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  1. *snicker* You going? and can you recommend a nice motel that a couple of old chickies can stumble too afterwards? and I only have 2 tickets....
  2. So, obviously VH and Alice are top of the list.....I thought machinehead was motorhead (bugga). I honestly dont know the other bands that well. Hole... not too sure.... Does anyone have any recommendations who else I should make a point of seeing? TIA
  3. We DO get a few kanga's up here on the North coast..and I HAVE had them in the yard and on the street. BUT...not all of us on the Northern NSW coast/Nimbin area are dope smoking hippies, contrary to popular belief.
  4. and I have tickets. Now...isnt there someone on here lives in the Parramatta area of Sydney http://www.soundwaverevolution.com/lineup Cant wait to see Van Halen
  5. my dads name was Ian Gillan (just spelled differently). I saw them in SYdney last year. Great set, but no "Child in time" unfortunately...Im guessing Gillan cant hit those high notes anymore.
  6. Great so far.....I spent a LONG time in the pic threads of Jimmy and Robert ...sigh.
  7. Cammie

    Jimmy and Jack

    I have no idea, I doubt it....I just remember how shocked I was at pics of him back then.
  8. 10 years Gone. I love the story behind the song too. 2nd would be...The Rain Song
  9. Cammie

    Jimmy and Jack

    I would have called his face "bloated" myself...similar to how one looks after a major organ transplant. This would be the 90's. I think he looks better NOW.
  10. Cammie


    One of my slate tiles.....my son noticed this the other day. I have had these tiles down for 20 years and never noticed before
  11. I have a brother in law at Kariong! Thanks again for the welcomes
  12. Cammie

    Musical Movies

    JCSS (Jesus Christ Super Star) my first cassette ever. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=dDzxn66W3uM I dont know how to post vids....what to do...how to link them....Im a twit....yes Im a twit.... (sorry...broke into song then)
  13. Here goes.....at the Joe Cocker concert.
  14. Woah!! That was brilliant. What a great introduction to the forum!!!! I joined yesterday, and if this thread is anything to go by...I am going to LOVE it here.
  15. I dont have a log in for Youtube...do you have a direct link?

    Im from Sydney originally....Sutho shire...my daughter lives there now

  16. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone I am just up the coast a tad....Coffs Harbour.. Been here for 25 years....but born and bred in Sydney.
  17. northern NSW. and you? (I'M still navigating My way around here)

  18. Thankyou. Bloody typo in the OP...that would be myself.....
  19. In the last 18 months I have seen Pearl Jam Alice Cooper Deep Purple Joe Cocker and George Thorogood (double bill) Billy Connelly at the Sydney Opera House
  20. But no one ever responds to newbie intro threads, ...thats why I often just jump right on in and start posting!!! But, here goes anyway. I'm from Austalia,,,Led Zep fan (obviously).....but never got to see the original line up live. managed to see Robert Plant solo in the 80's...then Page and Plant with the moroccan orchestra in the 90's, Dread Zeppelin (a local reggae cover band )...and thats it. Looking forward to posting.
  21. Suzi Quatro at the Enmore theatre in Sydney in September
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