes and i have a nice big house with a spare room i can create my own little shrine...
  3. just for taxi driver and deer hunter alone it has to be De Niro....both great actors, but in terms of who wins its no contest
  4. my 22 old month daughter walked past my zeppelin gallery, pointed at Jimmy as usual on her way down the stairs, BUT actually said Jimmy Page loud and clear for the first time....well proud, made my day.
  5. just got back from glastonbury (where i had a brilliant time as usual....next up are the black crowes at shepherds bush, and then the atp festival at Ally Pally with Portishead and PJ Harvey amongst many others....
  6. i am off to glastonbury in a few days....can't wait especially looking forward to the old guard....lee scratch perry, bb king, paul simon, but QOTSA was definitely the surprise addition. very not glastonbury to have such a heavy band on, but i am definitely not complaining....now all we need is for the rainclouds to eff off.
  7. my last gig was THAT roger waters gig.....i had a good feeling beforehand that my night would be the one were gilmour would turn up, but to get mason as well was truly awesome. visually definitely the best gig i have ever been to and the sound showed that the O2 itself doesn't contradict great sound. when the helicopter came in the quadrophonic sound was just mindblowing...
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