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  1. We play occasonally at a pub in Parramatta.

  2. 10 years Gone. I love the story behind the song too. 2nd would be...The Rain Song
  3. Here goes.....at the Joe Cocker concert.
  4. Oi! Welcome to the board Cammie! Always nice to have another Aussie about. Hope you enjoy your time here. And thanks for your kind words regarding my post. Hope you like the other parts just as much. Ta. :)

  5. I dont have a log in for Youtube...do you have a direct link?

    Im from Sydney originally....Sutho shire...my daughter lives there now

  6. northern NSW. and you? (I'M still navigating My way around here)

  7. Whereabouts in Oz are you?

  8. In the last 18 months I have seen Pearl Jam Alice Cooper Deep Purple Joe Cocker and George Thorogood (double bill) Billy Connelly at the Sydney Opera House
  9. Suzi Quatro at the Enmore theatre in Sydney in September
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