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  1. Deus Ex Machina- the new Seattle 3-21-75 soundboard
  2. My 2cents. Don't know if it was mentioned but, the version of Sunshine Women. Now i know that this is the only version of that session ,but i'd hoped that Jimmy had found a better, cleaner one. I was disappointed with the packaging of the super deluxe. I had assumed that, with all the contents being identical to the other boxes, that it would be the same clamshell box packaging as all the others.
  3. Wow! I have this same ticket stub!
  4. I have several P/P shows, but here are some of my favorites for tracklisting and sound: Together Again- This has several things from P/P from '88-'94 including a version of You Shook Me featuring Chris Robinson! (i'm a huge Black Crowes fan) Together Again V- This is another compilation that has their '95 Atlanta performance of Achilles Last Stand and their '95 New Orleans performance of House of the Rising Sun/Good Times Bad Times! Simple Truth- This is the excellent sounding broadcast of their '95 San Jose stop! Presence Now- This is their '95 Toronto show that includes their RnRHOF set! Two Swans on a Century Lake- This is one of my favorites on the Real Dragon label. It contains the entire '96 Nagoya, Japan show as well as some other Japanese rarities, their one-off performance of Ten Years Gone and a stunning performance of The Rain Song in which Jimmy plays the beginning twice over! All in perfect sound! OOH LA LA- This is their '98 Paris broadcast. Excellent sound and notable for it's almost complete performance of We're Gonna Groove! L'evolution De Led Zeppelin Continue- These CD sets have two of my favorite shows. The first being their '98 broadcast from New Orleans, excellent sound and a fantastic performance! The second is the '98 ULU London show where they do Trampled Underfoot and Night Flight! Honorable mention: Together Again VII- This is their '96 Rio De Janeiro show. This has, IMO, THE greatest version of SIBLY ever played by Page!
  5. Does anyone know where I can get audio for Plant's last show in Chicago.
  6. Yeah, I agree. Maybe they had a more friendly greeting earlier in the night. I just got this notion that maybe Jimmy might invite Paul back for his new solo stuff.
  7. yeah...but their onstage greeting at the end seemed a little cold to me....considering their history I expected more than just a quick handshake!
  8. Don't know if this was mentioned, but in the video, did anyone see the interaction between Jimmy and Paul Rogers? Considering their history together, I felt that their greeting to each other seemed a little cold. That quick handshake. Did anyone else notice this?
  9. Thanks for the reply....do you know of any audio that I could get for this?
  10. Don't know too much about this. Apparently the last OTHAFA performed. Some footage on youtube, but were there any boots of this available?
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a recording of Page/Plant at the Hammersmith Odeon April 17, 1988, on CD? As far as I know this has only been available on a vinyl bootleg called After the Crash. This was one of their earliest stage appearances together after Led Zeppelin, and they played Trampled Under Foot, a medley called Gamblers Blues, and Rock and Roll.
  12. Yes, TYG. I have many of the studio outtakes boot cds, but I don't have one with TYG on it, so I'm very disappointed that it's not on the companion.
  13. After viewing the pre-order pics, it appears that this will not include the white paper band, which was part of the original HotH release. Any comments!
  14. Any speculation on what this will have....recent interview with Page saying there's quite a bit of stuff!...alt. Achilles perhaps?...this one I can't wait for!!!!
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