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  1. I can't wait to see Billy Idol live in few more weeks.
  2. Lol This how Party in the USA actually went.
  3. One night I woke up, and I realize that I couldn't move, or speak, or cry out for few minutes. I felt a 'presence' of something malevolent or evil like a ghost. I also felt something really heavy on top of me, and I also felt as if someone was choking me really hard. There were times that I was experiencing every time I try to close my eyes or when I would wake up. It was really frightening that one time I saw like a figure of a man floating up in the air. After 7 seven years, I have found out that I wasn't experiencing a paranormal activity. I was actually experiencing sleep paralysis
  4. I'm currently 20 almost 21 in few more months. I'm glad to discover Led Zeppelin's music 7 years ago. Today's mainstream music is horrible.
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAdICoY0zdc It's a shame there isn't a video of Led Zeppelin's performance at the Bath Festival Of Blues & Progressive.
  6. Yes, I have heard of Hinder. THey are awesome. THank you!
  7. Thanks for the recommendation! Great song I haven't heard the Foo Fighters in a while. Oops, I forgot that "upbeat" is one word. Well, I'm looking for songs that are fast.
  8. I personally really love All my Love. Plant's voice really conveys the emotions of feeling love for a special person his young son who died. Anyway I had trouble picking, but I went with All my Love.
  9. Jack and the Edge are like little kids watching the great guitar master play Kashmir.
  10. Can someone recommend me some up beat rock music please? THanks I really appreciate it.
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