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  1. Deus Ex Machina- the new Seattle 3-21-75 soundboard
  2. My 2cents. Don't know if it was mentioned but, the version of Sunshine Women. Now i know that this is the only version of that session ,but i'd hoped that Jimmy had found a better, cleaner one. I was disappointed with the packaging of the super deluxe. I had assumed that, with all the contents being identical to the other boxes, that it would be the same clamshell box packaging as all the others.
  3. Wow! I have this same ticket stub!
  4. I have several P/P shows, but here are some of my favorites for tracklisting and sound: Together Again- This has several things from P/P from '88-'94 including a version of You Shook Me featuring Chris Robinson! (i'm a huge Black Crowes fan) Together Again V- This is another compilation that has their '95 Atlanta performance of Achilles Last Stand and their '95 New Orleans performance of House of the Rising Sun/Good Times Bad Times! Simple Truth- This is the excellent sounding broadcast of their '95 San Jose stop! Presence Now- This is their '95 Toronto show that includes their RnRHOF set! Two Swans on a Century Lake- This is one of my favorites on the Real Dragon label. It contains the entire '96 Nagoya, Japan show as well as some other Japanese rarities, their one-off performance of Ten Years Gone and a stunning performance of The Rain Song in which Jimmy plays the beginning twice over! All in perfect sound! OOH LA LA- This is their '98 Paris broadcast. Excellent sound and notable for it's almost complete performance of We're Gonna Groove! L'evolution De Led Zeppelin Continue- These CD sets have two of my favorite shows. The first being their '98 broadcast from New Orleans, excellent sound and a fantastic performance! The second is the '98 ULU London show where they do Trampled Underfoot and Night Flight! Honorable mention: Together Again VII- This is their '96 Rio De Janeiro show. This has, IMO, THE greatest version of SIBLY ever played by Page!
  5. yeah...but their onstage greeting at the end seemed a little cold to me....considering their history I expected more than just a quick handshake!
  6. Thanks for the reply....do you know of any audio that I could get for this?
  7. Don't know too much about this. Apparently the last OTHAFA performed. Some footage on youtube, but were there any boots of this available?
  8. The new Godfather box, Throwing the Wild Seeds.
  9. Hello, could you burn this for me if i sent you a cd and return postage?
  10. The new Paris '69 show. HMMT is outstanding!
  11. Yeah, i have a soft spot for the record awards. I had my eye on that ITTOD Shelley Kaye award. Is that the one from Rick Barret?
  12. Hello ZoSo1960--I would suspect that you and I are the only people in DSM,IA to own Jimmy's book!
  13. I'm pretty proud of my Zep collection. Been colllecting for about 30 yrs. and have about $24,000 invested. I collect everything from Zep incense to Jimmy's Genesis book. I have quite a few bootleg cds, around 200 i believe, mostly on the Empress Valley, Tarantura, or Wendy labels and just about everything released officially. Some of my more prized items are: a fully autographed Song Remains the Same, an original Oakland '77 tour poster, a genuine platinum record award for Led Zep 1, the Object, and my inflatable promo zeppelin.
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