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  1. Great Question, Okay - remember "production" isn't the same as arranging in a general sense - which is "layering" harmony, though layering effected tones created by the producer and the overall depiction of a recording...is production. Ramble On - is the most clearly commercial peice. The Leslie speaker with the guitar (the black LP or the telecaster) is fairly brilliant...and the idea that Robert begins harmonizing in a relative key which creates a modal expression more complex than just harmonizing to the initial key presented instrumentally at the intro before he reverts to that key for the chorus. Then Jim comes in with the solo played through the Leslie in a modal fashion as well. Nice. Good room sound - miking. "Produced by Jimmy Page" is the reason I produce music today. Lets see --- the plate reverb in Whole Lotta Love ......the opening guitar is split between the main cone facing mic and a second mic that it sounds like Jim fed a mic into a second amp's plate reverb with the volume low, so the same guitar signal just drives the amps plate reverb....but its volume is so low the guitar is not very audible in that side of the mix. (similar to Doors 'Peace Frog') He does quite a lot of that dual miking with one mike facing the cone or a few feet back and a second mic in back of the amp or split for room sound. He uses little EQ and tries to get as much of the room sound as possible as a rule ... and times the lag of the natural room delay in the 2nd mic (corrected for phase). There are so many truly good peices - Achilles Last Stand and Rain Song. In Achilles.....he used a fingerslide technique - pitching the guitar upward in the composition using the scale, and then he manipulated the stereo panning at mix time to simulate the doppler effect - by combinging the two. Genius. It also ties into the "theme" physically by producing a sense of intense upward circular flight. The Rain Song - moving, elegant, Jazzy - the "wow and flutter" of the Mellotron tape creates frequency defects which are actually highly desirable. For those of us who grew up with "MONO" - the Mellotron sound is at once reminiscent of the drive in theatre and still today suggests an antique woodsy timbre. The climax of the song is beautiful - but Robert's lyrical tale of suffering as an innate aspect of love and life are as much part of the song as the timbres and arrangement. Now, Eddie Kramer and Johns also had thier part, so timbre is due to many things, but unquestionably Jim is perhaps one of the most underrated producers in the history of the discipline, far better than Phil Spector in many respects (or Sonny Bono of the Wrecking Crew). I could get into this subject much more deeply, but unless someone responds - I don't want to go on to much. Hi Jim - see this is your first post. If you be the real MaCoy - I sought Chris from the Firm for session work here in LA and had tea and then dinner with him. Haven't talked in a while. He seemed in need of jobs. Quiet guy. I think he was put off by a female guitarist/producer in the rock genre -- he'd never worked with one. He did compare me to Hendrix - which was really interesting. I think he was looking for an AC/DC type project....and this one is more like Zeppelin meets a bit of ELO meets a funky blues ideal. Hi to Jonesy. I know his former publicist with Diamanda - Tim Holmes in New York. I'm in LA> above Burbank. Happy posting, whoever the ghost may be.
  2. Very true. The idea of a phenomenon called herd instinct and group evil seem to emerge in even the most peaceful boards....like spiritual boards,,, and boards on world peace and angels. Anyone can use the internet. A study highlighted that email related misunderstandings in the working world are rampant - due to language limitations. Also some folks are even more sensitive than the average person to comments they interpret too keenly while another study revealed the tendency of people to easil revert to sadism and abuse - when hiding behind a computer. Best to be on your most civil behavior, refrain from abusive commentary, and when others refuse to do the same, be aware and overlook some things. An important thing I learned on one board where I came in to an ongoing situation between one guy who was extremely abusive and a few board addicts who comprised a tight knit group that had a lot of evil and clique behavior going on ---- and that is, I learned that 1) just remember - its the internet - and people take this for granted 2) social and mental illness of certain kinds can create problems manifesting on the internet 3) we need to allow people thier basic dignity and opinions --- no matter how much we disagree on matters of personal expression and choice. The Golden Rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  3. I really outdo myself with the length of my post. I plead my case. I'm tired. Still, hand it to the guy who opened this thread - he really is excited. What is life without loving something - Rock and Roll. We got to be a part of the 20th century - together.
  4. THERE IS something I have to say ABOUT MOZART and contribute to this discussion technically and creatively. People often cite "Mozart" having little understanding of the technical aspect of his work and how that may impact comparing Page to Mozart. First, Mozart's "style" of composition was Baroque and what that means is that the "melody" actually tended to be based upon redundant flourishes that were not what we call today "origional". So, you will notice when you listen to Mozart....it sounds a bit like peices of scales just rising and falling. That is the Baroque style and was not meant to be as much origional as a popular song form of his era. Thus, he died in poverty. In his time, he was not that well thought of by the close of his life. He was a child prodigy...as a player. He could play the harpsichord blindfolded with a cloth on the keys and his sister was also similarly talented. Both had stage parents who exhibited them publically for show and income. But his skill as a composer is highly debatable in many circles, as it was in his time ! It is just that so many people talk about Mozart and repeat what they have HEARD, but it is a kind of repetition of what they hear rather than knowledge. Mozart was a popular songwriter of his time who wrote in a highly derivative style called Baroque, which means the emphasis is on those "curly" repetative flourishes that lead one to picture French women at tea wearing wigs. Baroque is not a romantic style of composition...meant to be deeply origional and expressive emotionally. Also, COMPOSERS do NOT just write for orchestras in the number of 80 peices. THAT IS A MODERN EVOLUTION of the much much smaller orchestra composers like Mozart wrote for in his day. In his day, orchestras may have only 20 players in total-rarely more than 35. Further, ... the platform for composers always varied with quartets being most popular ! (4 strings) Page writes for modern string quartet - employing TWO ADDITIONAL GUITAR TRACKS in most of his work. This is a production technique he is one of the fathers of actually ! Guitars 1/2 with solo. Very important --- he varies the "timbres" of the guitars so as to create the effect of electrified quartet with varying timbre and tonal presentation. THIS IS DUE TO THE CONCOMMITANT IDEA -- that he composes with these timbres, which require that the guitar be miked and processed differently. SO, Page is a modern composer for string quartet with percussion, in the psychedelic blues style - late 20th c. He is what we call a "Romantic" composer in that style - he helped to evolve the songform and style based upon an expressive tonality that was not limited to the traditional rock style at the time.Romantic means - deviating from set forms and emotionally self expressive in creating form. The Beatles were similarly so - and excellent in thier use of simplicity of melodic line (and of course thier primary arranger was Sir George Martin). They were excellent harmony singers, but pre-dated Led Zeppelin and the use of 8/16 track recording, so were from a truly previous era. Creedence CLearwater Revival, displaced them on the charts fairly regularly in thier later years (in the US), and then Led Zeppelin. I think Page is an excellent composer and instrumentalist in his own way. Achilles Last Stand is a marvelous complex work that uses sliding on the fretboard and continuos panning to make use of the "doppler effect" and in doing so Page was the first composer to fully employ some form of 'true' surround sound in his composition - productionwise on tape. Best or better is an arguement that is so subjective in reality and often leads to tiffs. There are people who never heard Led Zeppelin. In thier mind, what is best is what is in thier "experience" and culture. It's a very subjective ground. Everyone's got a favorite and all are equal in the human value of thier opinion. I think there is a comparison between PLANT/PAGE (not just Page....someone is forgetting Plant as the composer of the MAIN MELODY LINE in many of these works) and the great modern composers. And, remember 80 peice orchestra is a newer evolution. Mozart NEVER WROTE FOR AN ORCHESTRA THAT SIZE, it's purely modern and not the primary platform for most composers then or today - which is piano and then quartet (including winds or horns).
  5. dottydog, There is a documentary about the inventor of the theremin (I believe his name was Leon theremin) and the story behind its evolution that you can look up. Ive rented it. I think the theremin has many more possibilities with effects and alterations than we have thought of. For instance, since it works by passing one's hands through an electric field.....what would happen if you passed a large magnet through the same field ? Who knows. I'm glad you asked for the photos - it didn't occur to me to mount one to a mic stand for performance. Really impressive here.
  6. LOVE IT. Ya know....here is something HILARIOUS AND WIERD.....My son Jim (18)......looks like Jimmy Page - and he, too, is a guitarist ! I've got to show him some of these. He'll get a kick. LOL. Make more. I'll bet you could end up with a funny T-shirt for yourself by printing one of these on one of those "T Shirt Printer transfers". Try it. You will have a one of a kind T shirt.
  7. producergal

    Criticising God!

    I'M GOING TO TAKE A CHANCE HERE..... 1) MY OWN ELDEST SON DIED IN HIS TEENS AFTER STRUGGLING WITH having been born with half of his heart and lifelong severe disability. So, as a parent who lost a child, I understand something about how Robert's loss of his son affected his sense of depth and introspection, and then John died. You don't just "get over it" when a child dies. You never get over it. I think Robert Plant is a person of depth who loves what he does. I don't think he is trying to create a loss for his fans. He continues to perform. His music has had a deep affect on me....led me to become a writer/multi-instrumentalist/producer. 'All of My Love' is also a beautiful memorial to his son. It matters most what he thinks of performing with Led Zeppelin. Yet, there is a subtle duty to be understanding of the importance this union has for the lives of the others....and especially Jason, those who gave thier lives with him to "be" Led Zeppelin. 2) I AM the ONLY WOMAN PRODUCER/GUITARIST.....after Jim Page, Angus Young, and David Gilmour, to solicit the work of Chris Slade former Firm drummer. See....it really isn't known what concerns drive Plant. I suspect he has concerns we don't know about. I very much admire Page (we sought the same drummer for style) and are similar in terms of creative and engineering production interests. I don't know what it is that prevents a kind of union on purpose, but each has his concerns. As a musician myself I don't experience Led Zeppelin in the same way fans do, though I admire thier work. I think that they are seeing this as an issue of a "life's work" and they have concerns about the quality of the performance and how they will be remembered. Yet, I think it is important not to have to be "perfect"...but for one's music to be infused with emotion and humanity - one's own humanity. That is why the Velvet Underground, MC5, Patti Smith,...especially Bob Dylan, and many of the influences of Led Zeppelin personally....are admired for the 'peculiar imperfections' in thier recordings and performances. Sometimes what we think "Must be perfect"....as musicians, is far more meaningful when it contains the light of our humanity. Led Zeppelin's BEST recordings are a marvel of imperfect 'overage' - analogue distortion, less EQ, and the humanity in thier sound. In fact, I am aiming for that sound (as is Daptone Records, the home of the DAP Kings, the backup band of Amy Winehouse). Led Zeppelin is at it's best when everything isn't so "perfect" mechanical and compressed --- because of the humanity in those recordings. So, I think Robert need not be fearful of anything. Just use the best monitors - really get the monitoring down, and it will be okay. In a way, he owes his son who died - to live up to his greatest potential, walk out there, and sing 'All of My Love' with John's son - before the whole world. 3) ONE LAST IDEA.........DO THE TOUR FOR AFRICA - for the love of the children of Africa, for humanity itself. Compassion is man's highest purpose. By uniting man's creativity - in this case, the music of Led Zeppelin, with the highest cause of man, it seems the most dignified way to burn as brightly as possible and not to hide one's light under a bushel. It is also the most spectacular way to honor thier music - by giving it away to the World's children as thier most heartfelt gift, and in memory of Karac. Now that would be DESTINY. Like the song says, When all is ONE and ONE is all.....to be a rock and not to roll. That is - do the concert for ONE.ORG - World Vision - and to "be" truly human in one's artistry and destiny, rather than to speak or sing about something. I think that would be the ultimate outcome, but its just my opinion. Thanks for bearing with it's length. LOL
  8. Carmine's story. And that he.....tried to pick me up....er uh.....propose something to ME at the Hollywood Palace and I turned him down, only to see....him tell that weird story on VHI....afterward. So, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Carmine ? I thought he was full of himself ....bad hair dye, but tall in person. Lost on this one ? See the VHI Special about rock star antics. .....he mentions the fish tale and Led Zeppelin.
  9. Wow,...Gee...do you think the 'driver' knows what happened well enough ? That really was an interesting post. Well, driver, it sounds like you had such a wonderful memorable time and you kept this memory in your heart and cherished it for years to come. Maybe, Jim will catch your kind regards here. Wonderful of you to drop in !
  10. I thought the subject of debating the mysterious meaning of lyrics to Stairway To Heaven was a classic pasttime of the audience... ...does it have a deeper 'purpose' in being introduced as a subject of debate in a Led Zeppelin forum ? Highly unlikely. I can't think of anything more common I would expect to see here in this forum. It seems so natural. Perhaps, secret meanings lay in our ability to type this discussion backward ? Actually, I wrote a comic version of Stairway lyrics about a month ago when I was bored. Goes something like this. People who live in Los Angeles will get the references to place...Here is the annotated version. A song about people who talk on thier cell phone all the time and drive dangerously... There's a lady who sews - holes in her pantyhose and she's stuck on a freeway to Carson. When she get's there...she knows, but she knows not her.... roads, So...she dials on her phone, for no reason. And it makes me wonder... And as we wind on down the road, All of us ....talking on our cell phones, There goes...... the lady we all know, Showing us in her little red Yugo, How dangerous driving is to phones, (my enigmatic line) And if you listen very hard, The call will come to you at last, When all is one And one is stalled, Just to drive....and not to call. (I really was bored that night...)
  11. Perhaps dottydog is attempting to locate actual photos to show a friend - to establish the band's use of a Theremin for production reasons; as part of a discussion on the matter. Here - is a nice mounting of the theremin onto a mic stand - ingenious for a live application as it allows the audience to really see the performance and owing to the unique sound of the theremin, especially when patched through an Echoplex and distortion, would give the audience both a sense of wonder and portray the instrumentalist as a kind of sorcerer of sound - waving his arms. Very unique.
  12. Stairway to Heaven is a very LONG peice and usually bands open thier shows with a brief upbeat hit rather than a long Minor opus, to get people up on thier feet. I've read Plant commenting about the drudgery of standing off center stage during this very long peice, and he's elaborated about this over the years. In one live version he can actually be seen rolling his eyes at one point, which seemed far more understandable watching after I read this in an older interview...it seems very understandable. Will they open with this song that begins so low key, is so long, and really represents thier "definitive" moment in the annals of popular music history. No, it's something for a second to last song, one of the encores.
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