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  1. A little bit of a Coverdale / Page 25th anniversary celebration on Twitter this week... https://twitter.com/WSFPClub
  2. Because we are LZ fans? ;-) Sorry, I couldn't resist after reading the topic title ;-)
  3. https://www.facebook.com/288459627863539/photos/a.293065437402958.66014.288459627863539/714549848587846/?type=1&relevant_count=1
  4. For the people interested in magazine articles - the latest issue of the German Rocks magazine includes a 10 page Coverdale / Page feature...
  5. Ritchie Blackmore, also back in 1975 (New Musical Express 1975-08-02): "I either listen to Bach or Hard Rock done by a very good band. Not too many good hard rock bands around.... Zeppelin sometimes pull out something good."
  6. Hi Steve, does the attached picture belong to this article? I got it without any information and would like to archive it with the right date...
  7. It's from Metal Hammer 2/1985...
  8. Here's a review of that show in German (don't know if it has been posted before)...
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