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    Art, architecture,aviation,music, guitarmaking,girls,photography, film, fashion, travel, good food and drink, a nice Lazy boy recliner to get totally bonged out in before I get up and dance naked raving lunatic singin and banging my B side beater The JP-1000 guitar .

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  1. I think theres the practice of playing of playing for aquiring a skill and then theres honing that skill and arranging those skills into a song still another level.........so Yes absolutely.....more practice on more levels is Excellent.......im 55 now I just jump in and play but when I was young it was all about i need to try to play that and that and that too lots of practice and variety makes us all better players....MEB
  2. now wait a sec....that is hella funny they look alike too....
  3. ok since its Evil Janes Bithday I wrote 2 impromtu compositions in her honor plus I sang happy birthday smooth sinatra style here in my home....i went off in the key of woohoo finally a siren....i like the queen of sirens thing sounds like a great theme for a song.
  4. if i had a song to sing.... id sing it to you... long as you live.... lullaby..... or maybe a plain serenade.... would you let it play ? .....but i will give what love i have to give long as i live long as i live (jerry garcia )
  5. ok Marolyn....since I am into wish fulfillment for free.....I will make you laugh....One hunter, Ned bet another,Fred, that he could leave the cabin,go off into the woods, and come back within an hour with a bear-skin. They bet ten dollars.and Ned went off into the woods. The hour passed quickly. No Ned....two hours went by and nothin still no sign of Ned...!!! About three hours later, a loud pounding is heard on the cabin door.....Fred opened the door, and there stood a huge bear....the bear asked firmly IS YOUR NAME FRED?? do you know Ned?/ Fred answered yes . The bear said well he owes you ten bucks.
  6. I am very impressed by your 44 years plus experience ...as well as the wide variety of instruments you play
  7. I hear you.....may I please help you figure it out? From my personal experience I have learned that the guitar is the most popular instrument. it is an instrument that can play one, two or more melodies at the same time that is why it is defined as a harmony instrument rather than a simpler melody instrument like a flute. So that being said if you are just starting out get a good instrument. See how much you can apply yourself, scales, chords, song generes, repetoire.....see it gets deep.....just pick the guitar you cant go wrong..or the harmonica or bang a drum ....but there is so much to learn and once you learn all that ....theres joy in songwritting......cmon I own a gtr factory choose guitar...hahahaha....truly, Mark Evan Barry
  8. Currently I am playing a guitar I built myself. Its a JP-1000. Its a clone of a Gibson SJ-1000 but with 8 upgrades.It is a jumbo dreadnaught guitar 17 inch wide at the lower bout 5 inches deep 24 frets brazilian rosewood bridge it has stainless steel pins that the string ball ends go on.....string changes are twice as fast when you dont have to remove the pins. neat huh? Thats why I am the Guitarmaker. Thanks for asking.....I usually play a Les Paul....in my life Ive owned several....I have pics and memories. Im building another acoustic double neck and its going very well. I like a wide variety of string musical instruments......but since 2007 i have been playing the guitar you see in the picture....Mark Evan Barry
  9. I am on my way to starting up AOIE here in Morgan Hill, ca. AGAIN ...

    1. Guitarmaker


      thats good I have purpose and direction and am inspired....to get those twin brunette girls but Cheryl dropped da bomb on me when her sister and I were gushing like schoolkids ......she was so angry she spanked my ass 15 times hard and fast then borrowed my vibrator and ran out.....and wont bring it back......naughty girls .....gotta luv em

  10. wow I like me I forgot im incredible sometimes....but not for long

  11. I think it might be like the Badd6 chord in the Blues anthem only one fret position higher but I dont know for sure either because Jimmy is the only one who can actually answerthe question perfect....so I throw that out there to see maybe or not ....nothing to lose ...so play our guitars like theres no tomorrow ....and keep bringin it......Jimmy Page could you please respond to this with a picture please .Thank you all very much
  12. Hi Cammie thank you for introducing yourself I am a newbie to this site sort of too....Ive read a bit here before but this is my first time too introing myself here .so thank you for having me too and making this place a comfortable and enjoyable forum.....Truly, Mark Ps I tried to post my picture but im not sure if they are deciding or if I did it wrong......but doesnt matter much yet . what matters most here is I am with people that appreciate Led Zeppelin's great music and thats plenty..
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