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  1. *snicker* You going? and can you recommend a nice motel that a couple of old chickies can stumble too afterwards? and I only have 2 tickets....
  2. So, obviously VH and Alice are top of the list.....I thought machinehead was motorhead (bugga). I honestly dont know the other bands that well. Hole... not too sure.... Does anyone have any recommendations who else I should make a point of seeing? TIA
  3. We DO get a few kanga's up here on the North coast..and I HAVE had them in the yard and on the street. BUT...not all of us on the Northern NSW coast/Nimbin area are dope smoking hippies, contrary to popular belief.
  4. and I have tickets. Now...isnt there someone on here lives in the Parramatta area of Sydney http://www.soundwaverevolution.com/lineup Cant wait to see Van Halen
  5. my dads name was Ian Gillan (just spelled differently). I saw them in SYdney last year. Great set, but no "Child in time" unfortunately...Im guessing Gillan cant hit those high notes anymore.
  6. Great so far.....I spent a LONG time in the pic threads of Jimmy and Robert ...sigh.
  7. We play occasonally at a pub in Parramatta.

  8. Cammie

    Jimmy and Jack

    I have no idea, I doubt it....I just remember how shocked I was at pics of him back then.
  9. 10 years Gone. I love the story behind the song too. 2nd would be...The Rain Song
  10. Cammie

    Jimmy and Jack

    I would have called his face "bloated" myself...similar to how one looks after a major organ transplant. This would be the 90's. I think he looks better NOW.
  11. Cammie


    One of my slate tiles.....my son noticed this the other day. I have had these tiles down for 20 years and never noticed before
  12. I have a brother in law at Kariong! Thanks again for the welcomes
  13. JCSS (Jesus Christ Super Star) my first cassette ever. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=dDzxn66W3uM I dont know how to post vids....what to do...how to link them....Im a twit....yes Im a twit.... (sorry...broke into song then)
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